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  1. hi fflbrgst... indeed; nothing wrong using usb directly.. I may venture although I like to take advantage of the audio interface mixer and central mapping to sonar... (and wouldn't it be A-D-D D-D-A ... (once the signal is out of the pod is digital and the focusrite is also digital?).. In any case, thanks all for the support... it seems the issue was with Sonar all along :( (well not so much an issue but a driver mismatch.. I was using a WDM driver thinking it was the best option because but it really needed the ASIO driver..)... once I update it in sonar; the pod sound was crystal clear :) So please disregard my request!.... I am glad I did this though 'cause I ended up updating the firmware/flash to the pod and installed the hd edit which is a really cool tool (I was afraid to touch the pod interface) but this tool is really graphic and awesome...! so it was a win for me.. (and the monkey update utility is great too!!) I only need to modify some stuff... (my only recommendation to this product would be to have the first banks with a couple cleans and normal distortions which is probably what you use the most.. even though the first distortions and effects are cool are too rare to be in the first banks...).. ok until next time!! cya and Thanks again all for the help, comments & recommendations!...
  2. Thanks BigChas52... if I ultimately get better sound that way, I will! [although that kinda defeats the purpose of the pod's balanced outputs & centralized 18i20's channel control... plus I thought usb recording is not as recommendable as using the outputs... but again.. if I get a better result via usb, I will use it that way... (and I will test it too to see if the noise is still there or not with usb!)...] this is odd... and I hate odd issues because they're hard to troubleshoot... and I just wanna record what I hear and get frustrated when I can't :(... the sound of the pod is great but I can't record it lol.. and sigh!
  3. Hi Triryche; thanks for the response!! I may need to update this post after I check a couple of things (I was reading the manual and there seems to be a 'Studio/Direct' Output mode? (have to check if this setting is set)... and I have yet patched this pod so I don't have the latest firmware... Thank you for the link (and sorry I got the right way to download drivers/etc) but in regards to your questions: What other things sound great? (anything is hooked up to the focusrite... I have a TC Helicon VoiceLive module that works great.. or if I plug in directly the guitar/bass/mic to the focusrite.... and the podHD500x sounds awesome through it... it's just when I click record and playback that has this weird noise... What are you selecting in SONAR to record? I have tried using stereo and mono tracks coming from both channel 3 & 4 inputs (that I use in focusrite for each balanced output from the pod) or just one input... the 'noise' sound is the same... **I have not connected the pod to my pc via usb for anything.... I have simply used it as a standalone unit with headphones.. so not sure what settings it has although it sounds great with headphones or connected to the audio interface.... just not sure where that background noise is coming from when I click 'record'... (I don't hear it while recording either... or when I just play it out with the monitors which is weird).... do you think the firmware update may help with this? (or the output mode?)... anything you want me to try/test/validate? Thanks for your help!!
  4. Hello pod'ers!! I hope you can help me... (please) I am attempting to record using this awesome PODHD500X into a FOCUSRITE 18i20 audio interface and then to my pc (usb) (pc is brand spanking new: i7, 16GB RAM, ssd, etc... I have invested heavily in all new equipment as I was tired of using my old stuff and tired of troubleshooting :( Anywho, the sound when I play hearing from the monitor is great! but when I record there is a really bad feedback in playback... sounds almost like a flanger delay but it's distorted and it doesn't matter whether I play clean or distorted... which really stinks because everything else records great from my focusrite except this pod :(... pod sounds good directly (using headphones) or using the audio interface.. it only happens while recording.... I am using the balanced xlr outputs into 2 channels into focusrite (I also attempted using one channel only... it doesn't matter, the background noise is there... it records the sound I play but also this really bad background flanger noise... please help!!)... don't make me call tech support :ph34r: ... any recommendation is welcome!! (specially if it relates to the subject)... **Also, do you think I should update the firmware for this pod? if so, is there a direct URL... when I click on the ones on the site takes me to the shop but I see no download for this firmware.... Thanks much again!!!
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