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  1. I tried Anderton's formula above and had little success until I turned my tone all the way down.
  2. Wanted to bump this. Many new HX owners may not need this info yet but other Helix owners, especially Stomp people will eventually wish they could do some of this stuff IMO. Maybe should get pinned???
  3. Hi Mike, Here are a couple of sites that have what you may be looking for: Helix Preset Viewer and HLX View
  4. Don't use the Workbench VDI for regular use. You need the Variax VDI with Nuetrik connectors ( connects securely to guitar and Helix ).
  5. Yes. Normal, if you don't have a HX Floor or LT (for VDI) via USB to computer. Yes. Variax (JTV/Standard) > VDI > Helix > USB to computer for Workbench HD (current version).
  6. FYI to all Stomp owners. Here is a great article by Craig Anderton from Sweetwater on how to Get Even More out of HX Stomp. inSync article Just thought I'd pass it on to the community. Hope you find it useful, I have an LT, so, I didn't try the tips and tricks out myself.
  7. You can just change the input to your non Variax guitar and use the signal chain as is. It should work just fine unless the Variax has parameter assignments to control any blocks in the CustomTone preset(s).
  8. Hey johneric8 - Take a look at this Learning with Line 6 YT video. Helix - Common Signal Flow Order and Parallel Paths It explains Signal Chain Flow. It helped me understand things better in this regard.
  9. Couldn't pass up a Gold Top 59 with P90s from Sweetwater's Dent and Scratch deals 5 years ago.
  10. I put these on my JTV59P: Sperzel Style Locking Tuners 3x3 Chrome from GuitarFetish No muss - no fuss
  11. MusicLaw, Thanks for this link. Never saw it referenced before. Audio samples are a nice touch!
  12. Hey medbad5150 - The artist presets that silverhead points out are the ones you are looking for. When I updated to v3.1 they were replaced with different presets. Didn't do v3.11 yet The artist presets came to us with v3.0 Factory 1. These ARTIST PRESETS all use the US Princess. Here is a list of them: 13B BIG DUBB dual amp preset 1 is US Princess 13D BUBBLE NEST 14A DUSTED 15C RC REINCARNATION 17C BMBLFOOT PRINCE 22A PETE THORN DUO dual amp preset 1 is US Princess But wait...there's more HonestOpinion posted this little gem of Helix wisdom - Extract Files From Backup https://line6.com/support/topic/60447-extract-files-from-backup/ "This function will allow you to go back to a previous backup and extract the individual presets from any of your setlists..." Hope this helps .
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