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  1. Scribble Strips aren't that important as you get that extra viewing mode on the LT, showing you what all the switches do. I really wish that was available on the Floor as well, as visibility under critical lightning conditions is pretty bad - in direct light or diffused sunlight the Scribble Strips become meaningless. IMVHO, in case you don't need all the extra connectivity, 10 vs. 8 stomps is what it boils down to. Personally, I dig the 10 switches a lot and used them all the time a) for recording and b) for quick adjustements when not connected to a computer. For actual live playing however, I usually went with 4 snapshots and 4 stomps, which is available on the LT as well.
  2. Excellent, that might be valuable information one day!
  3. So you're defenitely logged in with HX Edit?
  4. This. Information on the site is very misleading.
  5. In case it's a wave file indeed, you should be able to load it (or convert it beforehand). But some companies also support their own proprietary formats (I think Fractal does so, too), so in case it's that proprietary format, you're rather out of luck.
  6. Under macOS (and I think it was sort of similar back in my Windows days), you have to have both connected at least once to define one as the default interface. You can of course change things later on, but at least macOS will only accept one "true" default interface in case you really told it to "upvote" one of them while "downvoting" the other. Quite stupid btw, there should be a checkbox so you never run into this at all (at least Logic is asking you and you can check a "never ask again" box).
  7. Does it disable your Apollo in your DAW or under Windows?
  8. In case the amp itself sounds nice, you could consider using it as a clean pedal platform and don't any amp modules in the Helix. Would not give you *that* much more control, though, just a tonestack (which you could get globally within the Helix, too, via the Global EQ, if that is something you're after). I would likely not go for any 4CM setup in case you've got no time to properly check things out. In fact, I would just continue to run things as you do already - I mean, one of the things you've got to deal with as a modeler user is the menu-driven, floor-crawling culture coming along with most units. And yeah, I totally agree that both aspects are annoying. Which, fwiw, is why I stepped back from a Helix-only setup. Still crawling but at least no menu-diving anymore. And my next all-in-one modeler will offer mobile device remote control for the very same reasons.
  9. Working just fine over here.
  10. Huh? There's no legacy area for amps in the Helix (just for cabs).
  11. I think it's up there already (will crosscheck later on). Well, the first thing would be a bog standard local search option. Step 1: "IR "Killercab_01.wav" is missing" Step 2: "Do you want me to search for "Killercab_01.wav"?" Step 3: Search a) filesystem, b) drive, c) folder, d) manually? This is how pretty much each decent software sampler does it already. That might be an interesting extension of whatever search functions, but it surely wouldn't work without all/most/plenty of IR vendors agreeing to kind of sign into a global database. Which IMO would only make sense in case plenty of modeler vendors would take part as well. In a nutshell, a rather herculean task. But seriously: A decent local search option would help a lot already. Maybe even with patches downloaded from Customtone - I mean, it's not unlikely that you might have an overlapping group of IRs on your harddrive as the patch creator. And it'd obviously help even more with your own patches.
  12. If it was after me, no amps would be added for a long time until some other things would be done. But I guess that won't happen anymore, so I'll take a new amp as well. But I'd rather like a great D-style thing.
  13. No, this isn't about Customtone (just sort of related), simply because it happens with each and every patch that is missing an IR. In addition to telling you the name of the missing IR (which could obviously help in aquiring it), HX Edit should offer a search option, as easy as that. Bog standard in computer land and a massive oversight.
  14. Unfortunately, thanks to the abysmally bad IR management of the HX family, there's no way to find out which IR is missing. So even in case you had it on your computer already (perhaps from an IR pack you've purchased), you'd be out of luck, go figure. It really doesn't get much worse.
  15. Scam. Even without the research done by @PierM (thanks, interesting at least - been stumbling across Namecheap before already...), the price clearly gives it away. I mean, how would anyone (even a legit shop) be able to sell you a Helix for noticeably less than the all time lowest street price (from around 3-4 years ago or so) in times when literally every single electronic device is sold for record money? And even if that was still somehow possible, why *would* anyone do so in case the unit would sell like hot cakes for around 500 bucks more already?
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