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  1. Hello, I tried to load what I think is a Helix preset in my stomp and hx edit stopped recognizing the device and when I try to reboot the device it stops during loading screen and says "Rebuilding preset 54", anybody experienced this? Will I have to reset the device or is there a workaround? Thanks, and happy new year!
  2. Hello, these cabs has proven to beat my favourite IR's by a rather large margin, they sound very good with the helix amps but has to be run as a vst inside your daw so you need to bypass hw monitoring and listen thru daw. They are 50% off now and an absolute steal for the price, and they offer a trial. Try them out and see if you like them. Having some weird glitches/stability issues which I'm trying to manage but the sound absolutely slays. Number 10 is my fav then number 6. https://dibiquadroaudio.com/pwrcabs/
  3. Got it to work now with your method. Thanks a lot!
  4. Thanks rd2rk, this is all confusing to me. Some people on youtube use reacontrolMIDI to swap stuff in the HX stomp/Helix, some people use MIDI editor with bank/program select to achieve both preset & snapshot switching, and in those cases the parameters does not correspond to what they do on my computer. I cannot find "Insert new midi event" in my midi editor, where do you right click to find this function? I can find "Event properties" (ctrl+F2) which has all the different properties you write about OTOH. When I click apply I cannot see any event being programmed into the Midi editor (like when placing a MIDI note or inserting a bank/program select event). Am I supposed to see some change in the midi editor when I hit apply in event properties? Is even event properties the same window as "insert new midi event"? Thanks for the help
  5. Hello, I'm getting preset-switching and parameter control to work with sending PC and CC messages from reaper but cannot understand how to get it to work with swapping snapshots in a preset, I've looked at most youtube vids and read about it, any suggestions? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nhLElhHJ6D4&feature=youtu.be This is similar to what I'm doing to get the presets to change(from about 2:50), you should supposedly be able to swap snapshots from the bank/program select window which he brings up at about 3:20 too but I can only make it work with switching presets. However I'm changing presets in the "Program number" window (as opposed to him saying this changes snapshots) and BANK MSB/LSB does nothing for me which confuses me due to him saying these should change presets. This is released just a few weeks ago why would there be any difference in how reaper controls my stomp? If somebody here uses reaper for switching and can give me some clues I'm grateful!
  6. As a HX stomp user fav amp means two things for me: either those that I like the most, or the ones that sound ok but use much less processing power. The ones I like the most is probably the whowatt, derailed Ingrid, PV Panama, sorry cannot stay with 3 I need to Include the matchstick jump too The ones I use the most in my patches is badonk & litigator ATM, as they can sound very nice and won't break the bank. I've fallen for quite CPU hungry effects and as I need both a clean and a heavy amp in my patches I have not much wiggleroom with the stomp processing power. Would be rad if line 6 made the amp+cab blocks so that I can bypass the amp/cab separately and free up a little more power.
  7. Yeah I know I'm a faithful gearsluts attendee aswell :) Thanks! I hope the JDI will be good enough for this due to it's price and reputation, still as of now something sounds a little bit off compared to line out. I'll hope I find a remedy after some more troubleshooting!
  8. I tried unbalanced line out from the SEND also, and it sounded just like the main out balanced send afaik, so it ought to be the jdi of preamp. As reputable as the jdi is I'm more inclined to blame the preamp but who knows, I will definitely troubleshoot this and hope I can find the same signal integrity going the DI route. I'll keep posting here if I find something interesting if it's of interest.
  9. I've tried playing through a JBL eon15 g2 tonight swapping between MAIN line out to the line in of the EON, and then thru the SEND instrument level > Radial JDI into the XLR microphone preamp of the JBL eon (It's got a preamp built in). The sound was pretty similar, but through the JDI it was quite a bit more intrusive in the high mids. Might be the preamp of the EON that is of subpar quality but I've tried another recording chain at home and found the DI solution to be somewhat lacking compared to the main outs there aswell. I've read about helix through DI boxes and people claim it should sound exactly the same so it might be something with the rest of the chain that messes the sound up a little. Thanks for your help and suggestions guys! Will experiment more with this.
  10. Thanks so much for your help zappazapper!
  11. Hello, I've realised that global EQ only affects the main outputs, hence I'm thinking about using this to tweak a FRFR cabinet for playing/dialing in sounds and use the Send output to a mixing desk/FOH which is uneffected by the global EQ. I've been trying to set this up with a Send block, both mono and stereo, and would like it preferably to be mono balanced line signal. I have not figured out if it's possible tho or if it always will be unbalanced stereo? When I hardwire the signal chain to the SEND L/R output in HX edit (bottom row as opposed to upper row to MAIN L/R) I have the option to choose "Mono" which gave me the impression that this might be possible, but there are no such choice when using a Send L/R block, is this "mono" alternative balanced or unbalanced? Is the best method for this to use a instrument signal from the send to a DI box to the mixing desk? When I use a TRS cable from the send output into a balanced line in, and set both send L/R to line signal on the stomp the signal is very low for some reason. Sorry if this is covered somewhere, I've looked in the manual but could not find any clues. Thanks!
  12. Thanks, I actually read your post about the footswitch a few days ago. I was looking briefly for alternatives of MIDI footswitches and came over your post. The reason I would want to be able to switch 6505 channel in a 4cm setup is however when it's done together with turning blocks on/off for lush cleans and then straight back to brute rhythm tone for example. Looks like it would not be possible with the amt?
  13. With my 3x EMG equipped guitars the most important is to set input impedance to 10 or 22k for distorted sounds, can go up a bit for clean sounds but active electronics are way too saturated with high impedance IMO. The EQ's are behaving in much more convenient ways and you don't have to fight the amps into submission to get good sounds to the same extent. Other general tips, I'm trying to minimise the amount of blocks, like not using an EQ block but trying to make the amp sound very good in itself, to save blocks and DSP as this is restricted in the stomp. I love to be able to have more blocks for cool effects like the transistor tape delay, double take modulation, chorus and ganymede/plate reverb and such for lush clean sounds (which I mostly if I have DSP left try to dedicate a block for a separate clean amp). I'm looking quite a bit at DSP allocation guides to see what amps/effects use a lot of DSP and try to maximize my presets that way. Good luck!
  14. Im trigging midi from trig mics on acoustic drums to an alesis dm5 into my hx stomp into daw, works very well. Find the midi thru setting in the settings and it should show up in the daw, that's all I had to do. Hope it works out for you and have fun!
  15. cool thanks! Gonna see if I can integrate it in my workflow in a nice way. I'm using a custom action to be able to quickly render new stems from a selected track within time selection. I'm dialing reaInsert as an insert, then put it on the tracks I wish to reamp one at a time and just bounce the time selection with the custom action and it creates a stem file with the same name (but stem included aswell) and routing, while muting the original track. It's nice if you have a song recorded with amp sims and want to reamp it (either to the stomp or to analog realm) as it's monitoring in DAW with all post processing on it and in perfect timing sync no matter what the project latency is as long as reainsert can auto compensate for delay correctly. Here is a screenshot of the custom actions involved, if u're interested in trying it out. There is the same action but for "stereo stem tracks" too available. You just assign it to a key or combination of keys of your wish. render real time custom action.tif
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