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  1. That gives me a few promising things to try....thanks a lot. I like the idea of not even using the preamp loop...Unfortunately, wont be next to it until next Saturday, but I look forward to tryin it Thanks again
  2. If I'm reading your setup correctly, it seems like I'm doing the same thing as you were....are you suggesting I go from the helix outs directly to the power amp inputs? And wouldn't that be a problem since nothing would be hooked to the preamp return? The hum isn't oppressive, I would just like to cut it back a bit. I know the gain is a lot lol....it just sounds crushing tho
  3. Is there anyone with more knowledge than myself who could look above at how I'm wired and tell me how to hook my gate up into this setup?
  4. Ok i misunderstood. It is crazy how close their recto model is to the real thing I must say
  5. Awesome info guys thanks a lot. Mr Hillside, if you have exactly the same setup as me, maybe you can help with my confusion as to how to hook this up. I do have a decimator I can use, just dont know where to put it. The gate in the fx loop calms my road king down very well, but this here setup is a different animal. The tone is killer, btw, you're correct. That's why I want to get this working so much. Rd2, this hum parameter...I think I tried it to no avail, but would it really work anyway if I'm not using the Helix amp, instead goin with the rectifier? Currently, I go into the Helix with the guitar, Helix send 1 to mesa Preamp input, fx send on mesa preamp to Helix return 1, and since the mesa preamp has 2 returns, I have them both hooked up to the 2 1/4 outs at the Helix. Finally, both mesa preamp live outs go to the 2:100 power amp. The mesa preamp gain is bout 9, and I'm boosting the front end with a Helix boost preset, so I know there's a lot to tame here, but does my hookup sound right? So far I've tried my Rocktron Hush twixt the fx send on the amp and the Helix return1. Also tried it between the Helix send1 to the rectifier preamp input, and both clip the sound way down. I havent dl'ed the new firmware yet, but I will since it has that new gate, but I'm still lost as to how to get this hooked up. Thanks again guys
  6. Thanks for the reply...everything is connected to a Furman power filter, the electric should be good in the house (house only 5 years old) and there was nothing else on the circuit. As luck would have it, all the cables are new as of last Friday when I purchased them, and I don't get the noise just using the helix. The 2:100 power tubes I don't think could be the issue, as I'm using them for my power amp for the helix as well. The rectifier preamp, though, that's a thought. I bought it used a few months ago, and have not had it checked out. It's from 2012. I have done nothing to it, so that may be an area for me to look. The thing is, it's exactly the same hum I get from any other high gain amp. (I have a road king that does it too). I should have been more clear on that. However, I can gate the effects loop on the road king and get rid of it....I can't in this case. What I will try tomorrow is running the rectifier preamp as a standalone, gating the effects loop and see if that works. I suspect it will but i will report back. But I think my real issue is how do I go about using either a helix gate or my hush in series with the mesa to block the standard high gain hum? If I can use a helix gate adding a block somewhere in the chain, where might that work? Thanks a lot for the help
  7. So I'm just learning about my setup and thought some of you folks may be able to help. I have the Helix rack, hooked up using 4 cable to a Mesa Rectifier recording preamp, and this outputs to a mesa stereo 2:100 power amp. Basically I'm trying to use the recto preamp as my amp, I have it hooked up per 4 cable method, the effects loop in place of the amp, and everything works, with the exception of I get a fair amount of hum to the speakers. I have the input gate on, but this doesn't really do anything for the hum. I've tried running my rocktron hush in between the send on the mesa and the return to the helix, and this just kills my volume even if the rocktrons gate isn't on. I took a mesa preset I had and just substituted the fx loop for the amp so I could compare the Helix rectifier model with the real thing, but the extra noise on the "real" preset is aggravating. What should I be doing different?? Thanks a lot for any advice!
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