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  1. Hi. It works again with "X3 PRO & X3 Live too" not 100% but OK for setlist édition. Thanks a lot for saving me. Best regards. Greg D.
  2. Hi guys... Got the same problems. I do exactly what proposed by "The Real Zap", and now it rules again with "POD X3 Live and POD X3 Pro". I use MacBook Pro 10.9.1 / GearBox 3.7.2. Try this...
  3. Yes right. I use a MacBook Pro, intel, with OSX 10.9.1. GearBox 3.72. Driver 7.3.6. When opening GearBox, a message about a non-correct driver. When I go far, GearBox download the data from the POD X3 PRO, but no amp appear in the "GearBox" window and when I click on a Tone in the "Hardware Memory Window" it disappear immediately.
  4. Yes, GearBox 3.72 still in that page, but doesn't work with new driver 7.3.6. in my POD. At this address, you can read no longer made... : http://line6.com/legacy/gearbox. I don't know how to reinstall an older driver in the POD. Thanks for your help. Best regards. Greg.
  5. Hi. I always use GearBox for edition on POD X3 PRO, it was so simple for moving presets from places to places, interchange them and copying, editing, save and restore. But now with the newest driver 7.3.6. GearBox & PODX3PRO won't never work together. I've read on the website that GearBox is no longer available. Can't believe that, it is the best app. for me. Have you explanations, or everything else to replace this app. I try to go back with an old driver but I can't do... Hope you can help me, or Line6 please to update GearBox. Greg.
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