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  1. I have a Firehawk 1500. I love the speakers, but I am not a fan of the amp models--I play through an empty custom channel most of the time. (The "uncolored" preamp tone is decent in my opinion.) I am ordering a KRS Orthos head. I want to play my KRS through the Firehawk's 1500 speakers. My understanding is that I could load the amp with a reactive load, send the single through cabinet emulation, and then use the preamp in the Firehawk 1500 to re-amplify the amp through the Firehawk 1500. This would work, correct? Thanks so much for your time reading this!
  2. Horn works when XLR and guitar-in are connected. I'm not having phasing issues because I change up my signal for the center speaker. It's pretty cool; there's a different texture. The Firehawk 1500 is big and heavy. It's loud, too. If possible, I'd try to test it out along with other FRFR speakers. Because of where I'm located, I only had the Firehawk 1500 available to me. However, I do think having a choice between different speakers for different tones is cool. I haven't done much with WDW yet.
  3. I couldn't hear the horn. I may call Line 6 and ask them when it should function when using the 1500 as a monitor. Update. I just read this; Helix 1/4" Mono Out -> Firehawk 1500 1/4" Guitar In (with an UN-EFFECTED, Neutral Patch) PLUS Helix Stereo XLR Outs -> Firehawk 1500 XLR Monitor Ins (again, controlled by the Monitor Gain Level Control). This engages use of the Firehawk 1500's mono horn, which apparently is not engaged in Scenario's 1 & 2. This will be tomorrow's experiment with different amps and IRs going to mid and side speakers.
  4. I'll listen for the horn and see if I can hear it. Got stereo separation working. I can run three amps and IRs through different speakers now. Going to experiment with that later, too.
  5. Today, I sent one tone (dry AC30) through the center speaker and another tone (twin deluxe) through the side speakers. The two tones are on separate volume controls (AC30 controlled by 1500's volume and twin deluxe by Helix), so it's easy to mix the two together. Sounds good. No phasing issues as far as I can tell. WDW also sounds good. What I'm trying to figure out is how to send one tone to the right speaker and a different tone to the left. I haven't been able to get the two sides to operate individually yet.
  6. I got the Firehawk 1500. It's good. No phasing issues yet. I'm going to experiment with different cabs and different amps going to different speakers. I'll update results in a few days.
  7. I'd be interested in the results of such a test.
  8. Thanks! I'm looking forward to hooking everything up. I'll start in stereo as you suggest.
  9. Sweet! thanks. I'll be sure to try those out.
  10. So the send block is dry? All the wet tones go through XLR? What kind of settings do you tweak? I'll get my Firehawk 1500 tomorrow.
  11. New question: would you mid sharing the Helix names of those patches? I'm guessing it's not called Mark IV...
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