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Question About Old Workbench And Jtv V.2.0

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I wanted to open and review some patches that I had saved in my old Workbench (i.e. a Variax patch from The Institute of Noise I loaded called Dust my Broom; Elmore James tri-cone tuning). I was able to open the program and opened the patch but it wouldn't change the tuning. Clicked on enable and got the message it is controlled by the JTV Model setting in alt tunings. That did nothing to alter the tuning.


I had recently received a Java update and it asked me if I wanted to delete Java 6 which I believe is needed to run and configure the old WB. I stupidly deleted it. Can that be my problem?


Does old the WB not work with the new HD firmware v2.0 installed?

I recently read that WBHD does not work with the HD500X but I'm using the original HD500.


I thought maybe I can re-DL the old 1.75 WB and went to the Monkey and tried to DL it and got a message about the download is happening now or click here (which did not work and then got some blurb about a checksum utility  for Windows XP and a checksum  MD5 number and was directed to that utility). Before I goof something up on a whim to get into both WBs I figured I'd stop and ask a question here first.


Any ideas about what might be going wrong?

It's been a long while since I played around with the old WB and my JTV69 and hardly use the new WB HD waiting on Pod compatibility.


Thanks in advance.

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I messed up.

I screwed up and was looking at my POD HD500 v2.2 Set List backup folder when I was writting this. (I back up set lists with every update.)

Sorry - no new firmware

I edited the title to avoid any more Line6 update tease freak outs.

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