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  1. robbieb61

    WHY does the harmonizer sound sooo bad?

    Keep in mind that the Helix has been on the market for 3 years (got mine in the first shipment to Sweetwater Music in Oct. 2015). So it's only a couple of years younger than the HOG2...and it's not a dedicated effect. It's multi-effects plus modeling.
  2. robbieb61

    Possibly the best crunch tone I ever got with Helix...

    Sounds pretty tight for that kind of dropped D rhythm playing. How does it sound with traditional tuning and full chords? Articulation good with all notes ringing out while still maintaining crunchy goodness?
  3. robbieb61

    Impulse Response? GD purchase

    Hey, I saw in one of your replys that you aren't really sure what an IR is. It's an "Impulse Response" which is the equivalent of a speaker cabinet and microphone. So you would use it in place of one of the stock speaker cabs in the Helix. A lot of us use them because they generally sound better and more authentic than the stock cabs. My guess is that the IR's are already on your Helix and you just aren't aware of how to get to them yet. They wouldn't be showing up on the Helix editor unless they are on the Helix itself.
  4. robbieb61

    Using Helix with high gain tube amp - huge noise floor

    I'm now using a Mesa Triple Crown Amp. And I too found that trying to go out of a send in Helix to the amp input was horrible. I guess because it's not true bypass. I don't use any effects in front of the amp except wah..so I changed it up and bought a crybaby. Now I go from guitar to crybaby to amp input and then out of line out on the amp back to return 1 on the helix. I set input on helix to return 1 and set that to line level. Then I come out of my 1/4 inch to my frfr and xlr to front of house. Using midi to control the mesa with my snapshots. Sounds incredible.
  5. robbieb61

    Will we see a new firmware with any major update?

    That's weird...every car manufacturer for the last 100+ years has released all kinds of info about their new models in advance. I guess they didn't get the "legal implications" memo. lol Also I'm pretty sure that I see months of advance commercials touting the features of the next model I-Phone or Samsung Galaxy long before they are released. I've read this many times on here that it's some kind of legal mumbo-jumbo. But reality is...it's simply Line 6 company policy. They CHOOSE not to divulge what and when the next updates are going to be. I'm sure they have good reasons in their minds. It could be as simple as not wanting to show their hand to the competition for all we know.
  6. robbieb61

    New gear day: Helix!!!

  7. robbieb61

    Helix LT vs Ax8

    I've always had a great sound. But I'm never satisfied with it. Lol It's like searching for the holy grail. As far as a noise gate... I have always preferred amp distortion to pedals. So for my lead channels it required noise gate to keep down the hiss and/or feedback between notes in a lead. For my sound... the Archon amp model in Helix was the best one for me. But it definitely needed a noise gate to keep it quiet and from feeding back between notes (I play in a live band here in Vegas ). The Mesa needs it as well on the lead channel...but the gate settings are very, very low. Not a lot of hiss and noise. I could actually turn it off if I wanted to...but I like to keep my sound cleaned up and professional as possible.
  8. robbieb61

    Helix LT vs Ax8

    I'm using a Bose L1 Compact. Sounds great! Kind of expensive...but lightweight and kicks butt (had to edit that to the word "butt" because apparently one of the terms for "donkey" is deemed to not be appropriate for full grown adults to use)
  9. robbieb61

