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Found 37 results

  1. Hi, I am pretty new on home studio. I have been playing gigs all the time and went to studios to record. Unfortunately I don't have any idea about recording setup. I've got a Line 6 SPider V 240HC and a Mac with Logic Pro, but no audio interface. How can I record guitar track on Logic Pro using my Spider v 240 HC. Thanks
  2. wafry1975

    what speakers for helix at home

    I just bough a helix LT. it should be here tomorrow... also, assuming it would work, I bought a pair of Presonus Eris 4.5 monitors. later after thinking about it more, and studying the inputs of the speakers, I'm wondering if I made a poor choice. what are you using for home practice+setting up your patches? budget is $300 MAX (I have a helix to pay off ;) ) I mainly play at home, but I also play with the church on the weekends... the idea is set my patches up at home for live use. some ideas that I have kicked about: Laney IRT-X a PA speaker like the Alto TS112 or TS110 Behringer EuroLive Pa speaker (surely not the best, but the same we use at church, this way home sound could be easily matched to church) pair of studio monitors with XLR (this was the thinng I thought I was getting with the presonus eris... but the ones I ordered do not have XLR, so I'm wondering if the patches would require tweaking to go from studio to live) I can also bypass the cab IR, and run into the return on my tube amp, through a 1x12... but same thing as the studio monitors without XLR, I'd have to tweak, and turn on a cab IR for live. what other budget-minded options are there for home? am I sweating the output selection too much?
  3. sqby

    How I used Helix in studio

    Hi guys! Got a Helix for about 1,5 year now. Thought that I can share some recording where I used it. 1 guitar - Helix (with IRs) 2 guitar - Line6 POD HD500 + Torpedo CAB (for the IRs) The song is from album "Bullets" made by my band - Spiral. Whole album was recorded that way. We actually used real amp once in this album in one short guitar phrase. At the time of the recording I had it for about month, so did not fiddle a lot around :) https://www.facebook.com/Spiralmusicband/videos/10155172946121839/ Since then - second guitarist also obtained Helix and we used it live on two tours, it never failed us :) If the sound is somehow appealing to you - I can share the presets that we use on this song. Have a nice day!
  4. TheBoyWithDog

