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  1. In this video I do a review of the patches included in the HX Stomp effect to effect ... I hope it will be of interest. Greetings! https://youtu.be/D44j9lhudlY
  2. Well that, another geek test. Maybe someone is interested. Greetings. https://youtu.be/1Mci5dfCnm8 The Models: - Kinky Boost Based on: Xotic® EP Booster - Deranged Master Based on: Dallas Rangemaster Treble Booster - Minotaur Based on: Klon® Centaur - Teemah! Based on: Paul Cochrane Timmy® Overdrive - Heir Apparent Based on: Analogman Prince of Tone (basically half a King of Tone) - Tone Sovereign Based on: Analogman King of Tone V4 - Alpaca Rouge Based on: Way Huge® Red Llama (modded) - Compulsive Drive Based on: Fulltone® OCD - Dhyana Drive Based on: Hermida Zendrive - Horizon Drive Based on: Horizon Devices Precision Drive - Valve Driver Based on: Chandler Tube Driver - Top Secret OD Based on: DOD® OD-250 - Scream 808 Based on: Ibanez® TS808 Tube Screamer® - Hedgehog D9 Based on: MAXON® SD9 Sonic Distortion - Stupor OD Based on: BOSS® SD-1 Overdrive - Deez One Vintage Based on: BOSS© DS-1 distortion pedal (classic Made-in-Japan version) - Deez One Mod Based on: BOSS© DS-1 distortion pedal (Keeley mod version) - Ratatouille Dist Based on: 1984 Pro Co RAT - Vermin Dist Based on: Pro Co RAT - KWB Based on: Benadrian Kowloon Walled Bunny Distortion - Legendary Drive Based on: Carvin VLD1 Legacy Drive (high gain channel) - Swedish Chainsaw Based on: BOSS® HM-2 Heavy Metal Distortion (Made in Japan black label) - Arbitrator Fuzz Based on: Arbiter® FuzzFace® - Pocket Fuzz Based on: Inspired by the Jordan Boss Tone fuzz - Bighorn Fuzz Based on: 1973 Electro-Harmonix® Ram's Head Big Muff Pi - Triangle Fuzz Based on: Electro-Harmonix® Big Muff π® - Ballistic Fuzz Based on: Euthymia ICBM fuzz - Industrial Fuzz Based on: Z.Vex Fuzz Factory - Tycoctavia Fuzz Based on: Tycobrahe® Octavia - Wringer Fuzz Based on: Garbage's modded BOSS® FZ-2 - Thrifter Fuzz Based on: Line 6 Original - Xenomorph Fuzz Based on: Subdecay Harmonic Antagonizer - Megaphone Based on: Megaphone - Bitcrusher Based on: Line 6 Original The Gear: - Duesenberg Starplayer Tv Mike Campbell - Fender Telecaster '53 Relic - Deluxe Reverb Amp '65 Reissue - Beyerdynamic M88 - AKG 414 XLS - UAD Apollo Twin (Neve 1073 Preamps) - Logic Pro X
  3. Thank you all for commenting. Your notes are very interesting! I like woody blue too. The sounds of ampeg are etched in our memory and that is why they are so familiar to us. Everyone can have their place in any case ... I find it very interesting to learn from your opinions!
  4. Thank you! Just the standard settings... I just leveled the volumes for each amp in post edit.
  5. This is my test. I would like to know which is your favorite. Cheers! https://youtu.be/JD1hufvQxUU
  6. The pedal is used to try to mimic the sound of a vintage tube amplifier. The classic Tube Screamer sound includes a "mid-hump", which means that the circuit accentuates frequencies between the bass and treble ranges (mid-frequencies). Some guitarists prefer this sort of equalization, as it helps to keep their sound from getting lost in the overall audio mix of the band.
  7. Well for me the idea was precisely to prove that a ts alone does not mean much. And that depending on the amp everything will change. We tend to talk about ts as if they weren't dependent on the guitar, the amp, or the rest of the chain.
  8. One of my geek tests ... Same pedal, 72 different amps. https://youtu.be/IooCYtJADIg
  9. Original HX Stomp Hedgehog SD9 Vs Ibanez SD9. I keep comparing the actual pedals and amps to the ones modeled by Helix. Let's see what you think. There is a complete playlist with more comparisons. I hope it is useful. Greetings! https://youtu.be/5o5DXDmPSIo
  10. I would like to share this video from my channel in which I test the stereo effects of this Swiss army knife that is the M5. I hope it is of interest. Greetings! https://youtu.be/jx2m0-nvAVQ
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