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  1. I own both. I can assure you, at least in my experience, they both sound great and you'd be unable to discern the difference between them in a blind test. To each their own...
  2. My setlist and IRs are still intact after the update; I did not need to reload anything. Is this normal? The previous update required me to reload everything.
  3. Thanks for replying, I'll give that a whirl. I don't know how, but I lost USB 7&8 inputs in Reaper. It's only showing inputs 1 through 8. Any idea how I might have screwed up? I had it before... EDIT: Not sure why, but the input says input 7 but it IS USB 7 as I'm getting a direct signal as I should be. Strange...
  4. Yes, I know. Anyway... :D I've got my Kemper 'Main Out' going to 'Return 1' on the HELIX. Is this the best (only?) way to hook the Kemper up to the HELIX? I'm not so sure what to do on the HELIX. Initially, the output is low. Anybody have any advice? Obviously you don't need to own a Kemper, just an understanding of what it is I want to accomplish. Thanks for any help you can offer...
  5. PLEASE, if you're going to model a Roland Echo, model the 301 as it has unique preamp circuitry that guys like Brian Setzer use (in part) to achieve that classic growl...
  6. We all know that "live" doesn't mean squat. ;) The guitars were recorded live as well and "cleaned up" post production. See video below, that's not a sync issue. I'm certainly not knocking anyone but that's what's going on here. Is there really any doubt? :huh: Keep an eye on Nokie Edwards...
  7. That's a prerecorded track...
  8. Interesting. It appears that my issue has nothing to do with the volume block issue since I am not using a controller. I will say that since posting, I've played for hours and only had it hiccup twice. If the dropout only occurs at that rate, it would seem to indicate that it's not a hardware issue. I will keep an ear on it, I have until the end of the month to return the unit - WHICH I DON'T WANT TO DO! :) Thanks for the replies and input, I appreciate it.
  9. Yes, I do. Any tips or suggestions to spare? :) Edited to add: I've had the unit since the middle of December and it has performed flawlessly. In the past couple of days it's gotten to the point where it won't go more than a few minutes without dropping out. Since the unit was fine for the first few weeks and just started acting up, I'm more inclined to think it's a defective unit than a bug. If I knew for certain that it was a bug, I'd hang in there. Since I don't know for certain, I may need to return the unit which I absolutely DO NOT want to do. I say that as a Kemper owner!
  10. Hello, I ran the latest update hoping it would fix a slight problem I am having. The volume is randomly dropping out. If I select a new patch or reboot the HELIX, the volume returns. It also affects the headphone jack. I do not have a foot controller hooked up. Does anybody have any idea what could be causing this? I'm really happy with the HELIX and hope this is just a bug. Thanks in advance for your help.
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