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  1. Hey Dave - Have you tried looking on Line 6 CustomTone? here There are very few patches under EVH and or Van Halen there for HX Effects. My thought to find more ideas - - try looking for tones on CustomTone for the Helix/LT/Stomp. you can't load a Helix patch onto the HX Effects (not 100% sure about this - I don't own the HX Effects) but you can use this free utility that a forum user posted called HLX View. Drag and drop a DLed file onto it and read the path set ups with effects used and the settings listed for each effect used and duplicate on your HX Effects. Find HLX View here. just my 2¢ might help without too much trouble and all free
  2. Welcome to the Variax club. One of our Line 6 forum members; Chad Huskey, has some GOOD Variax and Workbench tutorials on his YT channel. here
  3. I case my guitars when the day is over - I HATE duty guitars. No problem leaving the VDI plugged in for as long as you want.
  4. Sweetwater has Variax Standards going for $899.99 and one scratch and dent JTV69 SSS maple neck for $100 more ($999.99) right now. as of 2/17/21 I bought a scratch and dent JTV59 from them 5 years ago and couldn't find one slight thing wrong with it.
  5. I wasn't suggesting using the GR-55 instead of a Variax with the Helix. I was mentioning Roland technology with respect to my experience with both platforms and your mention of COSM use. Variax/Helix control is amazing - even if you like Roland's COSM more it would be hard to pass up what the Line 6 HX/Vax combination allows you to do. I'm a Variaxer - tried and true. There is no difference in the Standard and the JTV functionality, virtually the same guts. The Standard came along after (or just before the official Yamaha acquisition of Line 6). Take a Yamaha Pacifica drop L6 Variax HD tech into it...hence...a more affordable option than the James Tyler models and I think extended the Variax life span of marketability a bit. BTW - there are even more ways to (try to) tame the artifacts based on the years I've been visiting the JTV forum here.
  6. Hey Pat - I have owned the first iteration of Variax (Variax 300 and 600) and currently have the JTV59 and JTV69. I also own the Roland GR-55 which makes use of their COSM guitar modeling. I have noticed no latency with either version of the Variax, either with normal playing or when using a stock or custom alt tuning. I do notice some well known artifacts (faint warble) with the 12 string models and the piezo "Plink" which can be lessened. I don't notice those artifacts when using the GR-55's COSM guitar modeling. But - I WOULD rather be using the Variax for my guitar tones as well as taking advantage of Workbench HD capabilities. I don't think anyone can tell in a live setting or while recording that I'm not playing the real thing. It will ultimately come down to if it works for you. If I was buying a new Variax this late in the game I would probably buy a Standard or a used JTV with the expectation of the next NEW version of the Variax being around the corner - although there is no indication by Line 6 that they have a new version ready to drop. Just my 2¢.
  7. Thanks Phil - The way you dialed your preset's Princess sounds great into my PC+ with a Jarvis model. This amp has almost become my new fave. It has been a Deluxe until now but it is fast becoming the Princeton. My first amp was a Princeton Reverb (back in '67 my dad gave it to me for Christmas that year). If only I still had it. I can't tell at this point how well this model stacks up against my "real thing" since it's long gone. Ben said the amp that was modeled had been moded. BTW Nice to have a Princeton with an FX loop now, thanks to Helix.
  8. +1 I suggest there is some editing needed in this area of the TIPS section on page 29 in the HX LT v3.0 Owners Manual. Awhile back I read a topic here where someone brought our attention to the next paragraph in this section of the last manual: Powercab Plus users can also utilize the IR and Reverb options available on the Powercab, thereby alleviating the need to add IR or Reverb blocks within their Helix LT presets! As pointed out in the thread I referred to and as a Powercab+ user...there is no REVERB in the Powercab. So, whoever wrote the copy for this part of the manual messed up 2 points and it didn't get caught by proof readers and still hasn't been corrected by Line 6. Not a big deal IMHO.
  9. This is the ACTIVE Ideascale post: https://line6.ideascale.com/a/dtd/Powercab-Signal-LED-Level-indicator-to-show-up-in-PowerCab-Edit/1009166-23508
  10. it's on Ideascale https://line6.ideascale.com/a/dtd/Powercab-Signal-LED-Level-indicator-to-show-up-in-PowerCab-Edit/1009166-23508
  11. I know how Ideascale works. I searched there before posting here. I'm just asking if any of the IT PC forum people here think it is doable from what they know about L6 coding. Many here have opinions based on such knowledge. If the idea gathers any momentum here, I'll post over there. If it would be too much trouble for Line6 and nobody cares here - fug it. That's all. rd2rk - you're a very helpful forum member here, so, glad you would vote for it.
  12. In my opinion it would be a good thing to have the Powercab Level indicator show up in PowerCab Edit. This would be very helpful (at least to me) when dialing in a preset to see the GREEN and YELLOW colored LED and see if and when it clips into RED from my listening distance (computer to amp placement in the room). Another good thing about this would be, to be able to see the difference between the GREEN to YELLOW signal LEDs. I don't know about you, but on the amp, I have trouble discerning the difference between the GREEN and YELLOW LED (BTW - I am not color blind). Is this doable or is it like the reason L6 can't get a read out code for the tuner written for HX Edit? As I recall the old POD EDIT program (not Gearbox) had a tuner in the GUI - it was doable then. I put it on Ideascale https://line6.ideascale.com/a/dtd/Powercab-Signal-LED-Level-indicator-to-show-up-in-PowerCab-Edit/1009166-23508
  13. Hello amsdenj - Yes I did see your response in the Helix forum and I'm sorry I didn't reply and thank you for your wisdom. You have been one of the great Line 6 forum helpers for years and I always find your knowledge of the products helpful to me and others. I guess what it boils down to is that somehow I totally misunderstood how the PC+ speakers related to the Helix. "Think of Powercab as a powered guitar speaker in a 1x12 or 2x12 closed back, ported cabinet that has a few additional features: you can easily swap the speaker, can use it as a FRFR if you need that for acoustic, vocal or keyboard instruments, and can run IRs if you need that." I was aware of that before buying. Somehow I assumed there was a closer match between the two products - cabs/speakers. All in all I am very happy with the amp in the room tone/feeling that the PC gives me and that's the reason I bought it. Thanks for the input.
  14. Hey_Joe

    poly sustain

    The Sustainer will sustain each note or chord as you play. It will give infinite sustain and/or feedback using sparkly clean or loud distorted settings without the need for excessive volume or extra outboard gear. Stop the note, no sustain. Clean or distorted each sounds great. The Sustainer will also hold each note into feedback, feedback at low volume (if desired) BTW. 2 modes of feedback: the root note or a 5th above the root note played and the Sustainer 401 model gives the option of a "mix" mode, that blends the two modes at the same time, and an intensity control knob. Poly Sustain is more like a looper pedal with no feedback.
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