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  1. OK I've changed to going through the guitar input. Thanks. Please note this is what I was told by Lien 6 tech-support Feb 20, 05:54 AM Hi there, yes, this will work. Connect the G90 to a return jack of the Helix, Return 1 for instance. Choose Return 1 as your input block. Also make sure that the Send/Return 1 level is set to "Instrument", not to "Line" (global settings, ins/outs, page 2). So, can we conclude that using the return as an input for the G90 is not recommended?
  2. I'm using a Line 6 Relay G90 wireless, Helix Rack, Gibson Les Paul Axcess, through the band's front of house PA system, plus monitors. The wireless system is currently plugged into the Helix return 1 to save putting a lead round to the from back of the flight case to the front where the Helix guitar input is located. Due to some very cutting/harsh treble sounds, I'm now using the cable length setting at about 80-90ft on the wireless. I also note that I get a much better guitar sound not using the wireless system (using a standard cable) and using the guitar input on the front of the Helix. Am I missing something obvious to get the Relay G90 working better with the Helix rack system? Now I know there are plenty ways I can vary the Helix set-up, but I'm more interested in getting my source sound sorted, otherwise no amount of Helix tweaking will improve the overall sound. Are there any tricks, tips, hints, etc for G90/Helix use. Any help appreciated. Thanks, Peter.
  3. FYI: I use the rack version: 1. Pitch shifting is not good, I needed to buy a pedal 2. Size if the tuner screen on the foot control unit (for rack version) is too small for live work 3. Better control no/off assignment on bypass - trying to turn reverb off and at the same time both echo and overdrive on 4. Would like the option to turn off snap-shots completely and get to use those foot-pedals for effects 5. Input for a wireless system on the back of the rack (yes I know I can reprogram the return, but then all the presets don't work) 6 A volume pedal set-up that works how you would expect it to (I know I've looked this up on line, tried all the tips shown, no joy, in the end gave up and stopped using the pedal) May be that some of this is me, so don't lynch me. But my time available for playing about with Helix is in short supply and I find it very time consuming to trawl these forums trying to figure stuff...
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