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  1. Thanks for your responses. Plugging my pod output into the aux in on the amplifier worked but gave a crappy sound. So I bought the DT50 amp from line 6 and this works fine. I hardly use the amplifi anymore. Other people with similar experience?
  2. Hi there, I'm a proud owner of a pod HD 500 wich i used to connect to a spider IV. I recently bought the amplifi 150 but found out that on stage the amp is not very handy because i prefer foot pedals in stead of an ipad to control my sound. So my question is, when i'm pluggin my HD500 into the amplifi guitar input and use the amplifi on stage just as an amplifier, how should i set up my amplifi tone? Do I have to choose the same amp model for instance both on the POD HD 500 as on the amplifi to get a more natural sound? Does the amplifi in preset 1 automatically chooses the best setting? Please help me out because I'm rather dissapointed about using the amplifi on stage. Wim (just a silly dutch name)
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