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Found 25 results

  1. So this is my very first time trying to use ableton and plugging in the Line 5 PODHD500 into it. I'm trying to have it connect w USB directly into my PC. I dont know what I'm really doing. My drivers are up to date. Will this board even work directly into my computer? Any help and or guidance will be appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  2. Hi! I need some help, regarding the technical issues I'm having with my POD HD 500. When I power ON the device, it will display the LINE 6 logo permanently, so, the device won't initialize; I have tried a "FACTORY RESET", pressing the left arrow while powering the POD, but without success. Pressing/holding the down arrow, it will indicate: "UPDATE FLASH". Assuming that it needs a "FLASH MEMORY" update, it simply won't be possible by any means to do it, because: When using "Line 6 MONKEY", it won't recognize any USB connection to the POD, so it won't detect the device. If it doesn't detect the device via USB, and a "RESET" won't work either, how can I solve this issue and update the "FLASH MEMORY"? Connecting the POD via MIDI-USB Interface, the POD HD500 won't appear on the "Monkey's" list, while other devices will. I wonder why this model cannot be updated via MIDI Interface. It simply doesn't make any sense for me; I also tried to use different USB cables, USB ports on my laptop, tried to re-install Line 6 Monkey and everything else., but with no effect). RESUMING: Nothing works. Being a professional musician, I really need to solve this problem as quickly as possible, so I hope that someone out there can help me on this! I will be awaiting for your replies. Best regards to everyone! ;) Hélder Oliveira
  3. Below is the link to the preset made on the POD HD300 For the other pedals (HD500 E 500x) you just have to follow the order of the video effects, the pedals 500 and 500x have the same effects.
  4. Hello! I want to use my POD HD500 as an audio interface to record my acoustic guitar using the guitar/aux input. I use USB to connect the POD to the computer. In this case, what would be the most correct way to use it: should I create an empty preset or use it in Bypass (tuner)? Thank you! Regards, Rafael
  5. Hi, I'm pretty new to music hardware. I got an e guitar and I want to record on my MacBook in GarageBoard. I'm interested in buying the Pod HD 500, because it has an audio interface and pedal controls, but I don't know if I can use those to toggle effects on the virtual pedal board in GarageBand itself. I know the Pod HD 500 offers own effects, but I would prefer to use software effects to bypass any limitations like limited RAM on the device itself and I'm not interested in live performances anyways. I know that the foot switches can send MIDI signals and I found some indication that this should be possible in the manual, but I seek confirmation by any experts before I buy it. It would be very helpful to get fairly simple explanation how this can be done. Thank you so much!
  6. My PODHD500 custom presets were deleted once I synced my HD500 with HD500 Edit. Do I have to start over or is there a way to get them back?
  7. how do i register second hand podhd500 to be able to use the software pls thnx Hi There Bought this Pod few moths ago , got the monkey software but don't let me connect podhd500 cos it aint registered , so tried to register but doesn't seem to like it being second hand ... pls help thnx
  8. Short version: How can I improvise a low pass filter out of the EQ on my HD500 so that I can get only the E and A strings, like we get in the polyphonic mode in the Boss OC-3 pedal? Detailed version: I've been trying to emulate the polyphonic mode found on the Boss OC-3 on my HD500. I'm running two parallel effects lines, with a graphic EQ as a low pass filter on one (to get just the E and A strings) and a hi pass on the other (just to give some presence while trying to retain the natural sound as much as possible). My signal chain on the bass side is the EQ and a bass octaver running into a Flip Top amp (which has the bass boosted and mids, treb and presence turned off). While I've gotten 70% there, I've run into some expected problems, mainly with the way the improvised low pass filter is working (it doesn't completely eliminate the other strings), because of which there is a constant compromise between the levels of the two channels, which either results in 1) the unwanted octaved D,G,B and E strings leaking in (if I want a stronger bass sound), which clashes horribly when I play chords, or 2) a softer bass sound with a trebly, unpleasant characteristic (owing to the EQ settings on the second effect line). Any ideas on how to get around this problem? Any insight would be appreciated. The video I've attached demonstrates the sound I'm aiming at (it's time-stamped)
  9. Hello all, I am new on all of this. I've been playing my electric guitar for some time. And I bought the Line 6 PODHD500 some time ago and a friend helped me out to put some basic sounds, as a metalcore sound, clean, solo, etc. I use as a amp the Line 6 Spider IV (15). Well, my problem is that I was a long time without using my pedal, so I restarted and I don't know anything about this kind of things, but with the help of some videos I got all drivers, etc etc, and the edit program, where I have put some metalcore and djent rythms on it and sounds great, the problem is when I use acoustic or clean tones, such as piezos, acoustic, etc. It always sounds with distortion, I can't get anything clean. I have my amp with metal, but if I put it in clean it doesn't sound at all. So I don't know how to fix it, I just want a clean / acoustic sound to some intros or to play some indie. Does anyone know what's happening? If something is not clear for my english, sorry and feel free to ask. Greetings from Spain!