    More Signal Paths in Upcoming Helix Update

    My experience with the Line 6 Helix has been overall positive, and I've thoroughly enjoyed being an owner. I still find new ways to implement it into my workflow as it truly is a versatile workhorse. But, not as much as it should be as, there are still areas i find it bizarrely incapable when it comes to signal routing. (Im going to keep these improvement pages simple so I'm starting with...) > Helix needs an option for splitting the left and right channels of a single stereo path into dual mono paths. i.e. For up to 8 mono paths, instead of a maximum of 4 stereo paths. > Stereo paths separated into mono paths will allow for each channel to be processed individually. > An added benefit to having separate channels processed individually would be, you wouldn't have to have one effect running into another, in series, and instead have multiple effects running in parallel for clearer and cleaner sounds that could then be blended together to taste. > Separated channels makes Helix more powerful when it comes to mono signals, as you can have a single inputs with up to four individually controlled parallel voices. > Alternatively, you could have 4 independent input/output channels versus the mandatory, original "one shared stereo channel for paired inputs and outputs(which often holds me back from implementing Helix's effect blocks when using it as an 8 in/ 8 out channel recording interface)" > There will be no waste of one of your 8 ins/ 8 outs, like before when using a stereo channel for mono. > As with any 8 channel mixer, the possibilities really do become endless. > You can help bring attention to this here ... https://line6.ideascale.com/a/idea-v2/902419 Every DAW I've worked out of has had this essential option and Line 6 Helix is lacking in power, flexibility and, ultimately, capability without it. I was surprised to find this option missing from this device and I'd be less surprised had i not been promised an 8 in/8 out multi effects device. Never have i requested 8 tracks from a DAW and been given four inseparable channels paired in stereo. Many users, especially bassists, will benefit from the ability to have separately controlled, independent parallel mono voices, as myself, and other studio workers i know, keep single sound sources in mono anyway and find no need for a stereo channel on a bass or guitar. Its cumbersome not to be able separate the channel into a separate voicing, and routings quickly get complicated and take unnecessary space when I routinely have to do so many workarounds to a simple issue. Having the channel separate, like on a mixer, is a simple solution to a simple problem, without a complicated workaround, that opens many more possibilities in signal processing. While I have the ability to route Helix's paired USB outputs into my DAW via separate mono input channels, as is customary with any digital audio workstation, i find it both perplexing and limiting as to why i can't process each signal separately within the Helix itself. If i could, then it would take so many other pieces of gear out of the equation and without this option i feel like I'm not being able to fully utilize the Helix's processing power. Stereo tracks being separated to mono would benefit not to fill each path with more effects, but to not be unnecessarily limited with how signals are routed. Picture four separate effects running in parallel blended together, instead of having them fed into each other, and imagine the difference in sound and possibilities that would make. Users, like myself, who appealed to the adverts of Helix being able to take the power of their studio sounds on the road, and vice versa, will appreciate this greatly. The Helix already has the design to accommodate four signals paths, the spillover for the next four paths just needs to be placed on a separate page as is typical with the effect parameters pages. The benefits are seemingly endless, only being limited by how creative you could be with it, instead of being stuck to the factory setting. Even single effect blocks running in parallel vs in series would be a large improvement versus having each effect fed into another. This will open a new world of infinite possibilities when it comes to Helix signal routing and how users will create patches. You can vote for this idea at... https://line6.ideascale.com/a/idea-v2/902419
  5. Hi, so I've just started using the Torpedo Wall Of Sound VST as the cab sims in the Pro X just weren't doing it for me for home recording - besides the WoS. Just after a little help on how to get the best out of this please, running with the Pod as the interface in USB mode. 1) Am I right in thinking use the "Pre" versions is the way to go or is that subjective? 2) Even with the cabs off on the Pod, it still seems to be coloured by the mic selection - is there a way around this? 3) I'm currently in studio/direct mode, would another mode be better suited for this? 4) Any general observations when using VST cab impulses with the HD Pro X / similar line 6 products?
