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  1. Did you guys ever get this fixed. I stopped using Native form months, tried again and I still hear that DI sound when choosing the HX stomp setting.
  2. I have noticed that when using HX STOMP in Helix Native it almost sounds like there is a DI mixed within the presets. I will look into the snapshot changes too.
  3. Thanks for yer' help fellas. Unfortunately, I am running out of DSP before I can actually make a sound I dig. Looks like I may need to grab the full size Helix or at least the plug in for silent practicing at home. Maybe the powers that be at Line 6 will offer us HX Stomp owners the plugin version at 100 bucks like the other helix owners in the future.
  4. Hey guys new to the forum and line 6 hear in general, (well I did have a DL4 back in the day) I am trying to recreate my rig for silent practice and recording, but I have not completely wrapped my head around the HX Stomp yet and am not sure this can be done. I am am in a 2 piece band, just myself and a drummer. My rig consists of an Orange OR50 with Orange 412 and an Orange ob1-500 bass head into an Ampeg 8x10. I use an ABY Switch that selects the amps and am running a EHX POG before the bass amp to lower my guitar an octave so it sounds like a bass. Kind of like a royal blood thing but I play guitar not bass. I am struggling to recreate this in the HX Stomp. Can this be done?
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