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  1. The MIDI use case is a good one. I have used it for that when exploring NeuralDSP plugins in GigPerformer.
  2. I'm sure I'm missing something but whenever I think I have a use case for stomp box mode, I end up using snapshots. They are so incredibly powerful. Is this just me? When would you use the stomp box mode instead of snapshots?
  3. Fair enough. I wonder if the performance of the poly is impacted by what else is in the path since I personally can't tell the lag is noticeable. And when playing with my band, my other guitar player has a guitar actually tuned to Eb and neither of us could tell there was any noticeable lag. As you said tough, I only use it for a couple of songs.
  4. Oh and while we're at it... how good is the polyphonic pitch shifter? I used 3 tunings last night with a single guitar: Standard E, Eb and Drop D. JUST. SO. GOOD.
  5. It was quite the bet. Normally, I take my Helix + the Seymour Duncan Powerstage to play. But I decided, lollipop it - I'm going with the new cabs straight to the PA via XLR The result? I've deleted my OwnHammer IRs. I have everything I need in the new update. The new dual Cabs are killer. The sound was amazing and the rest of the band really dug it! Anyway, just wanted to share this! Effing great! If only the firmware had shipped a JP2C model... then it'd be perfect :p
  6. I recently sold my amps and went full digital. I got a Powerstage 200 power amp and I'm really happy with it. I'm curious as to how people might be setting up their patches? Do you go with pre-amp models only? Or full amps? I personally find that the Powerstage is fairly colourless so I tend to prefer the sound of the full amp. Anybody else on this camp? Any other views or use cases ? (I hear that if running through a Tube Poweramp like the Fryette, people prefer the pre-amps only)
  7. @waymda ah that's an excellent point! A bit of work to change current patches to that model, but then it gives me all flexibility I need. Thanks for the suggestion!
  8. Hi there, I'm configuring a number of presets so that the main signal comes out of the helix 1/4" output but then I have an IR going out to an XLR. The preset below shows one of these: So very simple in this case. However, I have another patch where I have a poly shift and an Amp blend. Because the Poly takes so much DSP, I had to put the amp blend on the bottom path. But because of that, it doesn't seem I can then have the IR be sent to XLR as it seems we can only have on mixer and not have the path go back in and out again: So it seems that I have to choose in this case. Or I could put a "Send 1" block before the IR and have that go to the power amp. However if I do that, I would have to change every preset I have to work that way, which would be less than ideal. Is there a different way of routing this preset that would accomplish what I'm trying to do?
  9. Selfishly asking. I have the Helix LT and Helix Native. Absolutely love them both - the Native in particular is a game changer for recording. The one thing I miss - an amp model of the JP2C. I can get close with the Mark IV + some EQ but it's not quite the same. Does anybody know if that model is in the works ? And while we're at it, should we expect new updates? It's been a while since the last one but I'm not sure what the support model for the Helix is.
  10. I've just bookmarked this for later! You're a legend! Thank you for the thorough explanation!
  11. FS2-MIDI looks interesting though I have no idea how I'd set it up. Is there a video or written article about some different ways to use it?
  12. Yup that's what I find as well. I love the V curve from MESA and I use that through my ENGL via the Cali EQ in the POD Go with absolutely killer results. Really the only thing I don't have is the ability to switch amp channels, which would be my primary motivator for upgrading to the Helix LT. Otherwise I'm very happy with the POD Go. Without amp switchiing, I feel like I either go the LT route, or abandon heads altogether and buy an FRFR speaker. But I don't think I'm quite ready for that just yet.
  13. Actually I just found the video below. Seems you need a TRS splitter and you lose the ability to toggle the EQ in the mark v. But the channel switching works. That being the case it's not a big deal as I usually don't use the EQ on my clean sound and leave it always on on the lead channel.
  14. Ah thanks for that! It's unfortunate that there isn't a way to do it globally but it is what it is. As for the amps I'll be using: ENGL Fireball 25 Mesa/Boogie Mark v:25 From what I was able to read online, it seems the LT would support both amps. But if you know of any issues with these amps, please let me know before I pull the trigger! :)
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