  6. Hey guys, I just got the Helix for my project studio yesterday. I have the flooorboard model for now, as there was a mix up with my order. Next week I will be returning the floorboard model when the rack version gets here. I have been doing a ton of research on it, and I have several years experience with recording bands. I built my on pc for it, and I am pretty tech savvy. I purchased the Helix to upgrade from Podfarm plugin for guitar tracking. First, please allow me to explain my setup so you will understand better what I am asking. Because I do not have a properly treated room for live mic recording (mainly solid drum recording), I use electronic drums connected to my PC through midi to trigger VSTi plugins like Superior Drummer 2.0 and I do a lot of direct recording for guitars. For a while now, I would record guitars direct/dry and use Podfarm plug-in to generate the guitar tones. My main audio interface is a Focusrite 18i20, and I have 4 main JBL monitors connected to that for playback/monitoring. I also have a 6 channel headphone amp routed from the Focusrite interface for monitoring as well. I run Reaper as my recording DAW. I know the Helix is actually a recording interface as well when connected through USB, and I know it can be used to record guitar tracks through the USB port by switch to it in Reaper. I also know that if I switch to Helix as an interface, my guitar players will have to use the Helix headphone jack for monitoring during tracking, because the Helix will take over the Daw and NOT send the audio through my Focusrite which has the monitors and headphone amp connected to it. However, here is where I am not sure what I should do... Like I said, in the past I have used Podfarm plug-in after recording guitars direct/dry so we can change the guitar tones on the fly during the mix after the guitar tracks have been finished. I know there is the Helix Native plug-in coming out soon, and I am assuming I can use the same approach as I have in the past where I would be able to use it to change a tone on the fly after it has been tracked. But, until Helix Native comes out, or until I decide to buy it or not, I was wondering what I should do for tracking. Does the Helix have the option to send a processed tone to my daw as well as an unprocessed tone at the same time? And if so, how would we take the un-processed tone and send back to Helix to change the tone? Should we use the interface options in Helix to do this? Or should we send Helix to my Focusrite via XLR? I am sorry if I have confused anyone. Any help/feedback will be appreciated!
  7. Currently I have PodHd500X, Steinberg UR22 (audio interface) and Garageband. For recording, should I directly use the USB from POD into the computer? Or should I plug the output of the Pod to the input of UR22? Which method will give me better recording quality? If I use the UR22, is it better to use the balanced (XLR) output of the Pod or the unbalanced output? I tried messing around with both the methods but can't seem to distinguish much in quality. Your suggestion will be highly appreciated.
  8. I just picked up a used HD500 mostly for use as a headphone practice amp. With dogs and neighbors and all, I can't fire up my real amps very often at the house. Problem is every amp sounds fuzzy. Not a good fuzzy. A digital fuzzy. No effects, some effects, doesn't matter. Clean is digitally fuzzy, distorted amp is fuzzy. I've been through the tone guide, I've been through pretty much every parameter via the edit software, I've tried everything and it all sounds horrible. Output is set to studio. I've loaded the latest firmware. Whatever I try, it just sounds cheap and fuzzy. Anyone have a solution for this? Thing is, I have an old kidney bean pod and it sounds great through headphones. No fuzz, no cheap, just warm and pretty real. How does a product several generations newer sound waaaaaay worse? You could say, Go back the old pod then, dummy, and that'd be fair enough, but then I lose out on all the power and flexibility of switching cabs and mics and effect order and values, etc. I really was looking forward to newly remodeled versions of the old amps. The old Plexi is really not a great model for a holy grail amp. It feels like it's missing the old A.I.R. II technology, which made the pod sound really good through headphones. Is that somewhere in the setup where I can't find it? Without that, it just sounds like a cheap spider amp. How do people use these for recording? I just can't get it to sound like a true amp.
  9. Hi. I've got HD500X and I love it. I'm going to rehearse in studio with it and my question is> will I need addition guitar amp using with HD500X? Or is it enough to play just with HD500X and back closed cabinets? Will I get that deep fat distortion through cabinets only with HD500X? Thank you.
  10. thomaswhudson

