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  1. Lachdanan0121

    Helix 2.8 release likely not for several months

    A few US Destroyers already have weaponized lasers, and projectile defense. So you are saying its gonna be soon huh? Lol :p
  2. Sweet. I like new models, and I am excited about that, especially if it's a high gain focus. Frank has me just as excited as DI. Stating that 2.80 is cool, but 2019 is gonna be a great year for Helix. I'm paraphrasing of course. Especially since future updates will allow metering to be an option.
  3. Lachdanan0121

    I can hear my line sound "behind" my distortion

    This is the first thing I would check. Next I would make sure the mix knob is up on the amp model, or distortion pedals. (if there is even a mix knob, I am not in front of my Helix atm)
  4. Lachdanan0121

    Helix acting as soundcard but not set as soundcard

    When you have Reaper open make sure it is using the ASIO device you want. Make sure your new Scarlet is selected. That would be where I start. Do not rely on your old hardware's drivers/utilities. Download/install the newest ones for your new unit.
  5. Lachdanan0121

    New amp model request

  6. Lachdanan0121

    Static fuzzy sound

    Now that I have got a chance to get home, and hear it... That is likely from another power source in your house. Honestly it sounds like the refrigerator. Try unplugging the fridge, opening the door, to make sure all power is out, and none is stored. I get a very similar high pitch whine when I play guitar. Every time I play my electrics I have to unplug the fridge. I have it hooked to a power conditioner so I can just flip the switch on the power conditioner. It helps.
  7. Lachdanan0121

    Static fuzzy sound

    Try your input pad. Try engaging it and see it it helps. Then experiment with the hi cut, and low cuts in your cabinet/IR block. If you want extra control over the eq curves you can load a hi/low cut eq block after your cab. I use them stacked in tandem. Allows me to keep my cuts less drastic in the cab/ir block, and tame them with the hi/low cut eq block which to me sounds like it has steeper curves. You really have to chip away at the top, and bottom end to make that middle really shine. That is where the meat of guitar is.
  8. Lachdanan0121

    Helix Native: Good for Psych, Funk, Sound Design etc?

    Native by itself can get you there. Native working with other plugins can take you into crazy territory.
  9. While there are still some existing amps I would like them to model... (especially in the high gain territory) I totally agree that they should really make some more Line 6 original models, and more rare models.
  10. Lachdanan0121

    Helix LT vs Native

    Native is a winner for me. Even though I got my Helix Rack before they released Native. The updates /improvements they have done with the Helix lineup cements me into not even remotely thinking of going with an alternative route for my needs. Native is probably the single largest contributing factor. The Helix platform is fantastic for me as a studio musician, and mixing engineer. Native paired with the hardware makes Helix in a class of It's own.
  11. Lachdanan0121

    More amps for helix

    Speaking only on "amp" models below. 270 amps? That is a lot. I don't know if I would want that, that would be a lot to shift through. I am also a studio musician, and mixing engineer, so that is coming from someone that uses quite a wide spectrum of sound, and many different styles. Fairly, the helix currently has most of what I want/need. I can pretty much get close to the sound I want already. That said, I can think of about a dozen amps for additional flavors that I would want in the helix (many of which are mentioned in WilljRock's list). But I also know that there are some amps I haven't even thought about that I may really enjoy. 100-ish amps total in Helix over the next few years is not an unreasonable want. But almost triple that is too many Imo.
  12. Lachdanan0121

    Helix (Mark 2) ?

    Let's hope that L6 doesn't take the Apple edge in pricing: Charging upwards of 3 times for a product that has similar specs/function/quality as it's competitors while constantly losing the stability edge that it is overwhelmingly praised for. ;)
  13. Lachdanan0121

    new amp models

    like Cruisin said above. The ones that actually know haven't said anything other than new models are coming eventually in future updates. That said, I have hopes, but they are more along the lines of the following: more Engl Diezel Satan XTC More unknown amps like Diamond amps, or Revv amps. More Line 6 originals.
  14. Lachdanan0121

    Helix (Mark 2) ?

    Several more years is good to hear. I would be quite happy if we got another good 3 years from now of real support/updates, and more amp/FX models. Anything more than that I would just consider super extra bonus fun time!
  15. Lachdanan0121

    Stay safe

    Be cautious Be aware Be careful Hopefully, the crews battling this fire get it under control soon.