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  1. Lachdanan0121

    Am I the only one...... ?

    I can't really answer your question as intended because I never really had the money, or the access, to try a variety of good physical amps. (although I wanted it of course lol) Modelling has been my only avenue to getting the amps I want. By the the time I had real money that I could rationally spend on a good amp, Helix was announced. With the sound quality I was hearing from Axe FX II at the time Helix was announced I thought that a real high-end modeler was easily the choice to go with for myself. I do not regret that. I will state that with the results I get out of Helix + studio monitors (with and without IRs), and have heard with Axe FX II & III, (Kemper too) I have don't even care about physical amps anymore.
  2. Lachdanan0121

    Helix Firmware Upgrade 2.8 - Blues :(

    Cool. Very Cool. I am actually looking forward to making my own. This feature can potentially increase/evolve my workflow for making music in the studio. Much thanks!
  3. Lachdanan0121

    "-28" error?

    This is right for the most part. However, the software is where the issue really lies, (unless there is some kind of hardware failure) The hardware can have slight variables when regarding the power that is fed to it. If there is a power spike right as you go to turn on your Helix, it may be just enough to make the internal power regulators in the Helix to act wonky, needing a reboot. Lets face it not all of us have decent power. Here in the Southern States of the US many houses have crappy wiring. Sometimes the BIOS in computers won't boot correctly, and need a reboot, sometimes its the OS. Drivers can become corrupt over time etc. Not doing regular maintenance on it (such as cleaning the dust out periodically) can cause hardware malfunctions. However, this does not apply as much to Helix, as it is a closed system. But you can keep the knobs, buttons, and rotaries clean. So your example of a computer sitting there for decades (untouched) and turned on has a significant chance to result in a fire from all the dust that has built up over that amount of time. lol :) I am willing to state this is speculation, but I think that the -28 boot error will mostly fall in the categories that I have listed above. I do not think it is much about the hardware failing. I have never read someone's Helix no longer working after the -28 boot error. But I have read a few people's problems with helix hardware that had nothing to do with that boot error. I want to say I had the -28 boot warning twice. Each time I just needed to reboot, and all was fine. I have had my Helix since Summer of 2016.
  4. Lachdanan0121

    Helix Firmware Upgrade 2.8 - Blues :(

    Yea, that is exactly what I was thinking, I just wanted to make sure I wasn't being to presumptuous. This part is the part that made me think if there isn't a template, that I can just spend about 20 or so minutes creating one for myself. Which is not an issue, I took a few minutes programming my razor keyboard to use the macros within FL studio. (quick ones like save, undo/redo, copy, and paste) Being able to expand that with my feet will be fantastic!
  5. Lachdanan0121

    Helix Firmware Upgrade 2.8 - Blues :(

    DI, will there be more templates? for instance one for FL Studio? If not, I should still be able to make a template myself for it, right? Or is this going to be limited to the software that there is templates for? I'm very interested in controlling my DAW with my feet with shortcuts, especially transport controls.
  6. Lachdanan0121

    Helix Firmware 2.80

    Oh, I must have forgot that 2.8 comes with some more Bass goodies. ( 1 amp, and 2 drive pedals) It also seems to come with more distortion pedals than I thought too. I was focused on the Revv, and the DAW transport control functions with my floor control. This really is gonna be a very nice update. It is much appreciated L6!
  7. Lachdanan0121

    Multiband distortion article

    Yeah I read the same article on the Sweetwater website. It has a lot of good points, but a lot of this stuff I already did with bass guitars. However, I just didn't think about trying it as a multi-band distortion for electric guitar. Funny how that works sometimes. I will have to give this a go once I start Amping my guitars on my next album. Much appreciated Craig As for Native, I love it, I have more than justified its $99 purchase. I use it every time I ReAmp, and I always record the dry signal. My Helix rack is a great wet monitoring tool/interface. Being able to trade presets between them, as well as they being updated simultaneously, is definitely appreciated.
  8. Lachdanan0121

    Helix Firmware 2.80

    Hey you too! I have a good bit of ReAmping I have to do this weekend for some guitars I tracked before. So it should be a rather fun weekend.
  9. Lachdanan0121

    Helix Firmware 2.80

    Spikey, I did read above. It wasn't just your comment (which comes with its own prompting) it was also the concept within it that I was commenting on... So just relax ;)
  10. Lachdanan0121

    Helix Firmware 2.80

    We could really do without THAT insanity. On the topic of the dream rig, I personally remember reading more about the Wet - Dry - Wet rig more than DT integration with Helix, but that could be because I didn't pay as much attention about the DT stuff, as I was not nearly as interested in it at the time.
  11. Lachdanan0121

    Helix Firmware Upgrade 2.8 - Blues :(

    Funny. That is exactly how I feel about Louisiana (where I was born), and most of the South & Southeast. ;)
  12. Lachdanan0121

    Do you like the stock cabs

    I mainly use IRs for my guitar tones these days, but the stock cabs are still plenty good. Case in point I use only the stock cabs when designing bass guitar presets on the Helix.
  13. Lachdanan0121

    Lets talk about Helix, and bass for a moment.

    I don't think the Helix gets quite the attention it deserves with regard to bass guitar. I don't have an actual bass guitar, I use AmpleSounds bass guitars, and their acoustic guitars. (I will prolly get a real bass guitar later on someday, but for now they are quite sufficient) I typically use EZ Mix2 (with other plugins) to ReAmp my bass, and I get good results. Then I started using Helix native in front of EZmix for things like the Clawthorn, and Obsidian drives with even better results. Finally, on the last couple of songs I have done I decided to use Helix Native for the grand majority of my bass guitar chain, and I am pleasantly surprised with the results. Part of it is that I am getting better with mixing, and dialing in sounds. Part of it is a growing acquaintance with Helix. I get excited, and look forward to every new firmware that brings additions. (Especially if they are high gain flavors, or high quality reverbs) But from now on I will be really excited to see any more additions for bass guitar in the future updates. The Helix is one hell of a platform. We all know it can sound phenomenal with guitar, but I wanted to say it can with bass guitar as well. How about any of you guys? What results have you got from amping/ReAmping bass guitar with Helix?
  14. Lachdanan0121

    Helix Firmware Upgrade 2.8 - Blues :(

    Not really, I was merely commenting in general. I have spent time with several forums, and honestly every single one I go to (even ones that use to be great) are following the same trend. Snark disguised as wit is gaining ground over helpful information. Gearslutz, no I have not been there, but I see this trend at these forums. I have seen this trend at Sevenstring forums, and I have seen this trend on thegearpage. The best forum I have been apart of is Imageline forum, however it is even starting to happen over there. I don't intend them to get any better, I just see less, and less reason to be active in them.
  15. Lachdanan0121

    Helix Firmware Upgrade 2.8 - Blues :(

    Snark seems to be default language this forum has adopted. But, I need no champion, I said my piece on the matter.