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  1. Hey man, saw your Helix + Kemper thread, and you got lots of answers but no help...

    You ever got to connect the both? I'm thinking about connect a Kemper to my Helix.

    My idea is to use the SPDIF to avoid converting digital to analog, and analog to digital over and over.


    So my ideia is


    Guitar -> Helix Guitar In -> Path 1 - Modulations, Drives and stuff to put before the amp -> Helix Digital Out (SPDIF Out) -> Kemper SPIDF IN -> Amp and Cab simulation -> Kemper SPDIF Out -> Helix SPIDF In -> Path 2 - Stereo Effects -> Helix XLR Out.


    Seems a good idea or am I missing something?


    And changing amp on kemper with snapshots, is that possible?


  2. Thanks for the information. In that case I safe the money and try to figure out whats the problem. Its in my home practicing rig i use unnecessarily long cable about 8-10 meters or so these are pretty wired up so could imagine that they pick up some cross feeding. Although they are good quality cables. So you say there are known issues with the Helix send/return circuits ? Ok that is new information. I might search up this topic and try to fix it that way. That would be pretty convenient because i have turned up the level on the effects loop block as far as i can remember. Thanks Bud.
  3. Hey guys, I currently struggle with the Helix using the Kemper in the FX loop. I get a lot of noise through the cables used. I want to upgrade to TRS cables but im not sure if the FX send/returns on the helix offer TRS support. The manual doesn't help me there. Can you tell me if I can use Balanced cables in the effects loops on the helix ?
  4. Yeah thanks man I guess the issue here may be a timing problem. What i would need is to offset the second midi command by several milliseconds. The target device doesn't seem to queue them and discard everything other than the first command it gets. Maybe I just dont understand how the Helix works in that regards. So if anyone here did similar stuff already some help would sill be good. Or it would be a good feature in the future so we could define sequential midi commands in the command center.
  5. Ok I need to stick to plan A with the program change commands. This is a bit inconvenient but at least it works. Because having to press two buttons is a bad solution. Thanks anyways.
  6. No one ever did this ? Can I assume that this won't even be possible ?
  7. I recently got myself a Kemper in combination with my Helix. I totally agree with you that there are good and less good sounds on both systems. I felt the urge to get the Kemper because the Helix has its own nature and tend to be a bit too studio oriented. What i mean is that fizzy sound it tends to. Thats not necessarily bad because its perfect for what it was designed for. My decision towards the Kemper was that I play most of the time at home in a quiet environment. And wanted a more realistic and amp like sound not the clinical sound the Helix provides. And the Kemper does it perfectly. The Helix has an amazing feel to it absolutely. And especially for a live situation the Helix does work pretty well because i guess no one would even notice the difference. For me both system are great but neither the Helix nor the Kemper alone would be enough to satisfy me. The Kemper has amazing amp sounds which are out of competition but the effects section and the rig design is pretty much a pain in the a**. While the Helix offer good amp sims but they just don't do it for me because the are just models they don't feel like a real amp. BUT the Helix offers the best freaking pedal board ever. I love the effects on it and the versatility and the easy to use signal chain management. AND I FREAKING LOOOOOVE THE SCRIBBLE STRIPS !!!! They alone are worth the whole system. I use the Helix as my master and the Kemper in the effects loop this works perfect. For my Kemper i got so many good profiles from 5150 to VX Kraken (which is amazing), Mesa Triaxis, JP2C, Mark V, Randall Satan and co. So all stuff the Helix can't provide except the 5150 maybe. And I'm able to control the Kemper from the Helix via midi. So I'm happy with both and don't wanna go without any of them.
  8. So far everything works perfectly together. I don't even need the Kemper controller. The Helix is enough to switch the profiles on the Kemper. I didn't tried to control the stompboxes or effects on the Kemper because I'm using the Helix for that. But i don't se any problem coming there. Maybe i try to figure out how to control wah effects etc. or even the morphing feature on the Kemper with the Helix exp. pedal.
  9. Hello guys, I want to control another device via midi. The device needs two signals first a CC#47 value 1-127 and after that a CC#50-54. I can send either the CC#47 or the CC#50-54 but the target device wont recognize the second commands if I try to send both of them. In the control center i have set up an instant command per snapshot this works fine. The instant command sends the CC#47 and the device triggers a preset change but the CC#50 for example is required for the device to activate a specific slot. Now I have set up a second instant command for the CC#50 but that isn't recognized by my target. It seem so that both commands will be emitted at the exact same moment am I right here ? What I need is to send both commands in serial. So first CC#47 and after that when my target is ready the CC#50. But I don't want to press a second button in order to do this. How could this be setup in order to work ?
  10. Today I will give the 5150 Profiles a try and I'm curious how they perform compared to other profiles. So far in my few days of experience I figured out that professional profiles are not guaranteed to sound good. Its most of the time a matter of the setup even the guitar the profiles were refined with. I bought a Mark V pack which sounded good in the preview but on my guitar and setup it doesn't sounded as good. So there is a chance that professional profiles may disappoint too. I found free profiles on rig exchange that were way better. The MBritt profiles seem to convince many people. I will see. @zooey You definitely don't have to spend to much money on profiles. There is the community driven "Rig Manager" profile pool. With completely free profiles. There are over 10.000 of them. So enough for everyone to find some really good ones there. My Kemper currently runs 50% pro and 50% free profiels. So in the beginning you can get awesome sounds without even have to spend a single cent. If you have the one specific amp you love you can try professional packs for that one amp. They cost like 10€ or so. There are sites that offer bigger packs for like 100€ but i wouldn't buy such packs because the one amp you want may not even me included.
  11. Yeah thanks man this will all take some time to figure out which profiles are good. Michael Britt seems to be an icon in term of profiling. So yeah i will definitely check him out. I already had hours of fun exploring free profiles and there are some awesome ones out there. Today i hooked up the kemper with my Helix. Love this so much. The Helix makes adding effects so much easier then the Kempers internal effects blocks. The Laney isn't really in use here these two go right to my studio monitors
  12. They are both not very cheap but totaly worth their money. So I rather spend my money on good gear like this instead of really expensive guitars and stuff.
  13. You are absolutely right man ;) They are both gorgeous models with a nice pair of .... .... knobs ^^ And each with her own special "talents" :lol:
  14. I will just leave a lil comment here that might get me some more negative reputations because some guys here can't take critique on their toys. I wanted that "amp in the room" sound as well. And what can i say the Helix is by definition not capable of delivering that. If not run through an actual amp. But i found a good solution for that. I just use the Kemper which delivers the character of an amp in the room because it profiles amps in a room. If you run this through monitor of frfr monitors you still don't get quite the "amp in the room" sound because the monitors have like the name says a flat response. This flat response will never get you an amp like feel. A friend of mine has a "Marshall Woburn" speaker (NO AMP CAB). This has no flat response but a rather lollipop hi-fi/boxy kind of tone. Which is not usable for dialing in a tone or anything. But if you run the Kemper through such a boxy sounding speaker the result was pretty close to what I define as "amp in the room" sound. I was pretty amazed. Maybe this might even work with the Helix as well. Just my 2 cents ^^
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