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  1. The one thing that has caused strange sounds to me is drastical changes in gain setting/master/channel vol changes in amps with snapshots. When wanting clean/crunch/heavy sound from just one amp and switching between those sounds and gain settings within one amp in snapshots. Better turn on/off dist pedals/different amps in these instances which causes no audible pops/clicks.
  2. I'm using a cable like this: https://m.thomann.de/se/pro_snake_tpy_2003_jbb.htm?o=15&search=1627023221 Successfully connecting the m-audio ex-p plus a foot switch to the stomp (exp4/fs5). The ex-p is TRS out. IIRC both TRS and ts work as cable for the footswitch. I can also connect the ex-p directly to the input without the y cable, but IIRC it only works with exp4 not exp5 that way. As the Y cable is dual TS female I think it is forgiving in regards of TRS or TS cable.
  3. Rectifire, together with the new horizon boost or maybe klon centaur boost emulation.
  4. Ur welcome, when evaluating cabs I would dial a patch with you favourite IR that you like, then use mono cabinet for the patches you try to match as you won't have to make the same changes of mic/distance/early reflections/filters twice, as with the stereo cab. Find a few you think is nice and sound similar to your ir, make presets for each. Then try with global eq to match it even further, then when you find something you like (hopefully) use the same settings for both Cabs in a stereo cab instance instead of mono. That way you can in the quickest manner go thru as many cab/mic combinations as possible, which can be quite overwhelming even with mono cabs. Good thing is global eq only applies to the main out and your signal going to your stage cabs will be unaffected. Good luck!
  5. I just tried this with my stomp and also to get the built in cabs to sound similar to my fav IR's, and it worked rather good I must say. So to the OP, yes it's possible and easy with any of the helix products, just insert a SEND L/R block just before your stereo cabinet block, and all your stereo effects will work both for cabs on stage plus for the simulated cab going to FOH. Not sure whether the SEND outputs of the Helix LT are balanced or unbalanced, my guess is unbalanced. Also I don't know if it will work with Impulse responses, but it's not too hard to find a cab that sounds good with a bit of global eq applied to match your favourite IRs if you have any, I've only tried on studio monitors thus far tho. Good luck!
  6. Do you have any tip of a cab/mic working fine with the epic amp or rectifire for really low tuned metal? I'm tuning my 7string guitar to C on 6th string and G(49 Hz) on 7th. Would be cool!
  7. Not sure whether this is correct in the case of helix/helix LT as I'm using hx stomp, but I'm having problems with figuring out a way to make your setup work in my situation without the signal to FOH collapsing to mono, as the stereo FX has to be before the IR block (if I want effects to also go to my guitar cab) and IR blocks are always mono, hence the collapse of stereo effects. Im not in front of my unit now, but iirc there might be stereo cabs inside the unit that could solve this issue, as long as you are fine with not running IRs, dual IR block might work too. The reason being that to send signal without ir applied to a guitar cab all effects has to be pre send-block and IR just after send block, it's a catch-22 situation for me but might be ways around I haven't figured out yet.
  8. Those two were already in order, still had problems with fluctuating values when in the 0% position, not sure if I also had in 100% position as it was much more noticeable when in 0% position with the way I am using it. Since removing the pads no issues at all. Do you also have to disconnect/connect the pedal for it to properly work, if you accidentally touch the grey knob for, when turned fully counter clockwise again? Happens sometimes for me (maybe all the time, not sure)
  9. I'm using m audio exp-p with my stomp, I had problems with values jumping up and down a little. Since I've removed the cushion pads underneath the pedal (not facing the floor, the ones between the movin part and the pedal) it's 100% consistent. The cushion pads did not let it stay in its 0% position consistently. Don't know if yours has the same but could be worth investigating
  10. Sounds like a good plan actually, I'm not sure how it looks when the output block clips but whenever it starts to clip, back it off a good 5-6 dB and you should be safe and no compromise of sound. Would not need a DAW for it either which is nice If you use a DAW, just make sure it won't go over -6 dB on the meter and you're good to go
  11. I'm using hd600 which is 300 ohms, and I have no troubles getting the volume I need and I also push the output block quite a bit without it sounding strange, as long as you're in the digital domain volume boosts won't introduce noise. Do you have access to a computer and DAW? I would personally consider anything below 6dB of clipping on dBfs to be safe, whether you boost on the amp SIM or the output block would not matter IMO, except if you use FX loop then don't clip the loop block with excessive amp volume. There are red indicators flashing on the blocks if you push them to clipping which I think is above 0 dBfs
  12. Did you troubleshoot in a DAW with the helix as soundcard recording input 1/2 and watching the meters there? That would effectively bypass all analog stages except input. If the L/R levels are matched there but not when going to your analog mixer something in the analog domain might be pthe problem
  13. What music are you playing? Do you need many stereo effects? If you play pop/rock or metal it's kinda different approaches IMO. If you play pop/rock you can just go with an amp you like and add a distortion pedal before it and have two different gain stages. If you play metal nothing is tight enough except boost pedal+amp gain and you cannot just turn off the boost to get clean enough. Just an example of differences in genres and how to prioritize differently. I've spent countless hours managing the dsp efficiently in the stomp. We are two guitar players sometimes with just one stomp which is rather challenging
  14. Relayswitching of my 6505 would be awesome with the stomp, for example from one of the existing trs jacks, I have no idea whether it's technically possible tho. Imagine a stomp in 4cm mode with possibility to switch channel and FX loop on/off. Would be awesomee
  15. I'm using my quilter bassblock 800 together with my stomp to power my 4x12 with v30 speakers in it, my cab is 8 ohm so I have to be careful not to fry it (it's extremely loud), but the bb800 delivers 225w at 16ohms. It has line in on the back which bypasses all EQs in front, straight wire to the amp section so all shaping happens in the stomp just as I like. The class D amp is very neutral in its sound using the line in. I have not tried plugging a guitar into the front of it but the front shaping EQ is specifically made with bassists in mind which is my main instrent with the band. the quilter stuff is of very high regard for instrumentalists. Mine sound very good with the 4x12, melts my face with the rectifier and soldano
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