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  1. You may get a ground loop between the amps, it happened to me. (Grounds may connect together at the HX) An iso box from HX to amp will prevent that, should only need it to one of the amps. I purchased an ART DTI dual iso box and used it to both amps (why not). I know it doesn't use Jensen transformers, etc and there are likely better ones out there, but i can't tell the difference.
  2. Best to get Helix up to date first then do the BS thing if you have to. Likely next update from L6 is Big Sur compatibility.
  3. Maybe some Big Sur users can respond here. Facebook my be the place to ask. sur
  4. ^^^^ That's the bottom line. In fact, at times I find the 1x12 US Deluxe cab with the Placater Dirty (Friedman BE-100 dirty) sounds the best. Go figure.
  5. I do not have a 112PC or +, but the logic to me is...... Helix models a cab, speaker, and mic. All make a difference in the sound obviously. The PC is a physical cab and no mic, they are modeling the different speakers in that cab. A greenback in a 412 with SM57 will sound different then PC with a green back. I see what you want, load the Line 6 "IR" (stock ones in Helix) and run that in the PowerCab, like you can with a 3rd party IR. Good Ideascale to ask for it. Only issue is then you would have to update PCab with Helix updates to keep everything aligned, or they can provide the proprietary IR for you to load in PC.
  6. I just tested and did get the same error. I then added an EQ (or anything i guess) and then it worked fine. Strange. I exited edit and rebooted Stomp, it works fine. I had the error once and now cannot repeat. Error 0811 or something like that? If I keep adding, at the 3rd amp I get an "out of memory condition [code -2]" which makes sense.
  7. Upon listening on my computer (15 in macbook pro, sound not too bad), I Like the your recording better. The first half sounds fizzy and no mids. Just saying
  8. I would set input impedance to at least 10x mic (22K), then try instr level. I doubt a passive mic puts out line voltage. edit: Looking at SM58 specs 150 ohms, 300 ohms actual (whatever that means). So, try higher impedance as well.
  9. I wish Line 6 did what some other companies do and show a graphic of the actual amp/effect pedal and show the actual position of the dials.
  10. Mine gets warm as well. Not hot by any means, but warm enough to provoke a thought. All working, so must be normal.
  11. This may help. I know what you mean, the Princess (princeton) doesn't have a mid, but line 6 does. My logic says leave on the default setting (ie, princess is at 7), then only use bass and treble? Im not sure, it's a good question. Interesting you mentioned the Champ, so many different versions. I think Line 6 champ is based on the 57 or so tweed? only a volume control, but we still have lots of "tone shaping" with the full controls. What it do know is Line 6 does not include the amps effects (reverb, vibrato, etc) you need to add them as effects after. Edit: Can't help with your second question.
  12. Maybe the next updates will make the "poly" effects more efficient taking less processing power, and refinement of older effects. I think just about every tone can be made with what's in Helix 3.0, at least for most.
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