  10. Hola banda, necesito su ayuda, tengo el pod hd500, me di cuenta que al cambiar en el footswitch de efecto guardado en el banco A1 al B1,, y después al regresar al A1 nuevamente pierde algunas características del efecto A1, por ejemplo en mi pedal tengo en el banco ("A1" clean) ("B1" overdrive) ("C1" lead overdrive+delay para solos).. cuando toco con el (B1 overdrive) y después paso a hacer solos voy al (C1 lead overdrive+delay para solos), el banco C1 pierde un poco de graves de delay y alguna característica que le puse al preset, cuando toco con la (A1 clean) y paso a la (C1 lead overdrive+delay para solos), pierde mas delay el sonido se hace chillón y fino con muchos brillos, osea se pierde mas características que le puse a ese preset en su cadena de efectos,, pasa incluso con los efectos ya predeterminados del pedal, los nombres de los bancos (clean overdrive lead etc) son solo para los ejemplos, cada banco (A1 B1 C1 D1) tienes su preset con su respectivo cadena de efectos , Ya le actualice con el programa monkey, le hice un reseth con el método del botón derecho, incluso le hice el método flash memory con el programa que según leí es el único método de restablecer el POD a modo de fabrica, leí que a alguien le paso cuando actualizo el firmware su pedal tuvo comportamientos raros y tuvo que regresar al firmware anterior, y después actualizarla de nuevo, alguien tiene el firmware anterior del pedal que me lo pasen o alguna otra solución, muchas gracias ImI
  11. I'm recording DI guitars from my PodHD500x into my Focusrite Scarlett interface via S/PDIF. One thing I've noticed is that the signal is really quiet. The signal doesn't go over -15 db. Is that normal or can I boost the signal somehow? I've seen people recording DI through analog outs and the signal seems stronger...
  12. Hi everyone, I just bought a Line 6 Firehawk, but I really want to know if there is an option to use the Live mode as in POD HD500 so I can use every switch as a stomp from F1-F5 and also use A - D as a stomp instead of using them to change banks. PLEASE HELP me! here`s my email so you can contact me:
  13. Hey Guys, So I've been running a PODHD500 into a DT50 (112) using the Line6 link. I have all my patches volumes carefully set evenly to make sure they boost appropriately for leads etc. I run the Master on the POD all the way up and the Master on the Amp at around 9 oclock for most rooms we play. The problem I've been having lately is that when I change patches (say for example to my lead patch), the volume goes WAYYY too high all of a sudden, even though I have it set at a comfortable level normally. Then, If I click the same patch footswitch a second time, the volume goes back to normal. I've made sure of the obvious, that my levels werent accidentally adjusted and Im not accidentally hitting any volume knobs. I have all the latest firmware, and take great care of my gear, so I'm a little dumbfounded. please help if you've experienced this. Thanks! Jordan
  14. How do I get my sound to come out of my computer speakers? I have my POD HD500 plugged in to my computer through USB and through one of the outputs (one end is an instrument cable for the pod, and the other end is a headphone/aux cable for the computer). I've tried messing with the sound settings on my computer, but I don't hear anything when I play. I've seen this done before, so I know it's possible. I don't even think I need a USB for it, but I've tried it without one as well. Please help.
