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  1. stevekc's post in Adjusting (lowering) bridge on JTV59 was marked as the answer   
    To adjust the JTV-59 bridge
    * Loosen the strings
    * loosen the small allen screws
    * now use a larger allen wrench and adjust the height of the bridge to taste. occasional retune the guitar to check, but always loosen the strings prior to adjusting the large height "bolts" under the bridge.

    Upon achievement of desired bridge height reverse the procedure

    * tighten the small allen screws
    * retune the guitar
    * and recheck intonation with a strobe meter

  2. stevekc's post in Opto trem speed: no tap? was marked as the answer   
    Use search before posting  - already have a thread covering this
    Vote for it 
  3. stevekc's post in Low E string on JTV-59 sounds different than modeled guitar??? was marked as the answer
    Line 6 50-02-9331
    3 Way Toggle Switch for JTV-59
    OUR PART #  50-02-9331

  4. stevekc's post in Adjusting JTV 59 bridge was marked as the answer   
    1) On the JTV-59 Bridge, Loosen the small Allen "set-screw at the back of the tailpiece" first 
    2) Raise the bridge by inserting the correct larger size Allen wrench into the top of the bass side bridge post 
    3) After the action is set the way you like, re-tighten the small Allen screw from step #1 
  5. stevekc's post in Unclear about connecting JTV69 to computer was marked as the answer   
    All Tyler Variax's include the Workbench VDI -USB adapter box -

    check the box - if its missing contact Line6 support - or contact your dealer for a replacement for this important missing hardware adapter 
  6. stevekc's post in Question About Old Workbench And Jtv V.2.0 was marked as the answer   
    This is the case below:
  7. stevekc's post in Knobs On Jtv69s was marked as the answer   

    Or just lift the knobs up with your hands with a firm grip and work slowly 
  8. stevekc's post in 2 Free Socket On 89f Board was marked as the answer   
    Dont touch them - these are JTAG test sockets for R&D and production  test of DSP 
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