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  1. The way I do it is to open any empty preset, make no changes to it and save it to the preset location that you want to delete. Hope this helps!
  2. I didn't notice any change in recorded sounds. Also, I notice that it's more stable when use with DAW and HD500 Edit at the same time, before I had constant crash where current preset being changed in HD500 Edit is corrupted leaving HD500 in reboot loop mode and had to do global reset. I only had the new firmware in 3 days so these are very early observations. Time will tell...
  3. So I just upgraded the firmware on my HD500 to the latest version, v2.20, and noticed that when using it as USB audio, there is no more audio drop in my DAW software when I change preset on HD500! Great for my jam/live setup! Now, I don't have to use the mp3 input of HD500 (from computer internal audio interface) and just use HD500 as USB audio interface and guitar effects at the same time. Awesomeness, thanks Line6!
  4. There will be a learning curve but it's worth it. I recommend a basic setup first by creating a HD500 preset template with the assigned MIDI and copy it to all your presets. On your DAW, map the assigned MIDI from HD500, create two tracks, 1 for the song and 1 for metronome or click track and save it as a template and use it every time you create a project/song file. You can send the click track to the drummer who will have a headphones or use in-ear monitor.
  5. This is doable. Here is my setup to accomplish this. I'm on a PC and using Ableton Live (Mac version is also available) as my DAW software. I'm sure other DAW software is also capable of doing this. Use POD HD500 to control Ableton Live - Program each preset that I use in HD500 to have FS5, FS6, FS7 and FS8 footswitches to trigger Ableton live to play loops, stop playback of loops, move to next song and move to previous song. This is done by assigning MIDI event (note, control messages) to the HD500 FS5-F8 footswitches - Configure Ableton live to recognize the MIDI events assign to HD500 footswiches and map them to appropriate Ableton Live command (play, stop, next song, previous song) Use Ableton Live to control HD500 - In Ableton Live, create a MIDI track (clip) that contains the program change to switch preset in HD500. Also, you can create control messages in Ableton Live MIDI track to control the assign effect parameters on HD500 footswitches (FS1-FS4) and expressions pedals (EXP1, EXP2) but I have not done this since I prefer to control these parameters using HD500 pedal Note: - Make sure that you connect both POD HD500 MIDI In and Out to the computer. - Make sure that you configure HD500 FS Mode in System Setup (Page 1, Knob 1) to 'Pedal Mode' instead of 'Preset Mode' to trigger loops - To separate the song tracks from metronome, you will need an audio interface that has at least two stereo outputs, 1 to the PA and the other (metronome) to band. You can also use audio interface with 1 stereo out and split them into 2 mono signals but this will mean that your PA will only have mono signal. Hope this helps!
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