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  1. Lachdanan0121

    Low-high cut also on reverb block?

    Another thing is that High/low cut in the reverb block really matters when in a full mix. Low frequency build up is easy to accomplish with just instruments without any reverb, or delay. Now when you have a sustained, or repeated sound (like reverb, or delay) that increases that frequency build up. This can create frequency masking, and muddying up your mix real quick. For instance you don't want your bass guitar combating with the reverb from your kick drum, or the low end rumble from the reverb of guitars. (tightening up these sounds gives the rest of the instruments more room to sit in the mix) The Helix wasn't made soley for only guitarists. It was also made for the recording musician, and even mixing/audio engineers. That is why it has the interface that it has.
  2. Lachdanan0121

    Pattern to firmware releases?

    Yea, I definitely agree. The Helix could use some high gain focus in the next update, or so.
  3. Lachdanan0121

    Bogner Ecstasy 101B Amp Model

    The helix could use some nice high gain attention in the next update, or two. I would personally love a Bogner XTC along with more Engl amps (only one in Helix), and more L6 originals. Could also use a Diezel amp, and some less heard of stuff like the Diamond amps.
  4. Lachdanan0121

    Building a new patch. Where do you start?

    I usually have a sound in my head that I try to get close to. Sometimes I experiment to see what I come up with. Sometimes I build entire patches on theory alone before I even hear anything. Then I start dialing in while I play through it, or run the DI. (if I am ReAmping) I do the above sometimes as a challenge to my memory, and to build up the accuracy of what I am hearing, and able to do in my head. (for times when I am not at my studio)
  5. Lachdanan0121

    Pattern to firmware releases?

    Pure speculation: But I expect a decent FW update in Oct, then I expect a slightly bigger update late Jan/ early Feb to coincide with NAMM. If we only get one big update between now, and NAMM, I won't be upset. I'm really enjoying the Texas Cali clean channel, and the deranger treble booster that we got in the last update. They meld fantastically with my Tagliare.
  6. Lachdanan0121

    Favorite DAW and Audio interface with the Helix

    Recording your own stuff isn't all that difficult. However, learning to mix/master is a very deep rabbit hole. Takes a lot of time, patience, learning, and frankly trial & error. Learning how to do all that relatively well is not that easy. Be weary of any site that states otherwise. I do not mean to discourage, but you don't also want to learn that the hard way if you thought it all would be relatively easy.
  7. Lachdanan0121

    Favorite DAW and Audio interface with the Helix

    Toontrack also offers Superior Drummer 3.0. It not only sounds fantastic, (probably the best for virtual drum plugins) but it is also extremely deep for editing as well. Though for my first few albums EZ Drummer 2 is great. I know at some point I will want the upgrade of sound quality/features/parameters. At that point I will go Superior Drummer 3. All that said I have heard a lot of great things about Additive, and Steve Slate.
  8. Lachdanan0121

    Helix as Audio Interface

    Of course. It is far more convenient for ReAmping than using the Hardware. All of my guitar is using Native for the ReAmping, and using the Hardware as an accurate Wet monitor, while I record the Dry track. With Native you can dial in (ReAmp) two rhythm guitars (L+R) independently, and simultaneously with the hardware processing your Lead guitar. Can't do that with just the hardware.
  9. Lachdanan0121

    Favorite DAW and Audio interface with the Helix

    The grand majority of that can be covered if you go the Native Instruments' Kontak. Be warned though everyone, and their brother uses it. Personally, the grand majority of synths/generators are from Imageline. For keys I use EZ Keys from Toontrack. Even though FL Studio now comes with a pretty nice grand piano in its Direct Wave sampler. Most DAWs should be able to use the typing keyboard to control the piano roll. There is a button/switch at the main tool bar in FL Studio that turns this option on/off. For Drums I use EZ Drummer 2 from Toontrack. I plan to upgrade to their bigger brother offering in Superior Drummer 3 at some point. For Bass/acoustic guitar, I use Ample Sound's offerings. Electric guitars are all me. My route is more expensive than the Kontak route, but better focused for me. It also is a combo I don't see many using. If you want top quality FX then look at Fabfilter. They make some of the best FX plugins available.
  10. Lachdanan0121

    Favorite DAW and Audio interface with the Helix

    I must also add that these are evolving platforms. Some more evolving than others, but all evolve. FL Studio about 6,7 years ago was not a good choice for recording audio, now it can do multi channel without issue. Studio One has come a good way since its inception. Reaper just got a nice update in the past several months, or so. Same could be said even for the more pricier routes. All of these DAWs have come a long long way. Less than a decade ago DAWs were chosen based more on limitations, and standards. DAWs now are more, or less, chosen on preference of style/workflow. (which the "overlap" grows more with every update) Point is if one feature is in one DAW, and not in another, it may not be that way for very long. So upgrade path matters in a wise choice as well. This is one of reasons that fueled my choice. Everyone who buys & registers it with Imageline gets free lifetime updates. At the time when I was seriously choosing a DAW, they were the only option to offer that.
  11. Lachdanan0121

    Favorite DAW and Audio interface with the Helix

    FL Studio, with Helix. The only hiccup really is remembering to Set ASIO drivers to FL ASIO, or ASIO4All. Then immediately switch back to Helix ASIO. It gets rid of all the underuns that happen on a large project recall (on first load up). That only takes 10 seconds, then I am good to go. As a DAW it is fantastic, great for those that don't want to be limited to the traditional linear recording environments in most other DAWs, although it can can be used that way for the most part. Especially with the latest FLS 20 release. I stick to Windows. I setup my cousin with Reaper, he does a sports podcast every Saturnday. Works great for him, and he does multi-usb mic recording. (sometimes up to 4) If you have the Helix it can be a great interface. If you have Helix, or Helix rack, it even has a Mic input if you want to try vocals. Truth of the matter isn't so much in what DAW you use, at least not these days. The thing that will make the most difference is which one you get comfortable using, and understand the most. So many people at this point have recorded/mixed/mastered with great results on every DAW available. The one you are most versed in is generally going to be the one you get the best results out of. The plugins you use will also matter much more than the DAW. Coming in new, I can see wanting to weigh the pros/cons.. IF you don't want to go crazy with spending then go for something like Reaper, FL Studio, etc. (save the money) Unless you already have a MAC setup. (even then FL Studio is available on MAC, but I am not sure about Reaper) If currency isn't a problem, then go all out with Nuendo/Pro tools.
  12. Lachdanan0121

    Helix - Volume adjustments

    Tube amps HAha... We have enough superstitions that plague every facet of our lives, especially in the freaking South where I currently live. People need their superstitious fix, as for many it is an addiction. On Topic, I usually find my master vol at about 11 to 12. Anymore seems like too much, I already have my XLR output set to Mic level, and the volume on the studio monitors almost to the lowest it will go. So I don't have tons of choice really.
  13. Lachdanan0121

    Can Helix model this?!?!?

    We are probably masochists on some level. Lol
  14. Lachdanan0121

    Can Helix model this?!?!?

    Is that the one with Mark Wahlberg? If so, then yea, that description is so apt. lol But to be fair I like watching B movies. So the its so bad, its good appeals to me already.
  15. Lachdanan0121

    Can Helix model this?!?!?

    Well said Honest! I have been saying people get outraged over piddling crap, and turn a blind eye to the larger more consequential issues. Hence we get stuck with this current (horrible) administration as example. Cruisinon's comment about the "low hanging fruit" is right, along with everyone wanting to be seen as a hero, or victim.