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  1. robbieb61

    Helix Floor For Sale

    Selling my Helix Floor. It's in perfect shape and was factory serviced earlier this year by Line 6. Letting it go for $950. If you're interested just P.M. me. Accepting Paypal.
  2. robbieb61

    Happy with POD HD PROX thinking of Helix Rack...should I?

    As an admitted sufferer of G.A.S., my motto is:"You only live once" Do it!
  3. robbieb61

    Helix products: v2.70 now released

    Just can't say enough about the tuner now. It is finally not only "useable" in a live band...but preferable! No more having to use other tuners. I've had my Helix since Oct. of 2015 and I can FINALLY use the awesome display for tuning on the Helix! Thank you Line 6 for finally getting this right! Awesome job!
  4. robbieb61

    Helix products: v2.70 now released

    The tuner is finally...GREAT!!!! Used it last night at a gig here in Vegas and showed it off to several musicians (using the new Strobe tuner)...everybody was super impressed! :)
  5. robbieb61

    Using Multi-Band Compressor To Cut Instead Of High/Low EQ Cuts

    I did this last night. Even though I now use my mesa tc50 for my amp sounds, I still keep my old presets with amp models as well for backup or for doing a showcase type gig where we might only play 30 minutes. Anyway, I tried it out on those amp model presets and immediately LOVED it. Been fiddling with high and low cuts since I first got my helix in Oct. Of 2015. This method did the trick, kept me from losing harmonic content in the high frequencies while getting rid of the harshness. I only used it on my crunch and lead sounds. Not on my cleans. Took me less than a couple of minutes to dial it in using the suggested parameters above. MUCH easier and far more natural sounding than eq cuts
  6. robbieb61

    Any Proco Rat owners here?

    I have several Rat pedals (including a cool modded one that sounds awesome). I used to use them with a Marshall head. And no...I never used single coil or weak PAF pickups. Always Duncan JB's and more recently Bare Knuckles Rebel Yell (in my Les Paul). I don't use them anymore because I moved on to a Bogner Ecstasy head and now to a Mesa TC-50 rack head that I'm using with my Helix now for my amp sounds in the chain instead of the models (the real tubes just have that sound and feel). But anyway...I can tell you that the Vermin Distortion in the Helix isn't close to the tone that a real Rat pedal (or even better the modded one) gets you in front of a Marshall head. I tried every conceivable way to put the Vermin in front of the Plexi in the Helix and it just didn't have that tone. But when I slipped my real Rat pedal in the loop and put it in front...it came alive. That's what I would suggest you do. Put a real Rat pedal in and forget about it. Let me know if you want to buy one of mine. I could even sell you the modded one with the built in power jack so you can hook it up to a power supply instead of a battery.
  7. robbieb61

    What frequency is the warm tone

    Warmth also comes from harmonics. Tubes have even ordered harmonics in tone. Solid state has odd numbered harmonics. That alone changes the equation, and it's one of the reasons that solid state amps of the past always sounded harsh in comparison to a tube amp. I'm assuming that the even numbered harmonics of a tube amp are able to be modeled with the rest of the amp...which would help explain why amp modeling sounds so much better than a solid state amp.
  8. robbieb61

    Bogner models not close

    I agree with that. And I got some awesome sounds out of my Helix's amp models. But they still aren't the same when you have a guitar in your hand and a tube amp side by side with the same amp modeled and running through any of the best speaker combos you want to use. If they were...then companies would model other amp models instead of tube amps. You can't beat it though for being able to tuck a Helix under your arm, walk into a venue and play. But no...it's not the same as a tube amp in feel and sound.
  9. robbieb61

    Bogner models not close

    Unfortunately and ironically...that's probably true!
  10. robbieb61

    Bogner models not close

    Also...as nice as some of the amp models sound...none of them can feel the same way as playing a tube amp.
  11. robbieb61

    Best way to be heard in a mix

    Yeah if you are scooping the mids you're screwed. I have never been a fan of that sound anyway. It sounds fat when you play alone...but in a band mix it sounds like an angry mosquito. I push the mids on my settings. Nice and warm and present in the mix
  12. robbieb61

    Best way to be heard in a mix

    I have always felt it's a lot about what parts you are playing in a 2 guitar band. The masters of it are The Stones and Aerosmith. Making 2 guitars sound like one big one But if you're both playing distorted power chords, then it gets tricky.
  13. robbieb61

    Tube amps Gone?

    I got my Helix in Oct. 2015 in the first shipment that Sweetwater had. I used it in various ways...mostly with my DT 50 amp the first year (the amp models sounded better with some tube juice). Then as the models got better, alone with a Bose L1 Compact to monitor myself onstage and running the XLR out to the P.A. out front. The tube amp models have gotten progressively better and better. The Archon amp model has been my favorite clean, crunch, and lead model over the last year (I don't like using distortion pedals in front of an amp...I like the sound of the amp's overdrive better). Able to get a great sound using that and a third party IR cab. Having said that...a couple of months ago, I bought a Mesa Triple Crown rackmount head. That head has a built in load box so you can shut off the speaker output. I go straight into the amp, then take the line out of the amp and come back to the Helix and use the head as my amp in the chain. Still go out through the IR and then to the Bose L1 compact onstage and XLR to front of house. And yeah...huge difference when using a real tube amp. I have to give a lot of credit to the tube modeling technology. But like a few have already said...you don't realize what's "missing" until you play through a great tube amp again. The "singing" notes, the articulation, the even ordered harmonics...it really is a difference. And surprisingly enough...people in the audience are hearing it too. I already had people telling me that I had one of the best tones out front of anyone they had ever heard. (I play live here in Las Vegas...so there's some pretty stiff competition). But since I've gotten the Mesa in the chain...not only do I have people coming up telling me that my sound has went up a level (I tell them it's new P.A. gear lol), but my playing and technique have jumped up as well. Can't explain what it is except to say: The amp models are real close...but the Mesa head tones feel like molten butter underneath my fingers. Puts me in a "zone" when I'm playing and a big smile on my face. I still have my tube amp model presets as well (just in case the amp head ever goes down). And I could easily just switch to those and be right back in business. But if that happened, I'd be moving heaven and Earth to get this Mesa head fixed as fast as possible and back in the chain.
  14. robbieb61

    Replacing Amp with FRFR for live (never using FOH)

    This is what I'm using: https://www.sweetwater.com/store/detail/L1Compact--bose-l1-compact-system And yes it is behind me like a traditional amp, it's FRFR, AND it has a separate input for your microphone to use it as a vocal monitor as well. Also uses technology that disperses the sound out into the crowd in an ear-pleasing manner. And you will be able to hear it perfectly as the mid/high section is a "tower" at ear level to you. I play classic rock in my band. And we play everything from Billy Idol to Stevie Ray. I easily keep up with the drummer. We play in nightclubs. Hope that helps.
  15. robbieb61

    WHY does the harmonizer sound sooo bad?

    Keep in mind that the Helix has been on the market for 3 years (got mine in the first shipment to Sweetwater Music in Oct. 2015). So it's only a couple of years younger than the HOG2...and it's not a dedicated effect. It's multi-effects plus modeling.