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  1. @codemedia heard, thank you for your answer , I agree it's safer to keep it with the surge protection, but even straight into the walls without extensions didn't change much about it. indeed no receipt needed I've opened a support ticket .waiting to hear back from them with something helpful. @phil_m for sure its not an expected behavior, and I believe it's not bad if you leave it on for long time . I've checked other forums and found another user in a French forum who said he had the same problem for few times but without doing anything it didn't happen anymore .
  2. Hi guys, I've been using the Helix floor for about 2 years now, and I'm having an issue that apparently hasn't been posted here or in any other forums, or maybe no one had it... here it is: -->I turn the helix on, everything works fine then suddenly after an hour or so, no sound coming in or out I turn it off and leave it for 6 or 7 hours, turn it on again and it works but the same , after an hour or so no sound anymore . it doesn't freeze, I can still go through everything (Banks,presets,snapshots, settings, tuner ...) somehow this started to happen since I updated to 2.80 (maybe not related to that) In the 2.80 it worked fine for few weeks, than it started to happen again...it happened also after I did 2.81 2.82 .2.90 .2.91 . Finally with 2.92 I didn't have this issue anymore until the 3.00 is released , I did it few days ago , after few hours the sound turned into noise progressively (the guitar sign input on the screen started blinking red ) than the sound is gone again. I came back to the previous firmwares but still the same ...I have to leave it turned off for HOURS to work again for a little time. when I say there's no sound at all I mean not even in the tuner . not even through the Aux input or microphone ... Ofcourse I did all the troubleshooting possible ( guitar works fine in other amps, jack cables works fine, bought even plenty of new ones just to be more than sure) I did a test mode reboot , all inputs and outputs checked green. everything checked from red to green. I did factory reset , global reset ... power supply cable used is the original, and I tried also another one. just to narrow your answers , nothing ever happened to the helix (no chock, no hit , no water..) I hope someone here have an answer or a solution that could help me fix that, even though I hope no one had this issue cause it's just frustrating. (can't open a ticket cause I don't have a receipt to submit the registration, calling will be the next option if no one knows) Helixely yours
  3. no I am not using a hub, Im gonna check the power strip, but what I mean is that even not using the laptop, just me the guitar and the helix there is no input signal on the helix . same for tuner no signal at all, I tried Aux input too to check and select "Aux input" on the preset.same , no sound
  4. Hi Helixers, Today suddenly with the Helix the sound stopped while recording. i Did nothing unusual, it was usb plugged with Logic Pro , I didn’t even touch it or move it . to narrow the possibilities, I checked the guitar and the cable in another amp and everything’s fine . It was the firmware 2.54 I updated it to 2.81 , and still nothing not even a signal on the tuner! does anyone had this issue before and solved it ? Musically yours
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