    Hd500x to focusrite, best way to record?

    First let me tell you my setup. I have a hd500x, dt25 combo, focusrite 18i8, behringer ultragain digital ADA8200 mic pre and Reaper. What is the best way to get great tones into Reaper from the hd500x. I tried using the balanced left and right out of the HD but the signal was wayyyyyyy low. The best i have come up with is run a USB and mono unbalanced out into the focusrite. Is there a better way ? Should i be running left and right to the focusrite? Suggestions?
  11. robbieb61

    First Music Recorded With My Helix

    I used the Helix for the vocals and bass guitar. Used the Helix with my DT 50 amp like this for the rhythm and lead guitars: Guitar -> Helix -> Send from Helix to 1/4" input of DT50 amp with topology on I for the clean sound and IV for the lead (with all preamps, cabs, and mics turned off in DT 50) -> Speaker cable from DT 50 Amp to Riviera Rock Crusher Power Attenuator-> Line signal 1/4" out of Rock Crusher back to Helix Return-> Marshall Cab IR 3" from cone -> XLR out of Helix into VS2480 Digital Studio Here is the result: https://soundcloud.com/robbie-boyette/stirred-up-the-funk
  12. So bought a GX Pod (Off E-Bay) after I had already upgraded the day before. Besides the fact the Line 6 Monkey will not let me register I also get this error message in Audacity, Reaper and the included software or a variation: Error while opening sound device. Please check the input device settings and the project sample rate. So any ideas on what I can do? The Line 6 does show up in the input/output, but every time I try and hit record the above shows up.... Love the tones etc but if I cannot record what's the point? Any help would be appreciated.
  13. Bonjour à tous. Pour m'enregistrer, le Pod Studio UX1 que j'ai acheté il y a quelques jours me semblait être un moyen parfait! Malheureusement, je n'ai même pas pu essayer le produit que les ennuis commencent... Je suis les instructions que je trouve sur la boîte et je me lance dans l'enregistrement de mon produit sur le site Line6, afin de pouvoir bénéficier des avantages. Mais, alors que je rentre le numéro de série, la date de commande et tout ce que l'on me demande sans erreur, on me dit qu'il y a une erreur et que mon produit n'est pas reconnu. Du coup, j'imagine que c'est pour cette raison que je n'arrive pas à ouvrir le logiciel Pof Farm 2 sur mon ordinateur sans que cela mette "Pod Farm 2 not authorized". Ou peut-être n'est ce pas pour cette raison et il y a autre chose qui ne va pas? Je vous avoue avoir du mal et me sentir dépassé par tout ça, si quelqu'un avait la gentillesse de m'aider en m'expliquant de façon détaillée ce que je peux faire je lui en serais très reconnaissant. Merci beaucoup.
  14. I am using Pod HD500x and Audio Technica M50x headphones. If I connect my headphones directly to the Pod HD 500, the sound I get is amazing. However, when I use the Pod for recording with USB and listen to the sound of he monitor of DAW with PodHd500X being the output, it is not that great and the quality drops a lot. How can I get the sound of Pod HD 500 (the one I get directly from headphones) into my recording? I can't seem to prevent the quality from dropping.
  15. So I just bought studio ux1 yesterday and downloaded POD Farm 2 after long time of researching (seems like it isn't be working on yosemite but I managed to download it), Line 6 Monkey, and license manager. The problem is not matter how I set the settings on the computer itself's or POD farm 2, guitar and microphone won't sound yet they are plugged in. For guitar, I thought I'll just have to plug it in to ux1 and open POD farm 2 for it to work, right? For microphone I really don't have a clue, please help me :( Also I can't download GearBox, is that a long term problem for mac yosemite already?
  16. I am rehearsing with my symphonic metal band, and we are searching for a way to monitor our backing tracks. Is there a way to use the POD studio UX1 to send seperate stereo signals to the Phones and analog out outputs?
  17. I currently own a DT25 combo and a Pod HD500X which I have connected via the Line6 Link cable. I am thinking of recording some music but the Dt25 is way too loud for my bedroom therefore I cannot mic it in high volume. Of course, if I do not crank it up, I would not get the sound I would want. The LVM is not enough for quality sound since it eliminates the power amp section of the amp. I was thinking of investing on an audio interface like the UX2 to record my music. My plan is to connect my amp to the audio interface through the Direct Out of the amp. If I follow this approach, I could disconnect the amp's connection with its cabinet so I wouldn't get any sound from the amp itself but I would get my sound from the monitors connected to the UX2. So if I have the amp's master volume amp cranked all the way up, I could adjust the volume from on my UX2 according to how I want but my recordings should sound as if it's coming from a cranked tube amp. Essentially, I would like to get the sound of a cranked tube amp sound in my recordings without disturbing my neighbors. Do you think this is a viable approach?
  18. From Dust Studios is giving away TWO free Podfarm preset packs. All you have to do is like the page www.facebook.com/fromduststudios and then share the video example of the tones. Best of luck!!
  19. I would like to use StageScape Mixer for recording and mixing of band rehearsal. I have pair of studio speakers and pair of power speakers. I would like to have both playing stereo main output and I need to be able to mute one pair of speaker. For mixing I want to use studio monitors, for recording I want to use power monitors without studio monitors. In some cases I want both playing same stereo mix. I use auxs for power monitors, but this is not in stereo and I cannot control volume of both power speakers at once as main input. It would help if I can send main signal to pair of auxs and control it. Is it possible? Thanks Honza
  20. richprice79

