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  1. anyone knows if the footswitches on amplifi x100 can control individual fx? can that be assigned?
  2. i own a spider iv 150, i wonder how it compares to the amplifi 150 tone-wise? better, same, worse? if someone could share some views i'd be very thankful.
  3. maybe i'll just end up buying the alto ts 110a, i would like to try the amplifi stereo, but with aux in maybe that won't sound too good
  4. i could always use the amplifi 150 as a monitor on stage and that's the bit i'm unsure about, i don't how the amplifi 150 will perform in that scenario. my band doesn't have a sound man, so we'll have to rely on different ones, but in some cases we won't have a sound man at all, there's a PA system on stage and we do our own sound. preferrably i'd be using POD HD for live for HD modelling, but if i have to gig with the amplifi only, i'll do it.
  5. well i think ill run it direct too, and as a live backup i'll use the amplifi 150. at home i'm thinking about using the amplifi 150 as amp, as marketed or as speaker for my HD500 so i can play the HD without headphones, hope it sounds good.
  6. i hope someone could give some idea of what's the best setup for a POD HD500 using amp modelling live...... i've read about Tech 21 Power Engine, and generic speakers/monitors but still i've been reading pros and cons about it.... any thoughts from users that have a live setup? thanks
  7. the l2t is good, but it's pricey, and this idea i have is all about something that can achieve as a stage monitor, but that's also an amp in its own merits (as backup), in case the POD fails, i'm trying not to buy something that will only do one thing, just an amp or just a monitor. i've also seen some comments about people connecting the POD to a Spider IV in a similar way but have no clue if that works or not.
  8. hi. can someone share some views on using a POD HD paired with AMPLIFI for reharsals of even live performances. is anyone having success with that setup? the features on AMPLIFI seem quite appealing to me, but i would like to give it a kind of a dual type of use. one for bedroom rehearsals using it as it is, but i would like to use it live as my monitor using the POD's HD modelling and stomps. i've read some stuff about this idea but i'm not totally convinced as i see some people seem to report that it works very well (knowing it's a stereo model), but some others show some objections regarding the use of AUX IN. and obviously there's also the guitar in option with flat settings on the amp. what do you guys say? thanks!
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