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  1. Hi, in manual there is written this: 3.Streaming: stream 20 channels of 24 bit unprocessed audio at 48kHz, including the Main Mix, to a computer via USB, with a stereo return stream back to the M20d. I assumed that it can be used for recording. For me this is big issue. I find out workaround. I connect another sound card (MOTU UltraLiteMK3 in my case) and setup it as output, StageScape as input. i am using Logic on mac. Now I can record without delay. I would appreciate if StageScape improve drivers or whatever for recording. I still cannot use it for live effecting using computer plugins.
  2. I would like to use StageScape Mixer for recording and mixing of band rehearsal. I have pair of studio speakers and pair of power speakers. I would like to have both playing stereo main output and I need to be able to mute one pair of speaker. For mixing I want to use studio monitors, for recording I want to use power monitors without studio monitors. In some cases I want both playing same stereo mix. I use auxs for power monitors, but this is not in stereo and I cannot control volume of both power speakers at once as main input. It would help if I can send main signal to pair of auxs and control it. Is it possible? Thanks Honza
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