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  1. I appreciate any helpfull contribution like the one rd2k provided but honestly that comment sounds like a bit of mockery, altough I apologize if it wasn't meant. I did what I've been doing eversince I got the HX Stomp that is using the Line 6 Updater to install the most recent firmware. In the description of version 2.92 it only said that what were the bugs solved by it and said nothing that you should only update through the HX Edit from now on. In fact, if you're suposed to stop using Line 6 Updater then why does it continue to provide the firmware updates for HX Stomp or why is it that when you install the HX Edit 2.92 you're also installing the updater as well? The thing that I usually do is simple: install the latest version of HX Edit, install the latest firmware and then connect the HX Stomp to the Editor. What I didn't do this time was creating a backup before this. But I do backup my stuff or else I wouldn't be able to recover all my presets and IR. If there are precise instructions concerning this that are diferent please indicate me to them. I'm a working musician (unfortunately due to Covid not gigging that much these days) not a computer tech and I like stuff that don't require me becoming one.
  2. Ok. I'll try as you say. I can rebuild my presets if necessary. I just need my Stomp working properly. Thanks.
  3. So... I connected the HX Stomp to the updater and installed the newest firmware 2.92. Well, then I openned the HX Editor to start working on some presets. First, on the preset list I picked on of the presets to move next to the other one that I wanted to edit. And when I tried to open it, it had cleaned all the blocks on the HX Editor but it showed them in the Stomp display. I tried to open the other one that I moved and it didn't open as well. Both of these presets have IR loaded. Since I didn't manage to edit with the program I used the unit to change the presets and there where changes in the HX Editor. When I saved it it showed the message DSP overload. I had made a backup of my stomp after I changed to firmware 2.92. Then I closed the program and restarted the stomp and then every preset that I had there was erased. When I opened the HX Editor again and the connection was completed it displayed the message "Failed to get preset names. Operation failed due to DSP overload (code-8611). When I tried to restore from backup it loads the global settings, the Impulse Responses but fails to load the presets and displays that same error message "DSP overload (code-8611)" and all the presets are blank. I went back to Line 6 support site and installed the newest versions of all the programs for the HX Stomp, drivers included. Then I opened the Line 6 Updater and tried downgrading the firmware to 2.82, openned the HX Editor and there was the same error displayed. Then upgraded to 2.92 again and it didn't work (same message DSP Overload - code 8611). So now I lost all my presets, it doesn't even open the preset list view on the Editor, and I can't seem to be able to restore from backup. How can I solve this? P.S.: So now it doesn't display that same error but when I try to restore the Stomp it loads the names of the presets but fails to restore the blocks and settings. And if I use the editor to add blocks and make changes to these, it changes all the presets in the list. And this happens also if I use the Stomp on its own, which means that I make a preset in 1A and then I move to 1B to make a new preset and then if I save this second preset, every other one has changed also.
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