    Hd500 X Rack

    Hello all, I am in the process of building a new studio in the house and I am considering ordering the line 6 hd500x rack. I was actually convinced I was going to get it after checking it out but after the gear lust period died down I figured I would come ask a few questions. How does this processor compare to amplitube 3 and guitar rig 5? I have been using those and I am happy however they eat up a ton of cpu after awhile and the line 6 would free this up in theory. I just want to make sure the tone is as good or at least close. I threw together a quick recording using amplitube 3 for reference (excuse the vocals and production its early and not finished writing it). Can I get a similar sound quality with line 6? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wbGZibXDJUI
  21. Hello there, I bought a POD studio UX1 a few years ago and as far as i can remember it used to work fine. I decided to start using it again yesterday but found that i cant because; The LED doesnt light up at all when it is plugged in the UX1 is not recognised and is listed as an 'unknown' device I feel i have tried everything, i have; uninstalled and re-downloaded/installed all relevant software multiple times, I have gone and bought a new USB cable which does exactly the same thing I have checked all USB ports in my laptop and they work perfectly with all other devices I have done the obvious such as restarting the laptop and waiting for a while.. The only other coclusion i can think of is that the UX1 is faulty, but i cant see why as its been looked after and barely ever used. I would also like to mension that when i plug the USB cable in, it does make a sound, not the 'da ding', a USB device should make, it makes a 'dung dung' sound, not the 'di dong' one when you unplug a device. thats the only way i can describe it, and that also means the cable should be working. I am also running on Windows 7. Somebody please have a solution to this because i was really looking forward to actually using my UX1 Thanks
  22. I hope this is the right section. I have a little issue with my drivr for the pod studio gx. When i try to install it it is stuck abut half way to the end. I've also left it over night and it did not move. I don't know what else to do. I have a win xp machine. It wont move after this.
  23. Last night, it worked fine, but I woke up this morning to use it because I'm going to buy the metal shop pack, but now it doesn't work. I've connected it into both the USB Ports on my Macbook, the lines in the HUD moves ever so slightly when I plug it in, and the red button for phantom power doesn't even light up. Please help.
  24. Hello everyone I have a Studio GX and I was wondering if there is any way to put the line output to my amp so the sound comes through my amp and I don't need any headphones to hear what I'm playing. I know a Studio GX has a 1/8-inch guitar headphone/line output and a Studio UX1 has a 1x 1/4-inch headphone out so I should probably buy the UX1. But since I already have the GX, it would probably be cheaper to buy some converter/adapter(?) that converts a 1/8-inch output to 1/4-inch output so I can connect it to my amp. So my question is: Is it possible to connect my Studio GX to my amp with some kind of converter because I know its possible to convert a 1/4-inch to 1/8 inch since I have such a headphone. And will the quality of the sound be the same? Also will it damage my amp in any way if I would do that?
  25. iAcrasia

    Hd Pro To Amp Setup.help!

    Hey guys, so I just purchased a Pod Hd Pro Rack unit. I wanna run it through a live rig and all I have is a discontinued Line 6 Mk1 Bogner head, a peavey 5150 slanted cab and an EC1000. The head only has a preamp out and power amp in. Now I have seen many videos of the HD500 live setup with the 4 cable method but the rack unit doesnt have the same outlets as the 500. I have a few questions about all this. 1. What cables should I be using specifically for the 4 cable method(stereo, mono cables? mix of both?) and how do i connect them without hiss or airy noises( do i need to mod something on the pod hd as well to link with the cab better?) I just changed tubes so i know its not the head or anything digital thats wrong. The speakers in the cab are new as well. 2. The loudness of the amp reduces when i plug in the pod hd( also all hiss and airy noise is gone). Is my amp not suitable to power the pod hd? 3. finally is there a way to bypass the effects from the head and just use the power from the amp to run my pod hd's effects? This noob would really appreciate your help. Thanks guys!