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  1. I've just bookmarked this for later! You're a legend! Thank you for the thorough explanation!
  2. FS2-MIDI looks interesting though I have no idea how I'd set it up. Is there a video or written article about some different ways to use it?
  3. Yup that's what I find as well. I love the V curve from MESA and I use that through my ENGL via the Cali EQ in the POD Go with absolutely killer results. Really the only thing I don't have is the ability to switch amp channels, which would be my primary motivator for upgrading to the Helix LT. Otherwise I'm very happy with the POD Go. Without amp switchiing, I feel like I either go the LT route, or abandon heads altogether and buy an FRFR speaker. But I don't think I'm quite ready for that just yet.
  4. Actually I just found the video below. Seems you need a TRS splitter and you lose the ability to toggle the EQ in the mark v. But the channel switching works. That being the case it's not a big deal as I usually don't use the EQ on my clean sound and leave it always on on the lead channel.
  5. Ah thanks for that! It's unfortunate that there isn't a way to do it globally but it is what it is. As for the amps I'll be using: ENGL Fireball 25 Mesa/Boogie Mark v:25 From what I was able to read online, it seems the LT would support both amps. But if you know of any issues with these amps, please let me know before I pull the trigger! :)
  6. Hi all, I have a POD Go which I really enjoy. However there is one thing I can't do with it which is changing channels on my external amp. As I understand it, I can do that with the Helix LT via a TRS cable in the Amp Ext output, happy days! Now there is one feature in the POD Go I really like: it has an output called Amp Out - regardless of which patch you're in and how it's been configured, this output taps the signal off right before the Cab block. So I can send this straight to my amp return all the while sending my "Main out" output to a recording device, without having to change my presets or disable the cab block manually. Is there an equivalent feature in the Helix LT? Thanks!
  7. Hi all, Searched the forum but couldn't find a direct answer. I have an ENGL Fireball 25 which accepts a footswitch with a stereo cable to switch channels and volume boost. As per the Amp documentation: Now hear me out. What if I connect the ENGL footswitch (https://www.engl-amps.com/z4) to a stereo Y splitter/combiner (https://www.loopipedals.com.au/product/y-splitter-combiner-stereo/) with one side going into the EXP2 of the POD Go and the other side going to the ENGL's footswitch input. In my mind this seems to allow be to enable a patch/snapshot in the POD go and at the same time change the channel in the amp. But there's a really high probability I'm completely wrong! So thought I'd ask before blowing everything up in my house :)
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