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  1. Yeah, quite unfortunately Firefox ocassionally tries to open files that it should rather download (even if you told it to at least ask before doing anything). Usually rightclick "save target as" helps, but sometimes that's not available.
  2. Look up Command Center and its functions.
  3. To add to datacommando's post: Copy/paste only works for individual blocks. But in case all you want is to exchange things between Edit and Native, drag and drop is faster anyway, simply because all you have to do is drag things around (and possibly tab between windows with your other hand).
  4. Did you boot while holding switches 2 and 3?
  5. @TheRealDriller, so, you have your backup on your computer, right? File should look similar to "HX Stomp Backup 2023-Nov-16.hxb", and as you're on a Mac, by default it should be located at ⁨"user ▸ Documents ▸ ⁨Line 6⁩ ▸ ⁨Tones⁩ ▸ ⁨Helix⁩ ▸ ⁨Backups⁩". Does that file exist?
  6. Ah, ok - so that has changed with the 3.7 updater (before you needed to have a certain version installed, too lazy to look the details up...). I'd possibly try to go to an older FW revision in offline mode, though, just to make sure something isn't fundamentally broken.
  7. Well, as he's apparently never updated the unit, there's a certain chance it's running on a firmware revision not allowing you to go to 3.7 straight. Unfortunately, it seems impossible to find out what FW was/is installed as the unit doesn't boot properly. Hence, I would follow all the steps you've mentioned and try to install the oldest firmware allowing a direct jump to 3.7 thereafter (information about which FW that'd be should be in the 3.7 update instructions).
  8. - Backup your Helix. Do it now (I know, the update instructions will tell you to install the new HX Edit first, but you have a working system now, so this is when you do a backup). - Log into your account within HX Edit (in case you haven't done so yet). You should see an update available notification (lower right corner or a popup). - Accept the update and follow all further instructions. - Make sure to do a factory reset. - When done, reload your backup. - Make sure to reboot after that, so the Helix can rebuild your old presets.
  9. Even more interesting: Are there folks with collections of one of each design?
  10. TBH, I always found those new and "limited" colors to be quite an absurd thing, but each to their own. OTOH, the fact that they're still releasing new designs (well, ok, "skins" rather than designs), might be indicating that there's still quite some years of life in the platform.
  11. Defenitely. I think AI will very soon play a much more important role in our lives than many (and it's an astonishingly high amount of people) folks seem to be able to imagine. In not too many years from now, it's absolutely likely that "Hey, AmpModelerGPT, here's the signal I have, please do your best to match it to the tone of <famous player XYZ>" will be reality. We have Match EQs already, they could possibly be AI-enhanced already. What we'd further need would be - A tool to "demix" songs. Those tools exist already and they're partially coming up with jawdropping results (the new Beatles single anyone?). - A tool to create an amp "capture" just based on some source and (possibly extracted) target material. This may take a while and the neural network learning might take several hours for a while to come, but still, it's pretty much invedently to happen (and not in 10 years from now but rather 2-3 or so). - A tool to do spatial analysis, so the AI knows what delays/reverbs to add. This might be tricky at first, but it should be good enough to get you into the ballpark pretty soon, so all you'd have to do is some finetunings. - A tool to analyze modulations and what not. This might in fact be the trickiest part for a while to come, especially in case modulations include filtering, dynamics and what not. But IMO it'll come one day, though.
  12. It'd be *zero* of a problem to add a mobile editor to all devices of the HX family already, why should it be an issue for future hardware? Mobile editors add tremendous value for those often rehearsing and gigging. It's just so much easier to edit things without having to crawl on the floor.
  13. How so? There's way cheaper devices such as the NUX Amp Academy (just to name one, but in fact there's sevaral) offering editors for Windows, macOS, iOS and Android. There's also Boss. A big brand such as Yamaha should follow suit
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