  15. Hello, I'm trying to fully integrate the PODHD500x with Ableton Live so that I can use the "Looper" device in Ableton, because I want the master clock to be Ableton so that my loops are always in sync and in the right Time Signature depending of what track I'm running. So to clear some info about my setup. I'm already sending and receiving MIDI from Ableton through the POD. At this moment I can send program changes from Ableton to switch presets and banks in the hardware. Also I can even control specific devices in the Hardware, like for example sending Midi to the POD to activate FX and Modulate the Expression pedals. So this chapter is working like a charm. What is missing though is a way to use the Looper in the POD to control Ableton Live's Looper. So at this point I'm already sending MIDI to Looper. The way I've managed to don't have the POD's Looper over Ableton's Looper was to turn the playback volume of Looper on the POD to 0. This way I can only listen the Looper from Ableton. Now the biggest problem arises from the button behaviour in the POD itself when the looper switch is Activated. Because the REC and Overdub (as also the the PLAY and STOP) use the same Switch (alternately) mapping it to Ableton creates a problem that involves having to press twice for the Switch to do it's defined midi function. So the way I have it set up is by using 6 Switches. a) Switch #1 (FS5) - REC a) Switch #2 (FS6) - PLAY a) Switch #3 (FS7) - OVERDUB a) Switch #4 (FS8) - STOP a) Switch #5 (FS1) - UNDO a) Switch #6 (FS2) - CLEAR But for this to work as a normal Midi Looper too this buttons need to have an option to work as momentary and only send one CC event. So my suggestion is to have an option in the Hardware itself to "Bypass the Looper's Switches functions" (making all the FS switches "MOMENTARY" OR "NOTE") so that If anyone wants to use the Looper function as a MIDI CC's it won't be limited because of the way the Switches Work in the POD. Let me know what you guys think of this :) Thank you
  16. I am using Pod HD500x and Audio Technica M50x headphones. If I connect my headphones directly to the Pod HD 500, the sound I get is amazing. However, when I use the Pod for recording with USB and listen to the sound of he monitor of DAW with PodHd500X being the output, it is not that great and the quality drops a lot. How can I get the sound of Pod HD 500 (the one I get directly from headphones) into my recording? I can't seem to prevent the quality from dropping.
  17. Hola a todos! Hace un mes he comprado mi Pod HD 500. Me he encontrado con el problema de no tener suficiente nivel de salida. El tiempo en el que estuve trabajando para configurar los efectos lo hice usando los auriculares. Al conectarla salida TRS 1/4" L/Mono a la entrada de mi amplificador me encontre con que no tengo nivel de salida. Estoy conectando a un Fender 212 de 100W, con el cual ensayaba normalmente con el control de volumen en el punto 3, porque mas arriba rompe oidos. Al conectar la Pod tengo que subirlo al maximo y aun asi soy tapado por la bateria. Ni hablar, de que dejando en ese nivel el volumen del amplificador desenchufando la Pod y enchufando directo la guitarra, temblaron hasta las paredes, con lo cual descarte que estuviera mal la entrada del Fender. Acto seguido conecte la salida de la Pod al la entrada de la etapa de potencia del Fender, el nivel de salida por los parlantes, obviamente mas bajo que antes. Ya probe con todas las opciones en la pagina correspondientes de la pantalla de I/O Configurations y ninguna hace cambiar nada. Ya probe con todas las opciones de impedancia de entrada de guitarra, sin cambios. Probe pasar la señal de la guitarra por un Patch "vacio" sin ningun efecto ni amplificador, y el resultado fue la misma señal de la guitarra (sin cambio de tono) pero con mucho menos volumen. De mas esta decir que siempre con el control de volumen general de la pedalera al 100%. Por favor si alguien ha tenido una experiencia similar, o conoce algo mas de lo que yo he probado, espero me pueda ayudar para saber si es algo propio de configuracion o tengo un problema de hardware, con lo cual tendria que reclamar la garantia. Desde ya muchas gracias, Saludos a todos!!!
