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  1. Rockinguy

    HX Stomp FAQ

    Yep, I'm gonna own an HX Stomp. I was originally looking at the Helix...way too much gear and too pricey, so i looked at the LT, better price still a lot of money. Helix Native i don't believe can run in stand alone mode (vst only?) Then HX Stomp makes it's appearance. Ya, this is settled.
  2. Rockinguy

    Controlling TT via pc?

    Yikes! I sincerely hope they change that soon.
  3. Rockinguy

    Gearbox Is Dead, What A Shame.

    I'm also upset that Line6 basically left their Guitarport/Gearbox units to die. Gearbox was and is the best damn software out there. I can't find a replacement and I know someday I'll need to. The functionality of that software is incredible. Nobody even includes mp3 players with their software any more. Gearbox has the mp3 player, section looper, half speed w/o pitch change. Just a shame they left it to die and everything with it. When mine quits working that's where Line6 and I part ways.
  4. Rockinguy

    Controlling TT via pc?

    Am I understanding this right? I need to have a "smartphone" to control the Amplifi TT? There's no "app" to control it for mac or pc? If it's hooked up via USB to record you need to have a phone to remotely control it? There's nothing like Gearbox or Podfarm? It's a tabletop unit controlled by a phone app.
  5. Rockinguy

    What Now?

    I got the pod farm 1.12 downloaded and then tried to update monkey. I get "monkey dowmload failed" Reason:(code80002049) Sockets: connection reset. If you have popup blockers,anti spyware, or antivirus programs running, try temporariloy disabling them. I disabled everything I could find and still no go. same error code every time. Windows Vista Home Premium SP2 64 bit OS.
  6. Rockinguy

    Pod Farm 1.12

    never mind, got it downloaded.
  7. How do i D/L this pod farm 1.12 if it's a upgrade from gearbox? Will it work with my guitarport and Pod X3? I have a laptop with W7 that I'm worried about it working on.