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  1. I am fairly new to Helix so i don't know all the names and all that jazz. I am looking for Hot cat bad cat 30 or something similar. Any suggestions?
  2. Could running spdif to my sound card be the solution? I have never done that but i read about it somewhere. I am really surprised there is not some type of white paper on optimal setup to sound cards from the HD500x.
  3. First let me tell you my setup. I have a hd500x, dt25 combo, focusrite 18i8, behringer ultragain digital ADA8200 mic pre and Reaper. What is the best way to get great tones into Reaper from the hd500x. I tried using the balanced left and right out of the HD but the signal was wayyyyyyy low. The best i have come up with is run a USB and mono unbalanced out into the focusrite. Is there a better way ? Should i be running left and right to the focusrite? Suggestions?
  4. I plan on using the stock speaker with either a closed back 1x12 cab or 2x12. No idea on which ones i will go with yet. Guess it depends on whatever lends itself to modeling better.
  5. For those of you who are/were worried that the dt25 would not be enough for practice or shows.. Do not fear. I had it just under half way and it cut through everything. The tone is great and it has plenty of umph. I probably will still get a cab for it. Oh and also its still pretty heavy to lug around. i will either put casters on it or i will just carry my portable hand truck with me. Just wanted to throw that out there.
  6. I went ahead and ordered he dt25 combo tonight. :D
  7. yeah just feeling it out... i am pretty sure the dt25 is the way i will go but i had to ask.
  8. No i mean using the 4 cable method with other tube amps vs using a DT25 amp.
  9. I am torn on the amplifi with my hd500x vs the DT. How are you liking the amplifi now?
  10. I am looking for a good combo amp. I want one that sound good and is loud enough for practice and small venues. I also use a pod hd500x and i want to be able to use that as well. I have been looking at the dt25 and i think its great, but i am also looking at other things before i push the button. Should i look at the amplifi and why or no and go with something else?
  11. Might be a dumb question but using 4 cable method vs L6 link to a dt25.. same or different.. better or worse or just different? I am trying to decide if the dt25 is the deal for me or should i go with some other tube amp and use the 4 cable method. Will i run into issues with one or the other.. sound wise what is better etc. I just want some input before i push the button and order this dt25.
  12. Might be a dumb question but is it just a normal mic cable that connects these two? l6 link that is?
  13. Looks like the heads are now 899 and the combo is 799. I have been thinking of getting the combo plus a 2x12 cab of some sort but now i am not sure. Although getting the combo would give me one open cab and then one closed depending on what cab i got. So many yummy choices. I have been toiling on this decision for weeks now lol.
  14. I have a nice laptop I7 quad, 8 gigs of ram and just put a 250 gig ssd drive in it. What is the most effecient setup for recording? Currently i have a 500 gig external drive hooked up but i think its only 5400 rpm. Should i just find a 7200 rpm ext drive and call it a day? I am using the line 6 hd500x as my sound device currently and have no need to record live drums at the moment.
  15. Yeah cant try it because none of the stores here have the dt25 head or combo to even hook up to another cab. Which sucksssss.. so i am kinda in the scenario of order it and hope i have some blind luck or some people have different cabs they can speak to hooked up to a dt25 head or combo.
  16. Yea having the head def. would have an advantage but the price is such a big difference right now. 799 for the combo and over 1000 for the head and cab. Unless i decide to go with the head plus a different cab, like a 2x12 one.
  17. So i have been trying to decide on the dt25 combo or head with a cab. I think i have decided to go with the combo. Should i just get the 1x12 ext. cab or is there something else people are using that are really happy with? I read something about a 2x12 marshall cab but not sure i want to pay that much for the cab. I was thinking the combo with the 1x12 ext cab, but unsure.
  18. Yea i think i might just go ahead order the head and ext. cab. If i need more i will get a second cab.
  19. I don't mind grit in my clean tones, i actually prefer it as well. So that should not be an issue.
  20. I do have a marshall 4x12 cab but i really dont want to lug it around too. So the combo plus the line 6 cab (which is much smaller) seems more ideal to me. Although maybe going with the dt25 head and ext cab might be a better route to take since it breaks up the weight some and is still smallish
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