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  1. You have two options. You can use the tuner by listening to the sound bypassed or muted.
  2. Hello! I want to use my POD HD500 as an audio interface to record my acoustic guitar using the guitar/aux input. I use USB to connect the POD to the computer. In this case, what would be the most correct way to use it: should I create an empty preset or use it in Bypass (tuner)? Thank you! Regards, Rafael
  3. As the price of the device is very expensive here in Brazil, I believe that the repair is worth it. Anyway, as you said, the AUX input temporarily solves my problem. Thank you!
  4. Thanks, mate. Your insights have been great. I've tried to clean the guitar input with a contact cleaner but unfortunately that didn't work. It really looks like a hardware issue. Maybe I'll try to open it and check out but looking to your post (this fix looks a little advanced) the best thing is take the pod to be serviced... Although it looks like a hardware issue, l wonder if this has anything to do with the variable Input impedance made on flash memory update. Could it be possible for an update to make such damage?
  5. Your guess was right. It looks like the problem is in the guitar input, while when connected to the AUX input all works fine. The main difference I've noticed is that the sound is a little bit louder and brighter when plugged in the GUITAR IN. Is there any chance to solve this issue through software/firmware? Or some hardware component must be fixed/replaced? PS.: I didn't try to clean the jack and the inputs yet. That's a good idea. That would be my last shot, I guess. I'll try to do that soon.
  6. It does for all of the patches (my own patches and the factory ones). It happens even when the guitar is bypassed (tuner).
  7. I've tried all the settings and none of them completely eliminates this issue. It sounds like the problem is in the guitar input, while when plugged into the AUX input this problem does not happen.
  8. Hi Joel. Thanks for replying. The inputs are set to same, but any input combination didn't work either. I've also made recalibration but with no success. Everything is up to date. I'm attaching some files to better understand what the issue is. There are 2 audio files attached: 1 with the guitar bypassed (I get the white noise even when is bypassed) and the other one with effects. Do you have any thought to how make it work? Regards, Rafael 01_POD_HD500_BYPASS.mp3 02_POD_HD500_EFFECT.mp3
  9. Hello guys, Depending on the intensity I play the guitar a weird white noise occurs in my POD HD500. As the sound decays (still listening the sound of the tone but in a lower volume), it stops. Guitars and cables have already been revised and the problem is in the equipment. A global reset and flash memory downgrade was also done but nothing solved. Does anyone know how to solve this problem? Thanks in advance! Rafael
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