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  1. It worked for me in 8th of september 2019. I'm using POD HD500X with my Macbook Pro Mojave 10.14.6
  2. Triryche, pianoguyy, thank you! So the best way as I see is Guitar -> Processor -> Amplifier -> Cabinet. Or I can change Amp-Cab to Combo. My aim is actually to achieve stereo after my processor to 2 separate cabinets. But with 1 amplifier. I suppose that it's impossible. :mellow:
  3. Thank you. Is it better to preamp after HD500X or send preamp into HD500X and then to cabinets?
  4. Aha, so I may use tube combos (cabs+head) in this case as I understand. Or use separately: guitar amps with cabinets.
  5. Hi. I've got HD500X and I love it. I'm going to rehearse in studio with it and my question is> will I need addition guitar amp using with HD500X? Or is it enough to play just with HD500X and back closed cabinets? Will I get that deep fat distortion through cabinets only with HD500X? Thank you.
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