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  1. MarkeG

    USB Audio question

    I spend 99% of my time playing along with online tracks from my pc Have you updated your PC sound card drivers ? What headphones you using ?
  2. I literally just walked in with a 1/8 cable hooking up the iLouds going out from my amp's headphone to the TRS-in on the Ilouds and the first thing I noticed was nasty hum Could you explain your hook up again not exactly sure what your saying ?
  3. Right that would be the easiest simplest way to go one 1/8" TRS male cable out from the amps headphone to the 1/8" TRS in on the iLouds done deal Is it possible the iLouds can't deal with 2 sound sources coming in at the same time one from the PC Sound card the other from the amp ?
  4. Is there any downside going to the 1/8 TRS on the iLoud instead of the Left and Right and does it matter if any of these cables are balanced or unbalanced? The cable going from the amps headphones to the returns on the Helix does it have to be stereo or can it be TRS ?
  5. Thanks again for the help Heres some front and back pics so where we at with this what would be the final solution ? Wanta know exactly what I'm doing and what cables need to get ? I don't know if this matters but remember the Amp has USB sound also ?
  6. Thanks for the replies Still not sure exactly on how to hook this all up and I'm pretty sure I'll need to grab some custom cabling so need to know exactly what I'll need to buy First do i still hook the speakers out the from the helix out or do i need to come off the amps headphone jack ??? If I'm coming out the Helix where exactly am I best to come out from most likely I'll need to grab some R/L 1/4 out the Helix to 1/8 in on the Speakers unfortunately all inputs on the iLouds are 1/8 On a side note the fender is also connected to the PC via USB and pops up as a sound device when turned on. The fender also has its own Fender Fuse app and would be an added bonus to be able to run it along side Helix Edit app
  7. Just got the ilouds yesterday before that i was streaming backing tracks from my pc through the Helix to some Headphones or out the 1/4 Outs on the Helix to my Fender modeling amp at the same time playing the tracks from my pc out of some cheap logitech pc speakers. Anyways the Fender has some nice modeling features that adds to the Helix I've kind of gotten use to manually dialing in the amps different modes on the fly with the Fender sitting right next to me. So what I was hoping to do was just bypass the amps speaker but at the same time keep the Fender modeling features and see if I can run the sounds all together out the ilouds if that makes sense ?
  8. Have a Helix Rack some iloud Studio Monitors an old Fender G-Dec-3 15 modeling amp and a PC. Want to be able to stream tracks off my PC to the ilouds play my guitar along with it running it through the Helix and the Fender and have it all come out the ilouds ? Below are some pictures and links to all the components not really sure what my best options are for connecting it all up ? My particular Fender amp is smaller one and only has Guitar in AUX in and Guitar peddle in on the back the front is exactly the same as the one in the below manual https://www.fmicassets.com/…/OM_leg_gtramp_GDEC_3_Owners_Ma… http://noaudiophile.com/…/IK_Multimedia_IloudMM_Controls.jpg https://www.bettermusic.com.au/medi…/…/helix_rack_back_2.jpg
  9. Wondering if anyone can recommend any particular setting or global setting that would help me get the most out of my DT-770 PRO 80 Ohm Headphones ?
  10. Good enough I'll give it a try thanks
  11. Thanks for the reply I'm not to knowledgeable when it come to understanding input impedance balanced or unbalanced Ohm's and how it relates in this particular situation But what I think your saying is the G-10 wireless to Aux is good with slightly less output and noise then the Guitar in but possibly the simulated amp on the G-10 will make up diffence and its good idea to just test both and see which i personally like best :) ?
  12. Do you mean the Helix aux 1/4" output simulates a guitar input so if you use the aux input you'll have a weak signal.?
  13. You kind of lost me there your saying (The Aux In would kill the sound of pretty much any passive guitar (and likely many active ones too), so those have to go to the front jack) So, guitars must go to the front and wireless receivers should go to the back ? If I'm connecting the G-10 which is a wireless receiver and my my guitar only to the aux will it still kill my guitar ?
  14. Any disadvantage or difference between the front guitar in and the rear aux ?
  15. Just wanted to have a cleaner look up front by routing keeping as many cables around back as possible is all Was going to run over to GC and grab the thing in a few and wanted figure out what cable to buy while I'm there So whats my rear alternative ?