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  1. Almost like a clean amp sound coming through under my distorted tone. I’m running a diezel vh4 pedal in the effects loop. I have it in front of a jc120. Why am I getting this? I remember it happened before and I know it was an easy fix. Just can’t remember what I did.
  2. Noticed that all of a sudden only the master volume works. I used to be able to stream a song and control the volume of the guitar and of the music separately. Could it be because I’m using xlr only with my helix.
  3. I added a tc electronic wiretap and digitech trio after my helix. Went to jam along to a song through Bluetooth and couldn't change the guitar volume to match the song. Normally the white volume would change the volume on the guitar. Any idea why it's not working now.
  4. Yes that's how I have mine setup. I just feel that the effects after the send block seem weak and better if it's before. I have just delays after it now.modulation and reverb sound way better before than after even the delay is eh . Which effects do you put after the send block? Do you boost the volume for the effects you use after?
  5. I think I have it setup right. I have the L/R xlrs hooked up and send 1 to the firehawk. I then added a send block. But any effect I put after the send sounds weak. I did bump the mix up to 100% and that made alil difference. Is there a trick.
  6. My delays sound really good but other effects not so much. What effects shouldn't be part of the wet signal. And I agree with you. Line 6 should make a video on the firehawk 1500 with the helix and give tips on patch creation.
  7. I had everything hooked correctly and my patch was right but was underwhelmed at the sound of the wet. Read the post today about making sure the effects were at 100% mix and was blown away. Can't wait to get off work now to play.
  8. I rolled back my send to -10 dB
  9. I know. Patches on the helix using the firehawk 1500.
  10. Was wondering if anyone had any WDW patches made for use with the FH 1500. I made one but not sure if I did it right. Just wanted to see what others did. Even a picture would be appreciated.
  11. Ive seen the picture but still havent heard of any release date or any other info on it.
  12. I agree with you. You would think there would be a tutorial on how to hook up and set your patches up. Luckily chad Boston in the line 6 helix group on Facebook helped me out. I have mine set up with the helix's send 1 going to the 1/4 guitar input on the 1500. Then I have the xlr output of the helix going to the 1500 inputs. As for the patch, I put a send 1 block after the amp+cab block. The one tip Chad gave me was to bypass the the send block and get my sound dialed in. Then turn it on and tweak the settings for the send block. I hope someone makes a video on tips for setting it up soon but I am extremely happy with how it sounds. It's a steal at $1000.
  13. Thanks. I am beyond blown away with how the helix and the firehawk sound together
  14. I am running the helix w/d/w thru the firehawk 1500. I also use it for MP3 play along. What do the different colors mean? What does it change?
  15. Using 1.04.03. I want to update to 2.0. Should I do the other updates first or can I just skip them and go straight to 2.0.
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