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  1. I've got a confirmation from support it's a bug: Ticket ID: 355369
  2. Thank you. Edited the first post. But please note that I hear DI only in HX Stomp Compatibility mode. If I select another device or compatibility off, I hear only processed signal. Checked on Windows and MacOS with external USB sound card and with integrated.
  3. Using Helix Native with the Hardware Compatibility set for the HX Stomp. I always hear DI signal mixed to preset. Turn volume off with any element in signal chain and get DI signal. Switch compatibility mode to not HX Stomp and get silence. UPD1: Windows 10 (1903). Cockos Reaper 5.981. FastTrack C400. UPD2: MacOS Mojave 10.14.6. Cockos Reaper 5.981. Integrated audio.
  4. Tried different ports and firmwares, online and offline and got no success on my main PC. Connected to Macbook Air and successfully update at the first attempt.
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