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  1. One piece it too me multiple tries and multiple cables and ports on my computer which was a bit odd I have to admit. When you boot with page right pressed If I remember the screen is blank when you launch not the boot up screen if memory serves. Good luck and try a few times. I also submitted a help ticket and they were really quick to respond if you get to the end of your rope.
  2. Thank you so very much, it took a few tries and a new cable and it worked!! thank you
  3. I tried to update to 2.71 and the update failed. Unless I misread the instructions he page telling me it failed said to power down the unit, restart it and connect it back to the updater. However, after doing so the unit is stuck on launch screen, doesn't show up in updater etc. Any advice on how to unbrick the unit would be super appreciated. Thank you,.
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