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  1. problem apparently solved... The bundle can be authorized from the Line 6 License Manager, (from Line 6 Monkey) if you have it installed properly into your computer. Though this activation code message I received is still weird.
  2. Hi, Few minutes ago I've purchased the "HD fully loaded bundle" ($83,16) it said that my activation code was about to be emailed to me, but I never received anything. People from Line 6, any help?
  3. When is it going to be released??
  4. I can't wait for this to be released! The Roland Jazz Chorus is exactly what I need at this moment.
  5. Ok thank you. I wish the POD HD had a fully parametric 4 bands eq in the Pre+EQ FX section. (like an emulation of the TC Electronic 1140, for example).
  6. Thank you for the infos. How is the global eq designed? it is some 4 bands fully parametric stuff? Will we be able to assign it to different places into the FX chain? Or is it simply assigned to the output?
  7. Does anybody know when it's going to be released?
  8. that would be really cool to have a Rockman Sustainer emulation into the POD HD. this device is still popular around. people from Line 6 (if you're reading me), please think about it!
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