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Found 6 results

  1. Hi, Has anyone tried to upgrade to Mac OS Sonoma on an Intel machine and can tell if there are problems to expect with Line6 Helix Rack? It will probably take some months to get something official in the FAQ section. Best regards, Frank
  2. Hey! Aquired a Helix Rack a few months back for the studio. I’m in love! I got a bro deal on a Fcb1010 midi foot controller with an Eurekaprom v2.0 chip. I’ve read treads with the UNO chip which has different menu settings, and one with the EurekaProm v3.2 chip. That tread he stated that he mimicked the helix controller as best he could with presets, snapshots, looper, tap tempo and tuner. I have reached out to Dave at Eurekasound and he said the V2.0 is perfect for programming the helix through the PP mode and many have done it. The updates in Versions 3.0+ are geared more for fractal/Kemper. My question is how the hell do I program this thing? MIDI language hurts my brain. I have the setup instructions from EPROM, but I need help on the helix side. As of now I have 5 main presets with 4 snapshots each, I’m not to concerned with stomps at the moment, I got the sounds dialed in at studio. I need a video, or someone to hold my hand through the process. Any help would be awesome!! And I know the Helix controller would solve all these problems but I’m a father of 5 daughters and have a gear budget. the controller is $600 CAD, and they do not come up used without a helix attached. Again thank you!!
  3. So I'm just learning about my setup and thought some of you folks may be able to help. I have the Helix rack, hooked up using 4 cable to a Mesa Rectifier recording preamp, and this outputs to a mesa stereo 2:100 power amp. Basically I'm trying to use the recto preamp as my amp, I have it hooked up per 4 cable method, the effects loop in place of the amp, and everything works, with the exception of I get a fair amount of hum to the speakers. I have the input gate on, but this doesn't really do anything for the hum. I've tried running my rocktron hush in between the send on the mesa and the return to the helix, and this just kills my volume even if the rocktrons gate isn't on. I took a mesa preset I had and just substituted the fx loop for the amp so I could compare the Helix rectifier model with the real thing, but the extra noise on the "real" preset is aggravating. What should I be doing different?? Thanks a lot for any advice!
  4. So I'm in my HXEdit, I'm logged into everything I need to be, I've purchased my preset+IR, it's been downloaded and activated but I keep getting the following message whenever I import either the preset or IR. "HX Edit was unable to import this IR because the required license was not found. The following product packs are available for purchase from Helix Marketplace: * 64670" As far as I can tell I'm doing everything I should be but is there something I'm missing? Also I'm using the HelixLT and it's fully updated. And the preset in question is the Bill Kelliher Live Rig+IR pack and is compatible with my gear. Please, let me know if you have any ideas on how to fix this!
  5. I have a helix LT in great condition. Since I mostly just use for a home studio setup I would like to get a rack mount instead. If anyone would be interested in trading we could come to an agreement on me trading my LT plus some cash for your Helix Rack. Thanks
  6. hi recently i watched gear gods and fluff's video regarding IEM setup/all in one solution for the whole band on their rack for live use and it's inspiring to imitate such setup for ease of use and avoiding complications as much as possible. on gear gods' video about it, trey included the hx stomp as the core of their sound and he said that they only need less than 6 blocks as they are a metal band and doesn't need that much complexities as oppose to helix line in terms of tone shaping features. in terms of simple yet satisfying tones, i think the hx stomp is more than enough (unless you're really picky, you might as well get the big guns) but as with trey's setup, i just don't like the thought that it's built for the pedal board along with other pedals that has the same footprint(or not). so what if the line 6 makes a version of the hx stomp but in a rack mount configuration? since basically the hx stomp is at least meant to be in a pedal board, the "hx studio"(if they decided to call it with that name) should be used primarily in a studio as your dedicated guitar/bass audio interface/multi effects platform in a small package. imagine the helix rack on the size of maybe a scarlett 2i2 occupying 2U space and just half the width of it with the screen same as of the hx stomp, a couple of needed knobs and buttons on the front panel, extra buttons and swtiches if needed if they decide to add some features because it's a dedicated studio unit minus the three footswitches, an input jack and all of the needed inputs and outputs plus midi connectivity and lastly a jack for an optional 4 or 6 button footswitch. the reason for this idealistic babbling of mine is because i wanted the hx stomp to be in a rack format following trey's all in one setup for his band. what if there were 3 guitars and one bass? it will only take 4 units of rack space thus you'll have more for other things such as power conditioner, in ear mixer, splitter, etc. i mentioned that the unit is dedicated to the studio right since i already named it "hx studio" but what if someone wanted it to be used in a live situtation? of course being a reckless human, you'd do that if you can right? lol as for the market, maybe this unit can be a direct competitor to ik multimedia's axe i/o or audient's sono as dedicated guitar/bass audio interface if they will add some features like jfet circuitry or whatever they can think of so that they can maximize the unit's power for those applications. i'm thinking of almost the same price as theirs, around $500 maybe? what do you think about this idea? do you think this will be an addition to your gear? or just a big joke your music teacher will even cringe? do you think line 6 will consider this as a perfect addition to their products? or just a stupid disruptor for the Helix/HX line of modelers? cheers!
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