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  1. cool thanks! Gonna see if I can integrate it in my workflow in a nice way. I'm using a custom action to be able to quickly render new stems from a selected track within time selection. I'm dialing reaInsert as an insert, then put it on the tracks I wish to reamp one at a time and just bounce the time selection with the custom action and it creates a stem file with the same name (but stem included aswell) and routing, while muting the original track. It's nice if you have a song recorded with amp sims and want to reamp it (either to the stomp or to analog realm) as it's monitoring in DAW with all post processing on it and in perfect timing sync no matter what the project latency is as long as reainsert can auto compensate for delay correctly. Here is a screenshot of the custom actions involved, if u're interested in trying it out. There is the same action but for "stereo stem tracks" too available. You just assign it to a key or combination of keys of your wish. render real time custom action.tif
  2. Thanks for the help! I got it working, I had to also make the Send L/R block stereo, and hard pan it right and use out 3, input 4 in ReaInsert. When using 'Split Y' the balance didn't matter if it was hard left or right, but when using 'Split A/B' it got silent when fully to L. I don't know if my brain is playing tricks on me but I think split Y and split A/B sounded just slightly different. reamp.tif
  3. Hello, I'm trying to reamp from the send jack straight into my Marshall amp using a reactive load and taking the signal back on main input L/Mono with a CAB block inserted. I want to monitor through DAW from path B 3/4 input (disabling hardware monitoring to have timing in sync), but I'm having problems with the stomp automatically sending the signal from path B to the send output again, making a nasty loop to the amp. I just want to use path B to disable hardware monitoring and use input 3/4 in reaper (using reainsert, for the reaper users) and not making it automatically send the signal out from the 3/4 jack, is this possible? Everything sounds fine and runs fine except the timing issue (when using hardware monitoring) or the nasty loop when using 3/4. I can use input 5/6 and use an IR loader inside reaper but I like the sound of the cabs inside the stomp. Inserting a pic, not sure whether it or me are making any sense but I thought some of you might have any tips.
  4. In still experimenting but slowly getting nice tones, right now I'm happy with everything except excessive frequency buildups around 1000 hz(iirc) and some other Freq when quad tracking. Problem for me is also I need a clean amp block cause I wanna be able to play clean too, this requires a bit of wizardry due to lowish dsp power but I'm getting there. My fav as of now with emg81 is 10 kohm input>hard gate>tube screamer>badonk+Cali4x12 cab (I tend to like their cabs better than the IRs I've tested in it), tweak to taste. Also mess around with the early reflections as I think the sound is too dry with it set to zero, sounds unnatural.
  5. Is this suggestion for flexibility with mic input volume to the DAW mainly? I have a hardware preamp which I adjust the volume into reaper for the microphone, then blend guitar direct monitoring with signal from reaper to taste and play :) Or would this also yield some better flexibility for the guitar monitoring? I have a hard time grasping the routing of the signal in your example, and if it's mainly to be able to adjust mic volume I can do it with my hardware preamp instead. As the HX stomp is rather limited to the number of blocks I'm trying to use all horsepower to get the guitar patches the way I want, sometimes it includes a bit of wizardry. The limitations is somewhat inspiring me thinks. Especially when it sounds this good! Thanks a lot for the help!
  6. This issue is totally fixed with the usb in 1/2 trim. What made me confused was that as it's labeled in I figured it had something to do with the guitar input into 1/2 of the DAW, but it's actually from the DAW into the stomp, making it an OUT not an IN in my head.. I didn't understand the description in the manual either. Now I can increase the DAW volume post fader up to +18 dB to match the direct monitoring signal of the stomp, without having to redline the LR bus inside the DAW.. monitoring of the guitar is turned off inside reaper. Thanks for the help all of you!
  7. I only want to use DAW monitoring with the microphone in Return L (reverb and delay), while utilizing direct monitoring on the guitar signal(DAW monitoring bypassed) with the Stomp processing. This works good except the problem of not being able to dial direct monitoring and recording level from In 1/2 independently.
