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Found 10 results

  1. Hello all, Previously I was using the KB37 as an interface and I had lots of tones that I have saved and also bought the Metal Shop pack. Until recently, my KB37 has died on me and I bought the Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 audio interface as I needed to start writing. Every time I try to use the PodFarm 2 on my Logic Pro X, I will always get the No POD Farm 2 License Found. Using the PodFarm 2 as a standalone would bring this up too. I have already authorised my mac from the License Manager app since. Am I missing something? Do I really need a Line 6 hardware just to run the PodFarm? ps: I am running mac osx Yosemite with Logic Pro X.
  2. Hi all! I take my Helix back and forth from rehearsal space every week. When I'm not using my Helix as an audio interface, I got my Focusrite 2i2 hooked up to my monitors. Is there a way to more easily switch between the two than unplugging the audio cables from the Focusrite and plugging them in the Helix? Basically, can I hook up both my Focusrite and Helix to the same speakers, and switch as I need to? This way my Focusrite is always plugged in, and I can just plug in the Helix when I can and switch to it. How would I go about this? Cheers!
  3. Salut a tous. Nouvel acquéreur d'un helix, dans mon home, il y a un imac 27, Logic X, une focusrite 18i8, un bon ampli sono, et 2 bonnes baffles pro JBL. J'aurais quelques question. Quelle est le meilleur branchement ? Au niveau du branchement, j'ai 3 possibilités : Le Helix sur l'entrée guitare préamp, ça semble bien marcher, (mais utilise 1 port facade préamp, même 2 pour la stéréo) Le Helix via USB sur le IMac, ça semble bien marcher (mais la j'ai donc 2 cartes son, et Logic peut passer de l'une a l'autre, choisir une entrée et l'autre en sortie, MAIS je peux pas enregistrer l'Helix et ma Focusrite simultanément.) Et je sais pas comment avoir la stéréo avec l'USB. Le Helix sur les entrées ligne non préamp, derrière la focusrite, la ca marche mais le volume est 50% plus faible, mais il faut que je mettre le volume de l'helix a fond. (a moins que ca se règle dans les setting de l'hélix). Dommage car j'aimerai garder libre mes entrées pream en facade de ma focusrite. Que me conseilleriez vous ? Comment avez vous brancher vos Helix ? Merci d'avance.
  4. Hello all, I've recently been using focusrites plugins for recording in programs, however, its not standalone application and I cannot use it in "realtime" to do other things. I've always used voicemeter banana while livestreaming. My biggest breakthrough was discovering podfarm to output directly to OBS and use gate and compressor with voicemeter banana My issues are that I was getting no output, not even an ASIO to adobe audition except my focusrite asio. Podfarm (which is currently only trial as I need to test it before I buy it) I select and can modify the program as I would similar to focus-rites plugins yet I cannot output it anywhere. I'd assume I'd be able to select it as an audio device in windows or even a recording device in my daw. Is this because its a trial? or am I doing something wrong. Any help would be greatly appreciated. please and thank you Kyle
  5. I bought a Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 a little while back and am trying to figure out how best to use it with my rig. I'm using a Pod HD500x and could do with a bit of technical expertise. In the past I always recorded through the USB of my Pod, running a separate speaker to hear it. Since getting my 2i2, up until now I've just had the signal from my pedal running into both inputs on the 2i2 through XLR cables. This was basically just so I could run the audio from my PC and my guitar through the same set monitors. I've also noticed that when the gain on the 2i2 is just below clipping, it is significantly quieter when recorded into my DAW through the USB on the interface, than when I just record through the USB on my HD500x, does this mean my tone patches are too loud?? I've recently changed the setup so the interface and pedal are pretty much separate. I'm using the speaker to monitor the pedal again, and the interface just has a microphone plugged into one of the inputs at the moment. I was initially thinking of putting my interface between my guitar and pedal in order to record a dry track, but I wouldn't be able to use it to monitor the audio from my PC if I did that. Would it be better to use the FX loop on my pedal to record a DI track if I place it before the amp sim? And if I were to record dry tracks, could I then plug the output of the interface into the input of the Pod in order to reamp the dry signal? My main concern is how much gain from the interface the Pod could handle? Would it be 'safer' to use the FX return? Any advice would be greatly appreciated, been very uncertain about how best to approach my recording rig, so thought seeking advice before I change it around again would be wise! Thanks, Andrew
  6. I bought focusrite 2i2 so i could use my condensor mic for recorsing.but i also wanted to commect my pod500x tbrough 2i2 so i could record desired guitar sound from pod500x. Can any one explain me in simple language how to connect pod 500x through scarlett 2i2 .any related video link or simple setup diagram/picture would be more helpful. Thank u
  7. First let me tell you my setup. I have a hd500x, dt25 combo, focusrite 18i8, behringer ultragain digital ADA8200 mic pre and Reaper. What is the best way to get great tones into Reaper from the hd500x. I tried using the balanced left and right out of the HD but the signal was wayyyyyyy low. The best i have come up with is run a USB and mono unbalanced out into the focusrite. Is there a better way ? Should i be running left and right to the focusrite? Suggestions?
  8. Hello pod'ers!! I hope you can help me... (please) I am attempting to record using this awesome PODHD500X into a FOCUSRITE 18i20 audio interface and then to my pc (usb) (pc is brand spanking new: i7, 16GB RAM, ssd, etc... I have invested heavily in all new equipment as I was tired of using my old stuff and tired of troubleshooting :( Anywho, the sound when I play hearing from the monitor is great! but when I record there is a really bad feedback in playback... sounds almost like a flanger delay but it's distorted and it doesn't matter whether I play clean or distorted... which really stinks because everything else records great from my focusrite except this pod :(... pod sounds good directly (using headphones) or using the audio interface.. it only happens while recording.... I am using the balanced xlr outputs into 2 channels into focusrite (I also attempted using one channel only... it doesn't matter, the background noise is there... it records the sound I play but also this really bad background flanger noise... please help!!)... don't make me call tech support :ph34r: ... any recommendation is welcome!! (specially if it relates to the subject)... **Also, do you think I should update the firmware for this pod? if so, is there a direct URL... when I click on the ones on the site takes me to the shop but I see no download for this firmware.... Thanks much again!!!
  9. Hi, I'm just got my DT25 HD today. And I'm going to use the cabinet simulated direct out to my Focusrite Saffire Pro 24 audio interface, but I'm not sure which input to plug to, should I plug to line input or the preamp input of the audio interface? Thanks!
  10. Hey so I'm new when it comes too gear,recording and stuff thought you guys could help me out. So i have a pod hd pro that i use as a audio interface and dial my tones and record directly to my daw. I've had some latency issues and sometimes it would bug if i used it as my playback device. So i got an scarlett 2i2 that i wanna use that as my audio interface and use the pod the same way i normally do. Is it possible? if so how do get it to work? I figured i would use the unballanced out but I don't get any signal tried with both xlr and trs cables i only managed to get sound from the dry out.
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