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  1. Thank you for answer! Well, I enjoy Catalyst sound and I understand this is low cost amp, but this switching is dissapointing for me... I am going to use midi switch in future, I thought this could help a bit, but it seems not to. edit: In my opinion midi switching could help in case I would not change channels, as you wrote, but only parameters of channel (i.e. level of gain). I believe this, since turning on/off effect on the same channel is ok.
  2. Hi, bad news. Although I installed new version of firmware and reseted amp, issues with oddly long time to switch the channel (both via foot switch and manually) and rumbling noise during channel change still remains. We have both (me and other guitarist) th same problem. Listen to these two amps. I do not believe this is common... CATALYST 200 amp2.mp4 CATALYST 200 amp1.mp4
  3. Hi, I have a problem with Catalyst edit app. When I create a sound and want to store it in a bank other than the one in which I created it, the app always crashes (with no further information). I use tablet Lenovo TB-X704L, android 7.1.1 (minimal requirement is 6.0) Re-instalation of app did not help. Any suggestions? Thank you.
  4. Yes, I am going to do this. Let´s see what happens. Moreover, our second guitarist will have his new Catalyst tomorrow...
  5. Hi, I have some noname 2 button switch. I would understand that this switch would case this issue, but very same problem occurs even if I switch channels manually on amp panel and this is strange. I am going to use midi switch (Harley Benton MP-100), but I do not have it at the moment so I could try.
  6. Hi, I bought Catalyst 200 and I spotted problem with switching channels. It takes oddly long time to switch the channel (both via foot switch and manually) and there is still a rumbling noise during channel change. Have you encountered this issue too? However, I have not tried to reset the amp and re-install firmware yet. Thank you!
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