  8. The USB in 1/2 Trim does nothing on my unit unfortunately, it's neither altering the input recording level or the direct monitoring level. this is the description of USB In 1/2 Trim according to the manual "Sets the level of incoming audio from USB 1/2, which bypasses all HX Stomp processing. Normally, this should be left at 0.0dB." Yet nothing happens when I dial it. Do I have to activate it or something? Can't find any more info on it in the manual than whats described above. If this worked it would solve all issues I've described above here. But the "which bypasses all HX stomp processing" leaves me wondering if it would actually work as independent control if I want the Stomp processing to still be present. Edit: The USB in 1/2 trim actually works as a DAW post-master volume control (Reaper DAW), which gives me the control I need. Just not the way I expected the USB in trim to work. Thanks for pointing me in the USB trim direction!
  9. This is what I'm doing right now, the problem is that the direct monitoring of the Helix is so hot, that I have to turn up the DAW's master volume way past unpleasant distortion to match the level if I want good recording level from the Helix. I have not tried using limiters/clippers on the DAW's master to rise the average loudness and record under those circumstances however, mostly due to me thinking there will be some timing issues as these plugins often introduce quite a bit of latency. Will try that when I have time. Thanks for the suggestions!
  10. I'm using the Stomp for recording bass, the way I set it up is I'm using the g cougar 800 amp into 1x15 ampeg B-15 cab on the right channel as a parallell signal chain, on the left channel I'm using Ampeg SVT-brt into a 6x10 cali power cab, both with a compressor on the front of the amps. Then I'm using my source audio aftershock tweaked to sound as I want it into the return R and a clean DI into return L from a DI-box/preamp, this way I effectively get 4 separate tracks with different processing recorded simultaneously and I can then blend them to taste/mute the ones I'm not feeling I need when it comes mixtime. I've just set this up but the flexibility is massive in combination with only having to record 1 time and still have 4 sounds to choose from. I hope this will help me during mix stage and I'm quite certain it will, initial impressions are good. Something similarly could probably be made with the darkglass pedals but I'm not using the aftershock (which is what I would guess my complement to the darkglass alternatives) as an input to drive a cab sim of the stomp, more like I've tried to eq it to sound like a cabinet itself. If you're interested I could upload a picture of how the setup looks (not sure it makes much sense to anybody else but I've taken a picture for me to remember how to set it up) You will have to dig rather deep in the manual to understand the routing of it tho. Took me a few months to figure out the routing flexibility of the HX stomp which is astonishing.
  11. I'm a bit surprised as the HX stomp/helix family AFAIK aims to work as a potent recording rig aswell, and separate volumes for direct monitoring and recording level into input 1/2 would make so much sense in this case. Now I have to increase reaper master volume into oblivion, turn down the recorded guitar channels very much, my guess is all this could be sorted out with separate volumes for a pleasant recording situation. The small mixer is a good idea. I could route reaper out to HX stomp SEND 3/4 and direct monitoring from 1/2 on separate channels on a small mixer and blend to taste. Thanks for the idea!
  12. The phones are connected to the headphone jack on the hx stomp, with the physical volume knob on the stomp at about 30% the guitar level is very loud (this is due to very sensitive headphones, not very hot guitar signal), the DAW sound very low if not into rather severe clipping at the master when monitoring through asio driver of hx stomp. This while the recording level into reaper from the guitar signal 1/2 input is good so the direct guitar monitoring level is very very hot. Does it make sense? Hope I'm describing the problem in an understandable fashion.
  13. With USB, I'm using it as a soundcard. Ironically with the windows update yesterday somehow the HX stomp asio dissapeared inside reaper. HX edit recognizes it and windows recognizes it/I can play windows sounds from it, but reaper doesn't of some reason.
  14. My guess is that you guys have the volume from the DAW turned down pretty low when you record, is that so? I have not found a way to dial the output volume to record into DAW and monitoring volume independently within the HX stomp so if you have a low volume on your daw, you will turn it down in the hx stomp to match the level in the daw, and that makes the recording level very low.
