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  1. And yet something else about the Euclidean Delay: In Sync Mode, there is NO difference between 1/1, 1/2, 1/4, etc. They're all exactly the same. The triplet and dotted options are different, but again, they're the same if you stick with dotted/triplet values, so 1/4 dotted is the same as 1/8 dotted. In case this is intentional, I gotta say that I don't even remotely understand the reason behind it. But it's broken anyway, see posts above.
  2. And yet again about the Euclidean Delay: Note Sync is broken. At any given tempo, with Sync at 1/4, tapping quarter or half notes results in exactly the same pattern (the very same delay speed that is). Doesn't make *any* sense. I can provide a video.
  3. And fwiw, just as the Ping Pong Delay, the Euclidean could very well feature a "Spread" parameter. You don't always want extrem L/R panning of the taps.
  4. The Euclidean Delay is great. One question, though: In case I set both "Steps" and "Fill" to 1, sync to 1/4, shouldn't the delay exactly represent what I tapped? As is, it's an 1/8 delay.
  5. Fwiw, starting with HX Edit and 3.01, others than what the update instructions say, the update did *not* automatically update HX Edit. Had to download the installer manually. Under macOS High Sierra that is.
  6. Ok, looking good, cheers. Now please go for 4.0 without any inbetween stops (others than bug fixes) and bring on global blocks kinda functionalities so they're ready when everybody's able to play live again. SCNR.
  7. Yeah, that should be the ticket. But I remember looking briefly for a license transfer option regarding HX Native and couldn't find anything - but I may as well just have missed it.
  8. Totally unrelated (well, at least pretty much unrelated), but I'm getting the best faux pedal steel sounds by using a mixture of double bends, whammy bar and volume swells. Takes some practice but for certain moments, it's sufficient. Fwiw, being able to do such things more realistically is one of the reasons why I'm still considering a Variax or SY-3000 (along with a GK pickup which I already own). Too bad I really don't like any of the Variaxes as guitars. Unfortunately, I don't think I'll get a real pedal steel ever in this life (for a variety of reasons...), but maybe I'll pull the trigger on a Duesenberg Pomona one day.
  9. Not possible. You can't bend individual strings in any software, unless you're using a guitar equipped with a Hex pickup. For Helix users, the best bet quite obviously would very likely be a Variax.
  10. Let us know if the problem persists. I'm sure we can find a solution (the Flash Memory files should be cross platform compatible).
  11. Have you tried different USB cables and ports? Unfortunately, this can be an issue. And fwiw, in case you're on Windows, while the same steps above apply, you should make sure HX Edit isn't running as a service in background (check that with the task manager).
  12. Some of the filters seem to introduce clipping on their own at some settings, I don't know why. And fwiw, I think the filters could be greatly improved, they're really nothing to write home about, even my MS-50G does better.
  13. Where's the problem? Just turn down the amp's channel volume, done.
  14. Fwiw, when using Jamkazam, the latency of your interface (whatever it might be) should be the last thing to worry about. Usually, any online based services introduce a way higher latency.
  15. The amp is rather resource hungry, so are the dual cabs. Use patch 1 and 2 serially and you should be good to go.
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