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  1. I have the PC+112. I got the survey and hoped that Line6 wanted some personal feedback too, but no. Kinda pissed that it seemed to be nosing around for interest in their next version of a PC (maybe with a new cool marketing name to lure more $800 sales) leaving us version 1 owners right where we are. I'm not sure Line6 ever abandoned a product so soon as with this product.
  2. Ah ha. Thanks Per. That wasn't obvious to me.
  3. Except...I may be blind, but can't see a way to edit a post now. Is there a way?
  4. Craig Anderton's Big Book of Helix Tips and Tricks eBook offered thru Sweetwater for $19.95 has a short blurb on the bitcrusher's parameters. It wouldn't be worth the money just for that, but it has tons of other useful Helix info not all commonly know by many. If Craig wanted to divulge his bitcrusher info here it's his decision but I can't cut and paste his work.
  5. here ya go: chandler_holloway@sweetwater.com Chandler Holloway PC Tech Support Specialist I, Sweetwater Have a technical issue? Call (800) 222-4700 x6400 Hours of Operation: M-F 9a-6p Sat 9a-5p Visit our 24/7 Knowledge Base! sweetwater.com/sweetcare
  6. Wasn't worried - they always take good care of me. Was just chiming in to offer my experience. Sweetwater PC Tech Support responded within 24 hours. Got a new link with this message: Here’s a refreshed download link for you, let me know if this one works for you. You only get 10 downloads of this link before it expires again, so make sure to save the PDF locally on your computer’s hard drive, and only re-download from the website for updates or just in case you lose the local copy.
  7. Here's what I found on the page Craig linked above (book's landing page). I still get the Download Expired! This download code has expired. Please reach out to Sweetwater Tech Support for assistance with your download message when using the original activation code email. I emailed my " Sales Engineer " about our problem and no answer yet.
  8. +1 I'm spoiled with Pod and Helix updates thru the years. I expected at least an upgrade of the existing PC+ speakers and possibly some new ones and some other refinement tweaks. It wasn't the price of a low budget SpiderIV and even they got at least one update as I recall. Yeah - I know, buy it for what it is today not tomorrow...just sayin'.
  9. no... it's a right handed 600 and he is left handed; playing a right handed guitar in the left handed position.
  10. Steve Hackett's Genesis Revisited band has a number of revolving bass players. Two of them I have seen on YT videos use Variaxes for 12 string parts. Jonas Reingold uses a JTV59. Lee Pomeroy uses a right handed 600 (left handed).
  11. I was hoping for that years ago also but never found one. I checked all my bass forums before posting here and didn't find a thing - not even at the Official Variax Bass Club at Talk Bass.com - no help from Google either. Guess you'll have to make your own...
  12. Best I can find is this Variax Bass Pilot's Handbook. I got it from Line 6 Legacy Products/Variax Bass 700 But I don't remember some of the images being so blurred like this PDF in my original handbook. I'm guessing you didn't get the pilots handbook with your recent acquisition. Hope this helps a little. Variax Bass Manual ( Rev A ).pdf
  13. I would go HERE . Line 6 is pleased to provide phone and email support. Open a Support Ticket, contact a Service Center near you, or, call Line 6 Technical Support.
  14. Have you tried all the presets under Brian May at Line 6 CustomTone ? Might give you some patch building ideas or a few patches to tweak to your liking.
  15. shedding more light on the question... From Line 6's Helix blog What The Heck Is An IR?
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