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  1. I am wanting to buy an additional expression pedal or two for my Helix floor unit, which Mission expression pedal is used for the floor unit? I see the one that is made for the rack but I do not know if that one is compatible or not? Thanks.
  2. I didn't mean changing the amps, but the actual firmware upgrade but thanks.
  3. Is there a way to update the dt25 firmware using midi ox? And if so does anyone know the procedure?
  4. Hello, I attempted to update my DT25 head today using the M-audio Uno. I kept getting the common error that alot of folks seem to get while attempting the update. I have the current drivers from M-audio's website. The uno was communicating with my pc as seen from the lights coming on when I would turn dials on the amp. Like I said I kept getting the common error associated with this update process, then on one try it seemed to go thru and begin the update process and started writing the new firmware then just stopped and gave me the same error code. Now my DT25 head will not respond at all, if you turn it on it just sits in channel B and wont do anything. If I start it in safe mode it does nothing as well, just has all the lights lit up but doesnt respond at all. Is there anything I can do to get this to work? Has anyone else had this problem? I opened a ticket with line 6, but they arent open until monday I believe. DT25 Update - error code 8000000A this is the error code that I am getting.
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