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  1. Thx for the reply i gonna try the line6 ASIO driver. :P As for the scarlett i have other non guitar equipment i can use with it so i don't need to get rid of it. Still curious how to use pod through the scarlett tho.
  2. Hey so I'm new when it comes too gear,recording and stuff thought you guys could help me out. So i have a pod hd pro that i use as a audio interface and dial my tones and record directly to my daw. I've had some latency issues and sometimes it would bug if i used it as my playback device. So i got an scarlett 2i2 that i wanna use that as my audio interface and use the pod the same way i normally do. Is it possible? if so how do get it to work? I figured i would use the unballanced out but I don't get any signal tried with both xlr and trs cables i only managed to get sound from the dry out.
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