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  1. Hi, so I've just started using the Torpedo Wall Of Sound VST as the cab sims in the Pro X just weren't doing it for me for home recording - besides the WoS. Just after a little help on how to get the best out of this please, running with the Pod as the interface in USB mode. 1) Am I right in thinking use the "Pre" versions is the way to go or is that subjective? 2) Even with the cabs off on the Pod, it still seems to be coloured by the mic selection - is there a way around this? 3) I'm currently in studio/direct mode, would another mode be better suited for this? 4) Any general observations when using VST cab impulses with the HD Pro X / similar line 6 products?
  2. Read all the manuals I can find but still can't get my pedal to control any patches on my Pod HD Pro X when connected, any ideas please?
  3. Just a thought... If I set up the prerecorded dry track with playback via the left channel only, set up the pod to output to right channel only, connected a cable from the phones port to the guitar input and armed a fresh track to record that playback with (unmonitored)... would this work or damage the pod in any way?
  4. Cheers for the responses, wish I hadn't sold my focusrite solo now. Did think of one work around that "may" work - if I exported the dry track as a wav file, put it on an mp3/phone and played it back in through the main input I guess it would replicate the guitar playing... no idea how bad the signal would be though. If I was to venture round to the back of the unit, is there then a way of reamping without a 2nd interface?
  5. So, I'm using using my HD Pro X as my interface and finally figured out how to do simultaneous wet/dry recording to separate channels - I'm a solo artist so I like to have wet to help me write and dry for once the song itself is complete. It's hooked up via usb and I'm trying to figure out the how to reamp the dry recording without any additional hardware. Is it possible to do this via the usb connection alone or will I need to feed the dry track back into the regular input? Sorry if this has already been answered elsewhere, have tried to find an answer but only seem to pull up info on other models or with terminology I can't get my head around. Tend not to go round the back of the unit as it's in a 2u case under my tft, so trying to avoid that route if I can - thanks in advance.
  6. Hi, It's my first post here so sorry if this is in the wrong section, I'm just struggling to figure out a couple of things. I've got it hooked up via USB to the PC, no other hardware, and not sure if it's an issue with Cubase Elements 8, the Pro X or me being a moron... fairly sure it'll be the latter! First off - I can only seem to get playback through the unit itself when using Cubase, can't seem to find a way to playback through the speakers that are plugged into the PC. Not an issue while recording but means I can't playback to multiple people without plugging my speakers into the phones port at the front first. Secondly - how do I set it up to record a dry track at the same time as the main one please? Thanks in advance for the help and to Line 6 for such a great product - mind blown (especially considering I managed to find it as-new for £250, what a steal!)
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