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  1. Well, tried new headphones and wow, what a difference. Didn't solve the problem, but completely different voicing. I expect it's like changing speaker cabs. I can tell this unit has powerful options, but is anyone using the headphone jack for headphones, or mostly just using the other outputs as some sort of pre-amp? I'm not adding gain anywhere but at the amp's drive knob. No EQ. No compressor. There is a noise gate early on to cut noise. signal chain is... guitar > wah (disabled) > tube screamer for slight boost (disabled) > noise gate > JCM 800 > chorus just for stereo separation > little delay > room reverb to add some space. Played with moving effects in and out of the loop, but made no difference in the fuzz. It'd sure be nice if there was some clip meters internally to track down where it might be overdriving an input somewhere.
  2. Well, thanks for the advice. Naturally, I've already made sure the output is set to studio and I did find setting the 2nd input to variax quieted the noise a lot. Still nothing took the digital fuzz off. However, I will have to dig out my sony studio monitor type headphones, but I would be just gobsmacked if they made any difference at all. Honestly, I expected more from line 6 as all my old products were awesome from the start (pod, axsys, mml or whatever, etc.). I've always avoided the spider stuff because it has pretty much the same cheap fuzziness. Even my 600 year old kidney bean pod was excellent. I was hoping that there was some switch I'd overlooked. But I will try different headphones and see if that helps. Exhaust all options.
  3. I just picked up a used HD500 mostly for use as a headphone practice amp. With dogs and neighbors and all, I can't fire up my real amps very often at the house. Problem is every amp sounds fuzzy. Not a good fuzzy. A digital fuzzy. No effects, some effects, doesn't matter. Clean is digitally fuzzy, distorted amp is fuzzy. I've been through the tone guide, I've been through pretty much every parameter via the edit software, I've tried everything and it all sounds horrible. Output is set to studio. I've loaded the latest firmware. Whatever I try, it just sounds cheap and fuzzy. Anyone have a solution for this? Thing is, I have an old kidney bean pod and it sounds great through headphones. No fuzz, no cheap, just warm and pretty real. How does a product several generations newer sound waaaaaay worse? You could say, Go back the old pod then, dummy, and that'd be fair enough, but then I lose out on all the power and flexibility of switching cabs and mics and effect order and values, etc. I really was looking forward to newly remodeled versions of the old amps. The old Plexi is really not a great model for a holy grail amp. It feels like it's missing the old A.I.R. II technology, which made the pod sound really good through headphones. Is that somewhere in the setup where I can't find it? Without that, it just sounds like a cheap spider amp. How do people use these for recording? I just can't get it to sound like a true amp.
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