  15. Hello, I'm recording with a microphone/mic amp for vocals into the return/aux in of my HX stomp and monitoring the microphone through reaper with effects, and the guitar signal with direct monitoring from the stomp (Is it possible to monitor it with the fx chain on when routing thru reaper?). Is it possible to change the monitoring level of only the direct monitor signal without having to change main L/R level, as this also alters the signal into reaper when I'm recording? Right now the monitoring level of the guitar is so loud I have to clip reaper severely for the vocal signal to be matched, and when I reduce the level on the stomp I get a very low recording level into reaper. I'm playing with headphones and the headphone amp is about 30% level so I figured that headroom could be much better used if I can turn down the direct monitoring W/O altering the guitar input signal to reaper, instead of increasing reaper with severe clipping to match the level. Thanks!
  16. Thanks for the replies, I tried your method rd2rk and it worked good, was playable up to 128 samples, then at 256 it got a bit messy. There was a very slight difference from 64 compared to direct monitoring from the unit, it's nice to have both available if I wish to use VST effects! Will most likely stick with hardware monitoring most of the time. Sascha, do you mean it's possible to play and record using hardware monitoring to a song with very heavy latency, and still the recorded tracks come out in sync with the song? Or do you have to physically align the tracks for reamping after they are recorded, and then reamp?
  17. Hello, I'm using the HX stomp as an interface for recording, when I want to use the amp modelling but not the onboard reverb/delays for lets say solo/leads, I want to disable hardware monitoring but listen to the wet signal on the HX Stomp (Not channel 5/6 which is totally clean), but routed through reaper with VST delay/reverb on, is this possible? The only way I can turn off hardware monitoring is by lowering the main l/r block fully but then reaper won't receive signal on channel 1/2. Thanks!
  18. For me working with two blocks of amps is not a big problem, when using my essential 5 blocks including two amps only a few things are greyed out for the last 6th block so it's very well laid out! And I think I won't need a separate IR block as I find the cabs has the possibility for a very good sound.
  19. The sound is very apparent even with the compressor taken out of the equation, but sure it adds to the effect (and the effect even without the comp sounds almost like a compressor letting the initial snap through, working hard to push down what's behind it). A sudden change in gain structure is maybe gonna do something similar with an analog amp so it could very well be me who spoke to soon. What I also want to show people in the same situation(like me when I found this thread) is that there is a workaround and it works great.
  20. Sorry for the messy presets I did send to you, I should have made them much more convenient. I might be wrong about the intended use of these amps, maybe they are not made to work for the fast switching of gain structure to begin with. It made me frustrated as I really like the tone and I thought it might not work in the end due to that. I'm gonna use double set-ups with amp/cab blocks and use the clean on one and dist on one and instead of changing gain structure I'll switch amp/cab block, which sound as it should with the drawback takes up two blocks instead of one.
  21. I can hear the same sound in your preset aswell, just not as loud as in mine, due to me using less gain in the "clean" and more gain in the "dirty" it has a more pronounced effect(and also the compressor pushes it up a little). This is totally gone when using similar distorted sound but from a stompbox instead of the gain structure of the amp, like in this preset I don't have nearly the same loud popping sounds when swapping channels of my 6505 Dist+clean working.hlx
  22. hx stomp test.mp3This is the sound I get from switcing snapshot with one having more drive/less master than the other (except from the delay and verb and so on). I included the preset aswell if you are interested in seeing if I have done something strange. Thanks for the help! Really love the sound from the unit. Badonk noise problems.hlx
  23. After one weekend with my new HX stomp and a very positive experience I thought our relationship was about to end, dialing and tweaking sounds with especially the Badonk preset, which has amazingly good both clean and distorted sound, I thought I had found a perfect setting when I realised about the very loud switching noise between snapshots of clean and distorted aswell. I tried to solve it but could not find any way to do it inside the preset. The solution for me is to use only a great sounding clean amp, and insert the "heavy dist" legacy distortion before the amp and use it for the heavy sounds combined with the amp+cab block, REALLY nice sound and no loud noises when switching between clean/heavy snapshot turning the dist block on/off and tweak everything to taste. It's really sad that all the nice amps ranging from good clean to good heavy distortion(2204 mod, Badonk, archetype lead for some examples) are basically rendered useless due to this snapshot switching noise if you intend to use clean and distorted in the same preset, not that it matters too much now that I found a solution but please line 6 do something about it.
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