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  1. I've got an Engl E530 and would love to control it via my helix foot controller. It doesn't have dedicated midi but does have 1/4in footswitch inputs. Is it possible to control the lead and clean channels via the helix control??
  2. you said this thread?? which thread? I made no backups because it is brand new. Nothing to backup.
  3. I literally just got it today. I worked for 30 min before I ran the update. I didn't even get to plug my guitar in
  4. It seems that I didn't update HX edit to the latest version before updating, so now my Helix rack is bricked. It turns on but Line 6 Updater doesn't see it and can't continue the update. It sat at this screen for 3.5 hours before I finally decided to close the software and shut the helix off. What can I do to fix this?
  5. As the title says. I got a Helix Stomp and was disappointed when I found out that it can send midi to helix native. Can I get the LT or the floor to control it?
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