    Helix LT vs Ax8

    I know this will probably cause a firestorm. But I pulled the trigger on a Mesa TC-50 rackmount. I'm using the 4 cable method with the Helix. Eliminated using any amp models of the Helix. And I'm using an IR of a Marshall cab for the crunch and lead tones and the Helix 4x10 Fender cab model for clean. And guess what? I don't have to use ANY high cuts at all. None of the theories of how a microphone on a real cab picks up "fizz" are the problem. There is no fizz when using the Mesa as the amp in the chain. Even though I'm still using the same exact IR that I used with amp models in Helix. And now with no high cuts I have a beautiful creamy tone again. (The TC-50 has an internal load box and a "speaker off" switch...so I'm still running FRFR). The "fizz" is in the amp models. With the TC-50 replacing the amp models...all my sounds are smooth as butter and tons of sustain. I'm also using MUCH less noise gate settings than I had to with the amp models. Not sure if anybody really cares...I know I was pretty happy with the sound I was getting using the amp models and making the high cuts. But the difference now is night and day. No more digital fizz at all, no high cuts, and those frequencies that I was cutting were indeed removing a lot of the tonality. I didn't realize it until I heard the difference. Just tossing that in. It doesn't matter to me now. The Helix is now a very cool multi-effects, cab-simulator, and midi control. I did have to buy a crybaby wah because using the Mesa the way I am doing it doesn't allow me to have the wah in the Helix in front of the amp. In order to get this bad boy dead quiet...you can't go from guitar to Helix and then a Send to the amp input. Terrible noise that required so much noise gate to remove it was unusable. But going from guitar to amp. Then "line out" of amp to "Return 1" (set to line level) and then the effects in Helix and the output to my FRFR (Bose L1 Compact) is simply AWESOME sounding.
  10. robbieb61

    MIDI Control of Mesa TC-50

    Hey guys...my TC-50 will be here tomorrow (Friday). So I downloaded the owners manual and went in to the Helix to go ahead and program the midi to control the amp ahead of time. But the Instant Change commands don't seem to save to the individual snapshots. Is that because I don't have the TC-50 hooked up via midi yet (since it's not here)? Or am I missing something else? What I did was I chose Snapshot 1. Went into command center. Set up Instant change one to send midi cc to turn on the "Crunch" channel of the TC-50 (or "Lo" as it's called on the amp). Then I set up Instant change 2 to send the midi cc to turn on the effects loop on the amp. Then I clicked on the button for Snapshot 2. But the Instant Change commands I set up for Snapshot 1 were still there. So I thought maybe that's how it works and I need to change them to what I need for Snapshot 2. So for that I needed to change to the "Hi" channel on the amp. So I put that midi cc in the Instant change 1 But then when I went back to Snapshot 1...I see that it's showing what I had just inputted for Snapshot 2. Is it just because I don't have the actual amp hooked up via midi yet? Or am I missing a step?
  11. robbieb61

    New to line 6 and the Helix

    True...UNLESS you make a mistake on stage! LOL! Then they ALL seem to notice. :)
  12. robbieb61

    Praise and Worship Patches

    Heh-heh...I glanced at the list of threads and saw this one. I did a double take because at first I thought your username was "Jesus Scares" lol Then I looked again and realized it's "Jesus Cares" For a second there I thought you might have had the coolest goth-emo style username of all time. lol
  13. robbieb61

    Cut to the chase - Formant Filter

    I tried out the "Voice Box" filter in Helix. It's pretty useless if you are trying to replicate a "talk box" effect like Joe Walsh or Peter Frampton. But since my band does do a few songs with talkbox in them I too needed a solution. What I ended up doing was purchasing the EHX "Talking Machine" pedal and looping it in. It gets real close with vocal sounds (just make sure to use the fuzz in the pedal along with the effect and put it through a clean amp...any amp with gain on it and the effect kind of disappears) and I use it on "Rocky Mountain Way" and "Sweet Emotion" in our set list. I tried my best to get the "Voice Box" legacy filter to come close...but it's not even a contest. The EHX is miles above it. Plus if you ever want to "experiment"....it has tons of sounds other than just a talk box:
  14. robbieb61

    Helix LT vs Ax8

    Well...I was able to set up my Helix at home tonight. :) Took the hi-cut off of the IR. Put the hi-cut eq block in. And found that I was able to cut at 10 khz. MUCH better! Now I still have some "sizzle" without a lot of "fizz" on my lead and high gain crunch tones. Thanks for the advice. :)
  15. robbieb61

    Helix LT vs Ax8

    That's just me talking bro. You can quote my part of the discussion all day long. That's what "discussing" stuff is about. I think you might be misunderstanding me. You COULD have also quoted all the times I said in this thread that I am getting a monster tone and love my Helix. Anyway, didn't come into this conversation to get you trying to psychoanalyze me. Just wanted to talk about the unwanted fizz in the Helix. Sorry if that somehow got under your skin. Don't know you and had no intention of doing that. I was merely giving my opinion.