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  1. Yeah his videos have lots of good info. Tone is subjective though, he cuts too much off of the high end for my liking but there is no right or wrong there. I found that helix is great in that it doesn't cut your high end like fractal does, leaves it up to you. I like a bright tone. The fact that a major firmware update just released and another is in plans to improve the amp sims is a major plus. Helix Native for 99$ is nice too, although would have been nice to have it bundled with the hardware. So here's mine brand new:
  2. Thank you for the resource. The thing is my taste in tone is vastly different to the dude in that video. And I think that's the main take away here. Helix is so versatile that someone might build a tone that would totally sound like muffled farts to someone else. Like his Cali IV tone here: https://youtu.be/jRG9Ev9t2qw?t=818 After spending some time with Helix Native, Cali IV is one of my favorites, but from that video I would have though it would be useless to me. Not to say that his tone is bad, it's just not for me. I spent some time with Helix Native, and it is not at all what I remember. Some models still have some unrelated crossover distortion happening but newer models are awesome. I can pretty much get the helix tones in this video: https://youtu.be/O89uePlOZOk out of Native. Sounds awesome doesn't it? To me it sounds better than FM3 except maybe the Marshal and Soldano by a tiny bit. Also found this lead killer lead tone: https://youtu.be/vLJVW3lnTGs?t=304 Lots of clear high end, very transparent, beautiful in general. Man, don't insult my trusted 3 inchers. Everyone says size doesn't matter. I am currently trying Native with a pair of yamaha monitors, but in general I want to play through FRFR. I am debating between a Headrush 108 and Yamaha DXR10 atm. I am guessing with FRFR I would be able to get a similar tone to monitors, but you are right, no way to know without testing. I tried that and found it very useful to identify the models I like. Big thumbs up. With your helpful comments, this recent firmware out, and considering the tones I could get from Native, I think this thread can be put to rest. Helix would be a much better choice for me personally. Thanks all.
  3. Thank you for the responses. Back then when I tried Helix it was in a shop and played it for about 5 mins, checked out some of the stock presets and didn't do any editing. I did search about it and the noise after. For me, at the HX Stomp price point it would go from a deal breaker to couldn't care less. However, I asked in TGP and people suggested using IRs and posted a video that had zero noise issue. I found out about Helix Native and the 15 day trial as well, so I am going to test it out. I am guessing it won't be representative of HX Stomp but that one is good for its price anyway. In case any of you have had your helix since 3 year ago, have you experienced a change in modeling quality throughout the patches?
  4. Hello my linesixer friends I am deciding on a purchase between Helix LT, Stomp or possibly some other modeler. I visited Helix few years ago and at that time there was this noise in sustaining/decaying chords that turned me away from it. It is referred to as many things, squirrels, disembodied distortion, digital fur, crackles, etc. Not a big deal but at that time, Helix floor was not cheap enough for me to be able to ignore that. I am purchasing a modeler and I thought I would revisit Helix mainly because of the new Helix LT and Stomp. I realized there have been many updates and improvements, so I thought there is a high chance that the issue has been fixed. Searching for sound samples wasn't helpful as they are mostly from older patches, and I couldn't find any clear answer searching the forums. So I thought asking active members if the issue has been resolved. Also would be grateful if you can point me toward sound samples, preferably edge of break up sounds from recent firmwares. In case the issue is diminished or resolved I would be happy to jump on a Helix LT otherwise I would look at either Stomp or find some other modeler.
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