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  1. You got that part right, I am indeed rarely wrong, simply because I prefer to inform myself before posting. But no, I wouldn't call my posts "civil" but "honest".
  2. I guess you may know what a backup plan is. Rest assured, I got one. And as far as me not getting a replacement yet, as said, I have explained that before. Search for it or don't. Apart from that, GT-1000s haven't been available here for a rather long time in shops, and to check out one carefully, that'd be a pre-requisite.
  3. You couldn't have less of a clue. But that's almost business as usual here.
  4. Reasons. Valid reasons. Which I even explained.
  5. You're actually right, I just tried. That's pretty lame.
  6. Line 6 hardware is notoriously failing. The Helix Floor is STUFFED with cheap components - and yes, that's a fact, nothing I'm making up.
  7. It is. Opening it shouldn't be the biggest deal and I may try it before selling it (which is now a definite thing to happen somewhen this year). For the upcoming gigs I'll just grab my Cry Baby. Just don't assign the switch, easy.
  8. Must be a hardware issue. In case I step on the pedal like a mad elephant, it's working. Didn't use the toe switch often at all, so this is really bad. Last piece of hardware I ever purchased from Line 6, that's for sure.
  9. Tilte pretty much says it all. Anything I could do about it? Fwiw, I knew this would happen one day, got harder and harder to switch. I can still feel the switching impact, but the switching itself simply isn't happening anymore. As there's no calibration functionality or anything, I'd guess it's a hardware issue - any tips would still be welcomed!
  10. Still getting these constantly. And once it happens, not only HX Edit craps out but the Helix itself is freezing in, requiring a reboot. Never had this happen with any earlier FW version. I'm seriously considering going back to 3.1. Fwiw, I'm on macOS Mojave.
  11. Fwiw, on topic: It's a pretty decent idea to *always* make sure to not turn on most electronic/electric devices directly after them being exposed to huge temperature differences (as in "from cold to warm" - the other way around is way less of an issue). Anyone wearing glasses surely knows what I'm talking about. Walk into a warm room from outside in winter and there we are - all condensed water. With larger surfaces, of course depending on general humidity and temperature differences, you might even see real drops. Not exactly the kind of thing you'd like to have insde your precious new gadget. And fwiw, I think it might've been the very reason back in the days for our singers amp to blow up. Traveling for hours in winter, quite late to the gig, so it was amp out of car trunk, straight onto the stage of a pretty warmed up club, immediate soundcheck - *blam*. Not sure it was condensed water, not too unlikely, though.
  12. Even without any sense of humor, I'd say I'm still aware of the differences between "package" and "content".
  13. Not that I think I did, but it's still likely. If anything was ever cast in stone, it'd be that Germans have no sense of humor.
  14. So you ordered a Floor and got a Stomp delivered?
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