  18. i hope someone could give some idea of what's the best setup for a POD HD500 using amp modelling live...... i've read about Tech 21 Power Engine, and generic speakers/monitors but still i've been reading pros and cons about it.... any thoughts from users that have a live setup? thanks
  19. So I purchased a Line6-DT50112 and POD HD500 combo back in January. When used together i got great live sound. Lately however, my Dt50 sound like utter garbage Im getting an excessive echo/reverb that makes all my patches sound terribly wet on stage. Ive checked my output/input settings on the Pod, currently setting Outputs to Combo Power Amp (also tried combo amp front) and Inputs to input 1-Guitar, Input 1-Variax (Also tried Input 1-same). Long story short, Ive read all the manuals and I know how to make the proper connections. I also tried the obvious, making sure all my patche's individual reverb/digital delay settings were in check and making sure the reverb knob on the DT50 was turned all the way down. Even when i completely shut off all reverb and delay in the FX chain, the echo is still there. My tubes are not very old, and they have given me no sign of damage up until this. Im usually VERY Careful with my amp. (its never been thrown around or banged up, and im always letting them heat up/cool down properly) Has anyone experienced the same problem? Please give me any suggestions you can. This is very stressful as this started happening last night at a gig.
  20. Hi I would like to know opinions what would be a good amplifier for Pod HD500 ?
  21. Hello I have a problem. My Pod hd500 does not respond to changes in volume. I have the same volume in this state and in this OS X Maverics. I hope for your help.
  22. Hi guys! I have this problem. Is not cable, is not pot, is not guitar. Probably the electrical outlets of my room are defective. But in other places the problem persists. Help! Can you listen from this video on youtube: IMG_2679.MOV
  23. okay so here is the deal. I have my pod hd500, and a dean vmnt. I want to be able to record through my computer. A few weeks ago i hooked it up via USB and used reaper along with some backing tracks. But my guitar had a terrible lagg (I would play a note and it would play 1 second later) And i just got frustrated, confused and gave up. I would really appreciate it if someone would give me a step by step proccess on how to record on your computer along with a backing track. Also any extra things i need in order to record? so i can put it on my christmas list. :) Thanks Alot, -Cameron
  24. So I just upgraded the firmware on my HD500 to the latest version, v2.20, and noticed that when using it as USB audio, there is no more audio drop in my DAW software when I change preset on HD500! Great for my jam/live setup! Now, I don't have to use the mp3 input of HD500 (from computer internal audio interface) and just use HD500 as USB audio interface and guitar effects at the same time. Awesomeness, thanks Line6!
  25. Hey everyone, I just received a PODHD500 in the mail and I'm having a bit of trouble with direct recording. I'm using a Dell with an Intel Celeron with 1.70 GHz, 4 gigs of ram, and windows 8. I dialed in a good djent tone and wanted to test it with a drum track I had in Reaper. I haven't had any latency issues with reaper since I did a system recovery on the computer, hell this morning I was messing around with a djent setup that included about 8 plugins and there were no problems. I attempted to record with the POD and everything seemed to be going well during the recording until I played it back and noticed that my guitar playing was milliseconds off of the actual drum track, I even tried the same thing with audacity and experienced the same issue. Can anybody offer any advice or give me an ultimatum on the situation? Im running guitar > Pod > Computer Via USB > DAW
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