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      Welcome to the Line 6 forums!

      Hello, Line 6ers. We are pleased to announce the latest incarnation of our community support forums. Feel free to explore and post threads. Our forums are here so that our community members will continue to help one another, partake in respectful, thought-provoking debates and conversations, and forge great relationships.   Line 6 has appointed the Line 6 Experts to moderate the forums, but occasionally, Line 6 staff will post to certain threads. As these are community support forums, please remember that your post is not a direct message to Line 6. If you need to contact our technical staff, please do so at www.Line6.com/support. Also, please submit your product ideas at www.line6.ideascale.com so the community can vote up the best ideas.
      For those who've used our previous forum system, please note that the old forums are archived in a read-only state at http://line6.com/supportarchivenew/ There's still a lot of useful information there.   We'd like to remind everyone that by using our forums, you are agreeing to our Terms of Use, found at http://line6.com/termsofuse.html. Please remember to treat everyone with respect, and expect the same from your fellow community members. We're looking forward to your continued contributions to our community.       Line 6 Customer Support
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      What tones do you want Line 6 to build?

      Folks,   Here is where to go to let Line 6 know what tones you are interested in seeing built: http://line6.ideascale.com/a/ideafactory.do?mode=top&discussionFilter=byids&discussionID=47764. We will use your feedback when creating how-to videos and setting presets on our products.   One tone per submission so others can vote on it, please. We encourage you all to submit as many tones as you want, but it doesn't work when you lump them all into one submission. Thanks!       Line 6 Customer Support
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      Templates and tones from L6 Tone Made Easy classes

      Tone Made Easy is a series of classes presented by Line 6 that teaches the fundamentals of how to create great guitar tone using basic techniques and equipment knowledge.   For content that you can reference to learn how to become a better sounding guitar player, including the templates that re-create some of your favorite guitarist's tones, go to http://line6.com/tone-templates/.   To learn more about Tone Made Easy and other events, go to http://line6.com/events/.
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      "Why is Line 6 not responding???"   10/29/2015

      Friends of Line 6,   We notice that many times, customers ask on our forums "Why is Line 6 not responding???"   Please understand that our forums exist so that our community members can help one another and talk to each other. Our very knowledgeable Line 6 Experts monitor and moderate our forums, and have direct lines to Line 6 staff to report trouble or get useful information, but they are not paid employees of Line 6. Line 6 staff is generally aware of the most sensitive and/or active forum threads, and occasionally will post to certain threads. However, our forum is not the appropriate place to ask Line 6 for a response to your questions. Additionally, sending a private message to a Line 6 staff member does not guarantee a response.   Remember, if you need to contact our technical staff, we welcome you to do so at www.Line6.com/support. Here you can either create a support ticket or call our US or EU staffs.   Also, "Why is Line 6 not responding???" can mean "Why is Line 6 not fixing {insert issue}???" Again, Line 6 staff is generally aware of the most sensitive and/or active forum threads and issues. Please know that once we are aware of a given issue, we have to capture enough data to reproduce and understand the issue, create the resolution for the problem, test it, and make sure that nothing else is broken in the process. Unfortunately, the process takes weeks and sometimes even months, depending on the complexity of the issue, cooperation of other companies, and a variety of other factors. We appreciate your patience during those times, and we'll do even better at providing meaningful communications periodically.   In the end, we, your fellow musicians, truly want to resolve any such issues as quickly as possible so you can get back to making music with your Line 6 gear. We thank you for your patronage and your understanding.       Best Regards,   Line 6
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      Warning about downloaded tones, patches and presets   01/11/2016

      Please be aware that downloaded tones, patches and presets that were created by other users have the potential to be corrupted and not work correctly on the target device. Firewall/Antivirus/Internet security applications, Internet/video accelerators and proxy servers, among other things, can be causes of trouble with downloaded files.   If your device freezes, a rule of thumb is to back up your custom patches, reset the unit to its factory state, ensure the unit does not freeze while in this state, then load your patches one by one, testing after each load to determine which patch is faulty.   Otherwise, please contact our Customer Support team at www.Line6.com/support/tickets. Please be prepared to supply your backup file so that we can investigate your case further.


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  1. Best way to set up stereo?

    I concur 100%. I DID use to run a stereo Mesa Stereo Simulclass tube power amp to two Marshall cabs...but it was a complete "wet/dry" set up. With one side being dry (no effects) and the other side being wet (nothing but effects). That sounded awesome live. But it was still a mono P.A. out front. Just had both cabs mic'ed up for the soundman to mix the dry and wet signal to taste out front. But real stereo? Cruisinon2 just gave you your answer on that.
  2. Boss GT1000, like WTF

    I don't quite understand why everyone always says this. I've ALWAYS had a big guitar rig which was usually including a rack full of effects. And the sound I've consistently gotten out of my Helix is JUST LIKE STANDING IN FRONT OF AN AMP. I wouldn't have kept the damn thing if it didn't sound that way. I'm not sure what the heck most of y'all are hearing...or maybe none of you ever played through a complete professional rig. But I have spent my whole life on stage with top notch gear behind me and it feeding back to me through a separate monitor mix in front of me as well. My last rig before the Helix, for instance, was a Bogner Ecstasy 101 B head going through a TC Electronic GForce and ending up in a Bogner 4x12 Greenback cabinet. And that was my smallest and simplest guitar rig in my whole life. Before that I was always using different versions of a poor man's "Bradshaw Rig". For instance I had the Mesa Studio preamp running out into a rack full of effects ending with a Rocktron HUSH unit and going into a Mesa SimulClass 295 stereo tube power amp into 2 Marshall 4x12's. Anyway...my Helix DOES sound like "my" sound that I always got with all my various rigs over the years. Maybe my idea of the "amp in the room" and other people's is different. If I thought my Helix sounded like some studio-homogenized sound...I would have returned it immediately. To me it sings. And I play at a pretty loud volume as well. I would set my rig up with Helix and Bose L1 Compact beside a Marshall head and 4x12 cab any day onstage standing right in front of it.
  3. Digital_Igloo - can you weigh in S/PDIF dropouts?

    I guess the answer to the original question of whether DI would weigh in on this subject is: NO
  4. "Click Here For Common..."

  5. Power Cab 112

    Most of us already have solutions (I went with the Bose L1 Compact and love it). It's too bad Line 6 didn't roll this out a couple of years ago. I would have jumped on it.
  6. "Click Here For Common..."

    Thank you Tony! :) Sorry to whine so much about it. I use my phone as much as my PC so it was really screwing up the forum for me. Thank you for getting that removed.
  7. "Click Here For Common..."

    Please get rid of the "Click here for common faqs and basic information" side popup on mobile. It makes the forum unusable now on my Samsung phone. It covers up text on the right side of the screen and is impossible to dismiss.