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  1. mattw137

    Glenn Delaune

    I also find myself using a few of his patches in my cover band. I only use about 8 total and I think 3 are his.
  2. Nice. I'll give it a try later...
  3. They have bundles and set lists for patches. Don't see why they can't do the same for IR's. The numbering trick works but I have several gaps in the IR list for different "banks" from different sources so it's not as easy as it should be.
  4. I'm not home yet but is there a new Helix Editor? That thread was not updated yet.
  5. mattw137

    Peavey Mace?

    Anyone have a good approximation of the Peavey Mace amps used by people like 38 Special and Skynyrd (or so I've read)? I need a good southern rock patch and haven't liked any of the patches I've tried to create, download, or buy. Think "Hold On Loosely"...
  6. Sorry. I meant my other Mission pedal...
  7. Where does my other pedal go? Lol Nice job.
  8. Truth be told, I wouldn't upgrade until this month's gigs are done on the 25th anyway. Carry on...
  9. I'm a technical lead on a large development project. I know what it means to want to get it right, and I agree I'd rather have it "right" than have it "right now". Was just commenting on the fact that I would have had a lot of time to play with it today. No rush. And besides. It's still snowing. Could be snowed in yet another day tomorrow.......... (is that 10 ellipses?)
  10. I am snowed in on PI day. This would have been a great day to get an upgrade... :-/
  11. And what's the first day of next month? April Fools!
  12. Can you please release this so this thread can end...
  13. If black is ok, you can buy right from Line 6: I went to the Mission site because I wanted a red spring-loaded pedal and a green normal pedal.
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