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  1. well just to inform, I have the amp in clean mode, and changing a couple of things on the presets, I am being able to get some better distortion sounds and the clean/acoustic sound so far. Still a lot to improve, but enough to get started I guess. Please do answer my question if you will so I can get to know better the pedal and how to work with it. Thank you so much for your help.
  2. This is on the edit programm, right?? Only for the clean presets or for distortion as well? I download the presets from the line 6 customTone, they should be already done to sound well, shouldn't they?
  3. If I use the clean channel on the Spider, the distorsion sounds such as Generic metalcore (I just downloaded), sounds bad, more like an 70s old guitar...
  4. Hello all, I am new on all of this. I've been playing my electric guitar for some time. And I bought the Line 6 PODHD500 some time ago and a friend helped me out to put some basic sounds, as a metalcore sound, clean, solo, etc. I use as a amp the Line 6 Spider IV (15). Well, my problem is that I was a long time without using my pedal, so I restarted and I don't know anything about this kind of things, but with the help of some videos I got all drivers, etc etc, and the edit program, where I have put some metalcore and djent rythms on it and sounds great, the problem is when I use acoustic or clean tones, such as piezos, acoustic, etc. It always sounds with distortion, I can't get anything clean. I have my amp with metal, but if I put it in clean it doesn't sound at all. So I don't know how to fix it, I just want a clean / acoustic sound to some intros or to play some indie. Does anyone know what's happening? If something is not clear for my english, sorry and feel free to ask. Greetings from Spain!
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