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  1. It's the singular Fw 3.51 update which includes HXEDIT 3.51 , USB Audio drivers , etc broke on my win8.1 machine no USB Audio anymore RETRIED on Win10 laptop and all works -except HX Edit ( which is only thing that worked on my Win8.1 machine Seems the installer clobbered drivers
  2. Helix Floor - 3.51 Firmware update disabled my USB Audio I/O on Windows 8.1 laptop No ASIO either - tried reinstalling the USB Driver - machine Device Manager reports Helix is connected - but none of my DAW apps (ASIO) or Windows Sound manager can locate the Helix as a sound I/O device this all used to work on Helix Firmware 3.15
  3. Fwiw, my Samsung Galaxy S10+ phone running Android 12 has no problems running all features of Catalyst Edit. It even supports Samsung DEX Mode on external 1920×1080 touch screen (NEXDOCK) Re file saving to local memory on Android, you may have change the Catalyst Edit App security Permissions to allow it to read/write to local file folder Here's my working Calalyst App settings
  4. My Catalyst 200 reacts identically
  5. GLOBAL SETTINGS Observe Global Settings panel above. The FX Loop is unity gain , with a straight patch cable connected from FX Send to FX Return , there is a -6 dB signal loss on FX Return when FX Loop is set to Power amp input and Loop is Engaged in the System settings Line-6 probably designed the FX Loop in this manner to accommodate higher output levels from external MFX outputs levels. But worth knowing FSW2 Assignment Options
  6. I may revise this later as more details and testing continues I only have access to a Catalyst 200 Purchased open box from Sam Ash I suspect prior owner felt the rotary Amp select switch was prone to random behavior. specifically at the change between CHIME and CRUNCH amp models Since I had the Amp Chassis out. A small spritz of Caig DeOxit on the Encoder area where its contacts emerge on the side of the problem Amp Type Rotary Encoder solved that issue I took the amp apart , and discovered a high reliable Main PCB, With Dual 100 watt @ 4 ohm Mono Class D Power Amps. Good Cirrus CS4272 24 bit codecs using 2 A/D's per signal input (Guitar In, FX Return ) for maximum dynamic range. Stereo signal fed in into the TRS Aux Input appears in summed Mono to the internal Speakers. While stereo Aux signal can be monitored in Stereo via the TRS Headphone output. I expect Stereo USB Playback Audio to be able to be monitored in Stereo via Headphone Out as well. The internal Catalyst Guitar processing and FX are Mono only Using the LFS2 latching footswitch , there is a short gap of silence on Amp A/B channel selection change. I'm glad I got the 200 , because the amp is voiced on the darker side - sounds of Bill Frizzel. Or Mark Knopfler "Shangri-La" era are easy and apparent- which is a great tone when playing lower volumes in smaller rooms without ice pick treble bleed. A rookie who A/B tests Catalyst vs Katana may prefer the Katana 100. KATANA has as a higher piercing treble and perhaps is capable of a bit higher decibel output. But I'm enjoying the polished tones emerging from Catalyst vs the Katana which often becomes a treble spike ear bleed without taming Katanas global EQ. To be continued Internal Views Remember Catalyst has far fewer FX resources, vs Mustang GTX Catalyst channel switching is sluggish with a noticeable mute For professional use Catalyst is suited more for owners of Helix, Headrush, Kemper, Fractal, and want a guitar speaker power cab. With emergency fall back mode using Catalyst standalone. And work guitar Vol/Tone controls for Rhythm/Solo-old school I figure a novice at guitar center may walk out with a Katana While mature folks with older ears , and no desire for an ice pick in the ear amp experience will prefer a Quilter, then a Catalyst. The Catalyst tones are nice. And suitable if you are only guitarist on the stage But may get destroyed if your other guitarist has a genuine tube amp But at majority of my live gigs , folks under age 45 vehemently hate loud live non master volume tube guitar amps. While Bass can play at 2000 watts and 120 dB If I showed up with my Vox AC30 and played it at the decibel levels it sounds best, I'd never get rehired by the venues I play. Instead the trick is using gear that gets great dynamic sound of a record , but live real time at lower volumes - and that's where Catalyst shines and delivers that experience. Using Catalyst Editor (iPad) OK, let's go Surfin These settings were worth the purchase price for me - I could leave it here and play many surfing hits , just toggle tremolo on off This is the Tone , and Catalyst gets very close, with more dynamic range than Mustang GTX Just palm mute on my Jazz Master delivers very close to this with dripping spring reverb GLOBAL SETTINGS Observe Global Settings panel above. The FX Loop is unity gain , with a straight patch cable connected from FX Send to FX Return , When FX Loop is set to Power amp input and Loop is Engaged in the System settings there is a -6 dB signal loss Line-6 probably designed the FX Loop / Power Amp Return with a Pad in this manner to accommodate higher output levels from external MFX outputs levels. FSW2 Footswitch Assignment Options Today I'm able to open it up and play loud, Using the editor and adjusting BIAS finding many great tones One example is with the Boutique Amp and Ducking Delay and a bit of Ganymede Reverb Catalyst has ability to clean to mean just using guitar Volume control Very happy with its ability to drip Reverb surf tones too And any Joe Bonamassa / Zeppelin record tones too just using built in FX And lower the gain on the High Gain amp I was getting near Sonny Landreth tones. Catalyst -Internal Views Catalyst User Reviews Catalyst FAQs
  7. Catalyst Footswitch - is same circuit as Marshall Latching Dual Footswitch with LEDS But Line-6 LFS2 employs 1K resistors instead
  8. I'm hopeful that Catalyst USB Audio 4in / 4 out is similar to the POD Go 4in/4out and would allow Re-Amping details on POD Go 4in/4out USB Audio on page 39 Go 1.20 Owner's Manual - Rev D - English .pdf
  9. Line 6 P/N 50-02-0320-4 Main circuit board assembly for Line 6 JTV-89F electric guitar. Line 6 50-02-0320-4 Main PCB Assembly for JTV-89F OUR PART # 50-02-0320-4
  10. Already exists! [img[/img] Line 6 Variax XPS A/B Box Variax Cabled Power Kit for all JTV and Variax Guitars with XPS A/B Box, 15' Planet Waves TRS Cable, and PX-2g 9V AC Power Adapter
  11. HX STOMP does NOT function as a USB Host
  12. Review the available types here Tyler Variax WorkBench HD Patch Exchange JTV -Fake Jazzmaster
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