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  1. Does anyone have a recommendation for a replacement power cable for a G10S wireless? Thanks.
  2. Thanks @lungho. I was hoping that wasn't the answer. Yes, though, it was a steal. I'll just have to dedicate an evening to synching up the IRs, soon.
  3. I'm probably missing something easy here, but do any of you have an efficient way of syncing impulses between the Floor and Native? I just bought Native on the Black Friday sale, and was hoping to not go one by one and match up the impulses on Native that I already set up on the Floor. Being that the presets are tied to the position of the IR in the list, they need to match. How are you all handling this? Thanks for the help.
  4. Mine got stuck like that, and I had to turn it off, manually put it in update mode, and restart the update. I can't remember which two footswitches I had to press to get it to do that. I called Line 6 support and they were very helpful at getting it resolved.
  5. Oh yah! Very good point. If it was an amp+cab block and you stuck an additional ir in their, it's probably not going to work well.
  6. I tried the Helix at Guitar Center, and it sounded awful. I knew Helix sounded great, as I tried Helix Native, at home. I added a low cut at 100 hz, a high cut at 8k to the cab block. That helped. I added a second cab, with the same cuts, and a different mic (first was condenser, second was a ribbon). This made it better. I still wasn't fully happy with the tone, though. I think the Alto speaker they had it running through (I think it was branded Headrush, but I'm pretty sure they are the same thing). I bought the unit, despite how it sounded, in the store. I bought the unit and tried it at home, with my Xitone MBritt, frfr cab, and it sounded amazingly good, even on the 2.30 firmware. I didn't really mess around with it for too long, since I am sending it back to get a new one, rather than the used one I was sold as new, but in about 30 minutes, I had plexi, jcm800, ac30, and fender deluxe sounds I was happy with. 30m for four patches is pretty impressive -- especially being a former hd500x user. Even using IRs, try making the cuts I mentioned. I still think what the sound is going out of makes a huge difference, though.
  7. Hopefully you let them have it good! Honestly, if they (and their district managers) don't know they are doing a bad job, then nothing will change. I also send letters or emails to companies when I get really great service, for the same reason. People need to know when their employees are doing a great job. All I wanted it what I paid for -- a NEW Helix. Not once did I ask for anything special from them. I did include the price of a floor model, from Sweetwater, just so they would know that I knew the difference between what I bought and what I received. At this point, after the frustration they have caused me, Guitar Center probably should be giving me something extra. I'm not going to ask for it, but the principle of them doing it without me asking would mean more than whatever minuscule thing they gave me, in return for their poor service. Up until now, they have done the absolute minimum possible, to resolve this. They should have offered expedited shipping on the replacement, offered to send the replacement when they saw the used one had been received at UPS, gave me an additional discount, gave me a gift card... ANYTHING to show a little appreciation to the guy who spent four hours driving, five hours waiting on the trade in, and who just dropped two grand in your store, and was greatly inconvenienced.
  8. Yep. Had the dude simply done what he said, on the original call, I would have left it alone. Mistakes happen. It's how you deal with the mistakes that matter, to me. Hell, had I not called, it may have been next week, before my packing materials even shipped. I hate to sound like I'm being a jerk over something so little, but I'm really irritated by this whole experience. Now, since they DIDN'T do what they said, they have a store complaint, a bad review, and a Better Business Bureau complaint to deal with. If it's going to be a hassle for me, it's going to be a hassle for everyone.
  9. Apparently the manager "getting this taken care of as soon as he got in, yesterday, and calling me afterwards" really meant, they will start working on it today, when I called to check on the situation. The manager "was busy yesterday". That is completely unacceptable. I have already submitted feedback, on the Guitar Center site. Hopefully someone actually reads it and gets back to me.
  10. I'm not sure if it is different, state by state, but anything I purchase online seems to have tax added (Music shops, Amazon, Steam, etc.).
  11. It is a shame that there aren't as many brick and mortar stores, because of the competition from big online retailers. If I can get something for no more than 15% more than I can get it online, I would rather give my money to a local business. Other than some nice acoustics, though, it is hard to find mid-grade or higher end gear near me, since I don't live in a highly populated area. I either have to drive two hours or order online, for most of the gear I buy. One of the few decent shops around me, that does have some nice gear, is probably going to be closing soon. It's really sad.
  12. Thanks. According to the manager, who took the responsibility as the one who grabbed it, it was mixed in with all of the actual new units. I'm sure people try to scam them as much as they try to scam us, so at least he didn't give me a hassle. He was probably surprised that I would rather have the new one (and all the hassle) than the $100 off. I know that, more likely than not, other than the scratches, the unit was fine. I just don't know for sure why it was returned, and I would probably get more than $100 worth of worries over why it was returned. I did get a chance to test it out, through my XiTone MBritt powered cab, and it sounded really good -- even with my only experience being a few hours in the Helix Native trial. SO much easier to dial in a good sound than the HD500x. They really need to update the firmware on the in-store model (because a lot of people wouldn't do the high and low cuts on the cab), and run it through a nice FRFR. Had I tried the in-store test Helix, without knowing what I knew from the Kemper and Helix Native (and how Helix Native sounded on my gear), I probably wouldn't have bought it.
  13. I just received a call from Guitar Center, in Pittsburgh. They are going to send me packaging material to send it back, and after receiving this one, they will send me a new one. They offered an additional $100 off, to keep the one I have, but I'd rather have something with the plastic on the screens and without the scratches. Still sucks that I'm going to have to go through this hassle, and then wait another 7-10 days, or so, to get my Helix, but at least they are trying to make it right. They are also supposedly going to start my 45 day trial from the date I receive a new one.
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