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  1. I am fairly new to Helix so i don't know all the names and all that jazz. I am looking for Hot cat bad cat 30 or something similar. Any suggestions?
  2. Could running spdif to my sound card be the solution? I have never done that but i read about it somewhere. I am really surprised there is not some type of white paper on optimal setup to sound cards from the HD500x.
  3. First let me tell you my setup. I have a hd500x, dt25 combo, focusrite 18i8, behringer ultragain digital ADA8200 mic pre and Reaper. What is the best way to get great tones into Reaper from the hd500x. I tried using the balanced left and right out of the HD but the signal was wayyyyyyy low. The best i have come up with is run a USB and mono unbalanced out into the focusrite. Is there a better way ? Should i be running left and right to the focusrite? Suggestions?
  4. I plan on using the stock speaker with either a closed back 1x12 cab or 2x12. No idea on which ones i will go with yet. Guess it depends on whatever lends itself to modeling better.
  5. For those of you who are/were worried that the dt25 would not be enough for practice or shows.. Do not fear. I had it just under half way and it cut through everything. The tone is great and it has plenty of umph. I probably will still get a cab for it. Oh and also its still pretty heavy to lug around. i will either put casters on it or i will just carry my portable hand truck with me. Just wanted to throw that out there.
  6. I went ahead and ordered he dt25 combo tonight. :D
  7. yeah just feeling it out... i am pretty sure the dt25 is the way i will go but i had to ask.
  8. No i mean using the 4 cable method with other tube amps vs using a DT25 amp.
  9. I am torn on the amplifi with my hd500x vs the DT. How are you liking the amplifi now?
  10. I am looking for a good combo amp. I want one that sound good and is loud enough for practice and small venues. I also use a pod hd500x and i want to be able to use that as well. I have been looking at the dt25 and i think its great, but i am also looking at other things before i push the button. Should i look at the amplifi and why or no and go with something else?
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